Best Android and iOS games of the week

The Best Android and iOS Games of the Week for 4/08/2022 Towards the first weekend of August, we bring you this Thursday (04) a new list of the best recently released games for Android and iOS. As usual here at TudoCelular, we’ve gathered ten outstanding games that have just arrived at the Play Store and App Store.

Among the main releases, we have Metal Slug 4, another remake of a classic game from SNK Corporation; e Kinda Run, which requires a lot of agility to dodge obstacles in an endless runner similar to Super Mario Run; and Sonic Dash. SEGA, by the way, must be preparing a new game for the franchise that gained popularity among casual mobile gamers.

The selection brings options for paid and free games. Pricing may change depending on your operating system. Such variation is applied by developers to circumvent the fees charged by the app stores of each platform.

Without further ado, check out the list!

Hundreds of birds are here to play with you! Choose one and tap the screen to stack stones. Avoid all the platform traps to win this addictive game. At the end of each level you have a chance to get a key to enter the castle with extraordinary loot awaited.

Card Crawl Adventure is a deck-building roguelike card game. In this card game single player, you travel the world to visit cozy taverns, play against horrible monsters and get shiny treasures. By tracing a path through the cards in your hand, you combine them to create powerful attacks and magical spells. Collect and upgrade your cards, use powerful items and refine your strategy. Each character comes with their own cards and effects that will challenge your wits, courage and resourcefulness.

Out of a selfish ambition for power, humans began to seek immortality and put their hope in a form of terrifying magic. Who is the brain behind all this? Was all this destruction really caused by the desire for immortality? Or are there deeper secrets beneath it all, waiting to be discovered?

Descenders is an extreme downhill freeride for the modern age, with procedurally generated worlds where mistakes will have real consequences. Will you lead your team to glory and become the next legendary descendant?

Dropped and naked on the coast of an unknown planet, four friends wake up affected by the most common condition in video game history: amnesia. Who summoned them? Why are they here? Will they be able to return home? What will you have for dinner?

Hellfire Hair is a game about a hairdresser in… you guessed it: in hell. The character (literally) fights with her clients’ hair in this card game to free the hellish beauty from the demons.

Take on the role of a monster hunter, tasked with killing dangerous creatures and upgrading your character with new weapons, abilities and armor.

A brave ninja cat walks a path full of monsters! The world’s first running and shooting game! Run and dodge missiles!

METAL SLUG 4 is an action shooter game released by SNK in 2002 and marks as the fifth title in the METAL SLUG series. In addition to Marco and Fio, new characters Trevor and Nadia have joined the battle! Use new items effectively and get the highest score with the new Metallish System!

In this cute farming simulation game, you start your own beautiful farm to show the world that you are a first class farmer. Customize your character, set off on this horticulture adventure being your best farmer. Change your look, hairstyle and even your pet to your liking!

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