Applications to Pay Boleto with Credit Card in 2022

Discover the best apps to pay boleto by credit card in 2022. Check out the options with the best rates on the market.

The technological transformations we have gone through in the last two decades have indeed been gigantic. We’ve gone from giant, rarely seen cell phones to smartphones that connect us to individuals on the other side of the planet.

The internet has enabled us to shorten significant distances. If before it was necessary to wait for contact, with a single click we are able to start long-term conversations.

By the same means, we look for houses when we need to move, buy food at nearby supermarkets, and pay our bills and personal bills.

When was the last time you left home to pay a bill? It’s quite possible that you don’t remember. And that’s great; it’s actually a sign that you’re aligned with market trends and looking for ways to optimize your time.

With that in mind, the team at BH Tech Informatics prepared this guide, citing the main advantages and the best applications to pay boleto with credit card, for that financial moment when a certain period is necessary to adjust the accounts. Follow up!

Is it worth using a credit card to pay bills?

We always need to have options for when things don’t go as planned. What do we mean by that? As well, with the unstable economic situation of the present moment, we are not always able to organize ourselves as we would like.

It’s important to say that this is no reason not to program and spend beyond the bill, okay? What we’re saying is that sometimes you have to have a plan B so you don’t get into debt or run into a negative account before your next paycheck arrives.

Applications that allow us to pay bills with a credit card, in addition to other bills, come to our aid. They allow us to defer payments, allowing us to adjust our financial situation and then pay the invoice in full after one cycle.

Some apps also offer the user the possibility to pay the invoice in installments. Just stay tuned for fees and interest, okay? That said, let’s get to the point. Check out below a series of applications to pay boleto with a credit card in 2022.

How to pay boleto with a credit card in your bank app

Our first option is banking apps. It is very possible that you have already joined a digital bank, as this is also a rapidly expanding trend.

This does not mean that only users of fully digital banks can enjoy the advantage of paying slips with a credit card!

If you have an account with a traditional bank, be aware that it is possible that your internet banking already offers this service.

The step-by-step is difficult to teach because each bank has its own interface. Fortunately, most of them are pretty intuitive.

Paying a bill with a credit card in the Santander app

To pay your bill with a credit card at Santander’s Internet Banking, you must do the following:

  • First, go to the payment area of ​​the app.
  • Second, choose how to pay: you can scan a QR code or barcode, for example.
  • Third, choose to use your registered credit card for payment.

Remember, before you start paying, confirm the interest rates and financial transaction tax (IOF), as each bank may have specific operating rules.

Among the traditional banking institutions that already allow customers to pay slips with a credit card are, in addition to Santander, Banco Ita, Caixa, Bradesco, and Banco do Brasil.

Apps to pay bills with a credit card

We mentioned a few paragraphs ago that digital banks are here to stay. Therefore, it is impossible not to mention the possibility of paying invoices and various bills with installments in applications such as Nubank.

To make the transaction, you do the following:

  • With the application open on your cell phone, you can read the ticket code or enter the available numbers.
  • When transferred to the payment screen, choose the option β€œNubank credit cardβ€œ. At this point, you can pay in installments.

An advantage of Nubank is the fact that the application informs you, at the same time, how much interest you will pay when you pay your bill in installments. According to the platform, in addition to the IOF fee, there is a charge of 4% interest.

Find out in detail below about other reliable applications to pay your credit card bills.


O PicPay is free and is known primarily for being a digital wallet. This, however, is not its only feature. Through this financial application, you can recharge your cell phones, make financial transactions, and pay bills in installments.

It is an interesting tool for those who need to pay in installments for a large purchase, as the app allows the total amount to be divided into up to 12 installments.

Regarding the issue of interest collection, it is quite similar to Nubank: a rate of 3.09% is charged on the credit for the payment of sanitation, gas, tax, or electricity bills, and a rate of 3.99% for the other accounts.


A little less known than its competitors, the RechargePay It’s a pretty complete platform.

There, you can send money, receive or donate with a QR Code, charge or top up transport cards and cell phones and, of course, pay your bills. The app offers cashback, i.e., cash back, for multiple transactions!

When you use your credit card to pay bills for electricity, water, sanitation, or taxes, there is a 1.99% charge per transaction. Other payments are charged at 3.49% per transaction.

Payment Market

Finally, an application that is quite classic among those who have been venturing into payment platforms for some time now.

The O Payment Market, like PicPay, works as a digital wallet. In addition, it allows the user to apply for loans and carry out a series of financial transactions in a completely secure environment.

When using your credit card to pay bills in this app, you eventually pay a 2.99% fee.

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