Best apps to edit photos on mobile – Guide 2022

Discover the best apps to edit photos on your phone in 2022, with great options of free apps that are easy to learn. Follow up!

Through good image editing, we can make our photographs more harmonious and beautiful, highlighting the message they want to convey.

Therefore, in a world as visual as the one we are currently living in, paying attention to this detail is essential to ensure a good photograph.

Sometimes imperfections and objects need to be removed from the scene, and improvements such as framing and brightness are some of the aspects that can be edited in a photograph. This way, an image can draw more attention and arouse people’s interest.

For those who want to look good in the photo when making a post on social networks or for professionals who want to highlight their business through beautiful photographs, there are currently many possibilities when it comes to image editing on the smartphone.

The 4 best apps to edit photos on mobile: Guide 2022

Discover now 4 great options for image editing apps and their main features.

Also check out the official download links for each application and which ones are completely free and which you have to pay to get more functions available.

1. Snapseed

Snapseed is a photo app developed by Google and is among one of the most popular image editing apps. It has several tools and even allows you to share photos directly on your social networks.

Another advantage that makes this one of the favorites among users is that it is completely free, including several functions that are paid for in similar applications.

In addition, many of its features are similar to those offered by photo editing programs made for computers, which makes this an ideal application for both professional and amateur photographers, as it is simple to use.

Of its features, Snapseed offers several filter options, which can be used superimposed by those looking to make different combinations.

The app also offers 28 different tool options, for example:

  • Image adjustment” in which you can adjust the color and exposure of the photo, tweaking the brightness, contrast, saturation, highlights, among other adjustments.
  • Details”—you can adjust the sharpness and structure of the image.
  • white balance” – with which you can change the temperature of the photo (cool colors, warm colors, and different tones).
  • Selective”—helps you to highlight certain elements in the scene, among other great tools.

2. Pixlr

O Pixlr is an application that, in addition to having its version for online use on computers, is also available for cell phones.

As for the smartphone app, it offers a wide range of functions, both for photo editing and collage, all within a user interface that is very simple to understand and practical to use.

Its installation is free, and you can enjoy several of its features without paying. However, there is a premium version with more features and without ads, offered through two types of subscription: monthly for R$7.99 and annual for R$35.99.

Pixlr also offers a good range of filters and allows compositing with more than one filter on the same photo.

The image editing window has the basic tools of this type of application, which allow you to crop, rotate, change the exposure, adjust colors, contrast, sharpness, blur, among others, for a total of 12 tools.

The application stands out for its variety of combinations of effects, text boxes, and frames that can be customized in different ways, such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and various other themes.

Finally, the application allows direct sharing of photos with Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and via email.

3. Photoshop Express

Talking about photo editing without talking about Photoshop is almost impossible, especially when the intention is to highlight the best editors available.

In addition to the famous version for computers, Adobe has developed the application especially for smartphones Photoshop Express, with an easier-to-understand interface and simpler-to-use tools, with the aim of helping you retouch photos taken by your cell phone with professional quality.

The application offers common editing and more advanced features, which range from cropping, rotating, leveling, brightness, contrast, and correction effects that remove blemishes and correct red eyes, among other possibilities.

For those who don’t like to make corrections manually, there’s an automatic optimization feature that adjusts contrast, white balance, and sharpness with just one click through the Auto-Fix.

Photoshop Express still provides 20 filter options, which are not very different from each other, but it is possible to buy more filter options if they are of interest to the user.

Edited images can be saved in the mobile gallery and also in the cloud storage service, Adobe’s Creative Cloud. In addition, images can also be shared directly on major social networks.

The app is free, but it offers shopping options, as in the case of the filters mentioned earlier. There is a confusion with the Photoshop Touch application in that this is a paid version because it has more features.

It is important to point out that Photoshop Express is not an adaptation of the Photoshop program for computers, which has a multitude of much more advanced features.

However, it fulfills its role very well for simple edits that need to be done more quickly through cell phones.

4. Take

O Take is an application that stands out when it comes to editing selfies, allowing effects to be applied to photographs already saved in the cell phone gallery or directly from your camera.

Its editing screen is quite complete, with tools found in most editors, such as those used to make adjustments to brightness and contrast, among other basic edits.

There is the possibility of adding texts, frames, and even stickers, but its difference lies in its augmented reality effects that can simulate makeup, retouch the face, and even modify haircuts.

Through Cymera, it is possible to adapt the images to a square resolution, ideal for postings on social networks such as Instagram. The app is free but has ads.

These application options available for editing photos range from the simplest to the most complete versions, most of them quite intuitive, requiring no prior knowledge from the user and just common sense in their use.

Enjoy and surprise your friends with beautiful images of your moments together.

The 4 best apps to edit photos on mobile

This was our selection of the best apps to edit photos on your phone in 2022. Did you like it? Do you have any questions or suggestions that you use? Leave a comment at the bottom of the page and interact with us!

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