5 steps you should not forget when installing your laptop

Let's go! Install your laptop in 5 steps

Your new right hand has finally arrived! Your brand new laptop! And now that you have your laptop in your hands, you naturally want to be able to use it immediately. All first times require a little more effort, including starting your laptop. We explain which 5 steps you should not forget when installing your laptop.

First things first: the internet

Is there life without the internet? It doesn’t seem like it these days. No or bad connection is the worst-case scenario. If you have a new laptop, this is the first thing you should – but actually want – to do. And very easy! If you work at home with an internet cable, it is even easier. Connect this to your laptop and you have an immediate connection. But wireless internet will take you a little longer. You then need the data that is on your router. Or, if you have changed that information, log in with the adjusted username and password.

And then the real thing: Microsoft Office

Of course, you also have to work or study on your laptop, so Microsoft Office is very useful. You really cannot miss this software package as a student or for work. Do you only use your laptop for gaming? Then you can choose not to purchase this. The Microsoft Office 365 Home package includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher, Access. Everything you need to earn maximum credits. Plus, it’s also downloadable on 5 PCs or Macs, 5 tablets, and 5 phones. So you can share the costs with your classmates.

The right browser: Internet Explorer or Chrome?

Many Windows laptops have Internet Explorer installed by default. But if you are a user of Google apps such as Gmail and Google Drive, it is more convenient to also install Google Chrome as an internet browser. This browser connects your apps with each other. And anyone can download this browser! Via this page, you can download the file, and within a few minutes it will be on your laptop and you can use the browser.

Better safe than sorry: antivirus

The more you do on your laptop, the more likely you are to face online threats such as viruses, spyware, malware, and identity theft. Protecting your computer is therefore very important and you better do that immediately when installing your laptop. You are certainly in the right place with the security software from Norton Security. This is the number 1 security service for consumers.

Your files are always at hand

To be on the safe side, saving your files twice can never hurt and certainly makes you very happy if you accidentally throw water over your laptop or if it is stolen, for example. Saving your unforgettable holiday photos only on your laptop is therefore not that smart and actually quite tricky when you think about it. Now you can choose to additionally store your photos, school files or other important documents on an external hard drive. And start with that right away when you buy your new laptop so you can be sure that you have everything you’ve ever written in essays or all of your photos safely stored.

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