are refurbished laptops good| What should I check before buying a laptop?

are refurbished laptops good

are refurbished laptops good?

are refurbished laptops good? well Laptops nowadays are a stupid level of expensive. even the low-end ultrabooks with underclocked i5 CPUs. And no dedicated GPUs tend to be at least 600 bucks. And the ones with the best specs can be enough to make your wallet cry. But luckily for you used laptop prices are usually much better just like buying a car. You can often get a much better bang for your buck if you buy a vehicle. That’s used and you know a few years old then paying the big bucks for a brand new vehicle. So to make sure that you get the best bang for your buck. And avoid spending your hard-earned cash on a crappy laptop.

are refurbished laptops good so I’m going to share the ten things that I make sure to do before I buy any used laptop.

are refurbished laptops good

identify what you want to use the laptop for

Force yourself to sit down and think about why you want a laptop. And what you’re going to get out of it. Suppose you’re a student or business professional. The three things you want to look for the most are durability typing experience and battery life. You’ll probably carry your laptop wherever you go, whether that’s in you know a backpack or a briefcase. And you want a laptop with a stable build quality. To hold up over time, you’ll be doing a lot of typing on it. So you want a decent keyboard, and you also want something that’ll last a full day.

So that you can get as much work done as you want. Without having to recharge gamers are a different story. As a gamer, you might not worry too much about battery life. But you do care about the gaming performance. And the display of your GPU is the most important of all. Look for laptops with dedicated GPUs like the 1060 1050 Ti and 980 m etc. The display is also really important. A lot of modern gaming laptops have 1080p displays with higher refresh rates. That would be ideal for you. Since it would give you a decently high pixel per inch count. While still being able to play games higher than 60 fps.

are refurbished laptops good in 2020

set a budget (are refurbished laptops good)

The next logical step after figure out precisely what you want. The head of your laptop is to set a reasonable budget. That you want to spend be realistic about this. However, you’re not going to get a 20-18 razor blade 15 for $500 in the student. For example, you might be able to get away with two to three hundred dollars in spending. As you’re willing to sacrifice some blazing speed or a higher resolution display. Suppose you’re a gamer or a creative professional. Though be prepared to hear some groaning sounds coming from your wallet. You’ll still have to shell out a lot more money to buy a used gaming laptop. With performance parts, then you know a student would spend on a cheap Ultrabook.

avoid sites like eBay

Unless you have no alternatives. Well, your selection will be a lot more diverse on eBay. Since you can buy laptops from all over the world more often than not you’ll pay more for a laptop. Because of shipping costs import fees etc. Not to mention that a lot of eBay sellers list their laptops for higher than they normally sell it for. Because eBay takes a chunk of their profit. So if you can stick to local listings on sites like Craigslist Kijiji and Facebook marketplace. And now that I think about it you can’t see the laptop in person or even try it out. When you buy from eBay so yes definitely. Best to just avoid ordering used laptops online if you can help it.

read reviews

if you are thinking that are refurbished laptops good.If you’re buying a used laptop that’s more than a few months old. Chances are there’s already a ton of reviews up online. About it, if there are a lot of three-star reviews or lower from people. That has had a laptop for a while you might want to think twice about buying. That particular laptop thing goes wrong over time with electronics. I mean it happens older gaming and performance laptops can be especially problematic.

because the components inside get really hot. When they’re used to push enough heat onto some components over a long period of time. And things are bound to fail. So what you need to do is look for problems specific to your needs in the student. Example look for reviews complaining about build quality or durability battery life. And even loud sounds like coil whine or fan noise you’re looking for a gaming laptop. You might be more concerned about cooling performance and gaming benchmarks. So you might want to look for reviews. Talking about overheating issues and thermal throttling.

don’t be fooled by the little blue core i7 sticker

This might be an easy one for some of you. But you’d be surprised about how many people actually fall into this trap. They think that just because the laptop has an i7 CPU in it. It must be fast spoiled those people often get disappointed. When they buy that laptop, for example. An i7 26 40 M in a laptop from 2011 or 2012. Is only about as fast as an i3 71-67 you from 2017. Both are dual-core processors with hyper-threading. And have a base clock of 28 hundred megahertz in layman’s terms. Those CPUs in a laptop from 2011 would have been decent.

But by today’s standards, that’s on the low end of the spectrum anyway. Most mobile i7s from the past three to four years is decent. CPUs but this goes back to reading reviews again. If you’re not sure if a laptop is gonna be fast enough for you to read the reviews. They usually tell you everything you need to know.

identify if the laptop is easily upgradeable or not

A lot of modern laptops nowadays have soldered on RAM and hard drives and SSDs. That aren’t easily accessible. So if you’re looking to buy a laptop. that you want to keep for it least a few years. You want to make sure that you can update the laptop with new parts. If it starts to slow down on you another thing to look for is if the battery is easily replaceable. If the laptop is more than a couple of years old. Chances are it won’t have the battery capacity that it used to. And it’s gonna die a lot faster so you might have to replace the battery at some point. And it’s nice to know that you can when you buy the laptop.

use common sense

Is one that fails for a lot of people a lot of the time. It’s probably one of the most important points on this list. Use common sense if someone is selling a laptop that sounds too good to be true. It probably is if joe is selling a 20-18 15-inch MacBook Pro with a touch bar for 400 bucks. It’s probably stolen broken or a combination of both those things use your heads, people.

I’m not saying don’t investigate a little and find out why the laptop is priced lower than it should. I mean maybe the person just doesn’t know the true value of the laptop. Or maybe one of the USB ports. Is broken or something and it’s not a big deal for you. Whatever the case use your head if a seller is giving you sketchy vibes or is saying things. That doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. Avoid it like the plague. Because the last thing you want is a broken laptop or worse being accused of stealing a laptop.

ask and see if they still have the original box and accessories

For the laptop, if they don’t it’s not a huge deal. But if they do it could be a sign that they took good care of the laptop. I always keep the boxes of my more expensive tech products in case they fail them. They need to be you know sent in for an RMA. or something also having the box for a used laptop. Pretty much guarantees that aren’t stolen a thief isn’t gonna break into a house grab the laptop. And then say oh nowhere’s the box and then rummage to the closet to find the original box for it.

always ask to see the laptop in person

To try it out any respectable seller will have no problems with this. If they say no immediately walk away again use your common sense. Once you meet with the seller turn it on and try a few things out. If it’s a gaming laptop try playing some games on it. To make sure that it performs like it should make sure the Wi-Fi still works by browsing the internet.

So here’s actually a really good tip for you to go to youtube. And search for the red screen dead pixel test playing that video in full screen. And looking for any little white nits will instantly show you. If there are any dead or stuck pixels in the display. Since you can’t just replace your laptop screen easily or cheaply that’s the important thing to look for. Also, look over the entire thing for dings and scratches or other visual defects. If the laptop has them and you’re fine. With it it could actually be a really good bargaining chip for you to get the price. Lower and within your budget and that brings me to the final point.

always haggle (are refurbished laptops good)

It could be a source of anxiety for you. To ask someone to lower their expectations of what they’re gonna get. And return for giving up their laptop but in a lot of cases. People don’t list what they want to sell the laptop. For the price, it higher in the hopes that they’ll get you to know a little bit extra. For it but also with the expectation that you’re going to haggle with them

on the price, if you don’t eagle. Well, you’re just a loser in the exchange and the buyer walks away happy. That he or she kind of just ripped you off a little. So it’s up to you but you really should see how low they’ll go. It could be the difference between getting the laptop you want to be priced within your budget. Or while spending more than you originally planned. Which let’s be honest that’s never any fun, in any case.

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