Best Asus Laptops For Gaming 2022

Best Asus Laptops For Gaming
Best Asus Laptops For Gaming 2021

With its “Republic of Gamers” range, ASUS has established itself as one of laptop gaming leaders. In addition to an attractive quality-price ratio, the manufacturer deploys solid assets, such as high manufacturing standards and component performance. Dedicated to gaming, these laptops are versatile and thus allow, like any computer, to indulge in streaming, office automation, navigation. Enough to kill several birds with one stone! Therefore, we encourage you to find our comparison of the Best Asus Laptops For Gaming 2021 below, followed by the Buyer’s Guide with the selection criteria.

What are the Best Asus Laptops For Gaming in 2021?

These are the Best Asus Laptops For Gaming 2021.

  1. ASUS ROG Strix G531| Best Asus Laptop For Gaming 2021
  2. ASUS ROG Zephyrus GX735 |
  3. ASUS ROG SCAR3 G531 |
  4. ASUS TUF505DV |
  5. ASUS ROG GL703 |

TOP 5 Best Asus Laptops For Gaming 2021

Our selection is based on the search for the best quality-price ratios within different ranges. We thus aim to offer everyone a model adapted to their budget. For the impartiality and completeness of the analysis, consumer opinions, tests and technical characteristics constitute our priority information sources.

1.ASUS ROG Strix G531| Best Asus Laptop For Gaming 2021

ASUS ROG Strix G531

Features & Reviews

Let’s start strong with a machine whose price is slightly over € 1,500, a very reasonable price for an excellent mid-range. The model comes with sacred technical characteristics, like its Intel Core i7 processor, 8GB dedicated to RAM or even 512GB storage… in SSD! Enough to launch your demanding games in no time. 

The connection is relatively generous, with USB-C and -A ports, an Ethernet port, an HDMI port… but no SD card reader! This 15-inch gaming laptop comes with the famous GTX 1660 Ti graphics card., whose performance is well established. Games like Overwatch or Diablo 3, in ultra graphics, will easily exceed 100fps while other more demanding games, like The Witcher 3, will settle at a little over 50fps. Everything is more than enough to enjoy a game without jerks, and, above all, a real fluidity, the screen displaying a refresh rate equivalent to 120Hz – double the standard!

  • Screen refresh rate at 120Hz
  • The GTX 1660, a benchmark for the vast majority of games
  • Generous SSD storage
  • Developed connectivity
  • But no reader for the SD card
  • A little gadget keyboard backlight

2.ASUS ROG Zephyrus GX735

ASUS ROG Zephyrus GX735

Features & Reviews

Now let’s start with a high-end model, the price of which may stop more than one. However, if we focus on the price-performance ratio, the machine makes solid arguments, its price has fallen by 20% since the launch. In its 17-inch version, the gaming laptop PC comes with impressive technical characteristics: we find the i7, but the DDR4 memory is this time pushed to dedicated 16GB. SSD storage is also shocked, at 1TB, allowing you to do without any other external storage most of the time. 

The FHD screen benefits from the most honourable 144Hz refresh, even if a higher resolution would have been appreciable given the price. Let’s also have a little note for the generous packaging, including the Gladius II gaming mouse and a ROG carrying bag. Let’s finish with the graphics card – the same as before – which, of course, at this price, deploys sacred performance, especially in full HD. We find in particular 85fps for Assassin’s Creed Origins or 116fps on Far Cry 5, all with the graphics to the maximum of course. Given the price, the choice will, therefore depend on budgetary conditions.

  • Impressive 1TB SSD storage
  • Screen quality
  • Generous memory
  • The exceptional performance of the RTX 2070
  • “That” full HD for the price
  • Important price

3.ASUS ROG SCAR3 G531 | Best Asus Laptop For Gaming


Features & Reviews

The previous model speaks to you, but is still a bit too expensive? How about moving towards this slightly more accessible model, then? There are certainly light features, like the 256GB SSD (although supplemented by a 1TB HDD) or the 15-inch screen. Simultaneously, however, some interesting improvements are being made, such as the screen refresh rate which this time amounts to 240Hz. 

Like first-person shooters or racing games, the fastest and most edgy games will display crisp detail for every frame, even in the most intense sequences. We also appreciate that ASUS preserves certain characteristics of the previous model, like the NVIDIA RTX 2070 GPU or the 16GB dedicated to memory. No doubt: the small sacrifice on the size of the screen, if it requires to separate from the numeric keypad, allows the price of the machine to be reduced while preserving performance. A great success, even if the memory on 2 bands would have made it possible to take advantage of the graphics card’s full potential.

  • Attractive price-performance ratio
  • High-quality IPS display with 240Hz refresh.
  • SSD + HD hybrid storage
  • As before, the RTX 2070
  • Heavy weight
  • Single channel for 16GB of RAM



Features & Reviews

Now let’s move on to a much cheaper model, slightly exceeding 1000 euros – especially since it comes with a reduction of more than 20% since launch. This model’s strength lies in its NVIDIA and AMD GPU duo, otherwise potent graphics cards, like the AMD Ryzen-5 and NVIDIA RTX 2060. Enough to enjoy magnificent graphics in-game – as well as real fluidity, boosted by both GPUs and the Intel core i7 processor. 

This 15-inch laptop also comes with a 512GB SSD on its own, which may therefore require additional external storage. As for the previous models, the RAM is very pampered, with 16GB dedicated to it. However, such performance is not well supported by the cooling system, which struggles on the most sluggish games. So think about investing in external ventilation!

  • Excellent value
  • GPU duo
  • Multicolour RGB backlit keyboard
  • Generous RAM
  • Low autonomy
  • It may be necessary to purchase external ventilation

5.ASUS ROG GL703| Best gaming laptop under 1000$

 Best gaming laptop under 1000$

Features & Reviews

Let’s finish this comparison with the most accessible model, and still allow you to play most of your favourite games. Of course, the counterpoint to the attractive pricing is a small sacrifice on the GPU, still Nvidia, but in 1050 Ti this time around. With ultra graphics, we happily exceed 80fps on games like Bioshock Infinite, while a majority of titles like Sleeping Dogs or Fallout 4 will revolve around 50fps. 

For the most greedy games, like Rising of Tomb Raider under DirectX 12, it will be necessary to make some graphics concessions so that the I / s rate remains reasonable. Note that at this price, the rest of the offer is very balanced: a 17-inch full HD screen with numeric keypad, 8GB dedicated to RAM, hybrid storage (256GB SSD + 1TB HDD) or even the Intel Core processor i5.

  • The cheapest of the selection!
  • RGB backlighting
  • Dual SSD and HDD storage
  • For greedy games, it will be necessary to decrease the graphics parameters
  • Fairly heavyweight

Everything you need to know about Best Asus Laptops For Gaming 2021 is in the Buyer’s Guide!

As you have seen, prices can vary between less than 1000 euros and more than 2000 euros, for the same manufacturer. The reason is simple: performance varies greatly between ranges, so you should choose the right hardware for the use you plan to have, especially the type of games you prefer. We, therefore, invite you to find all the information useful for the selection below. Otherwise, you can consult our comparison of cheap gaming laptops available on the market.

Best Asus Laptops

The criteria for selecting an ASUS gaming laptop in 2021

Please find below the criteria that we used ourselves to establish the ASUS comparison that you consulted above. These mostly take the technical characteristics but also think about your own expectations.

Screen size and resolution

Laptop 15 inches, 17 inches or more? The choice is yours while keeping in mind that this impacts the keyboard (numeric keypad or not, multimedia keys), autonomy, weight or even the price. Regarding the screen resolution, aim for a minimum of 720p and prefer full HD (1080p). If you have the right budget, you can also opt for WQHD (1444p) or 4K.

The graphics card (GPU): NVIDIA or AMD?

On the high-end, NVIDIA asserts itself as a leader and even as a monopoly. If the components come with incredible performance, they are also the most expensive due to lack of competition at this range. On the other hand, for entry and mid-range, AMD stands out as a credible alternative, deploying the flagship argument of the best value for money.

The processor (CPU)

If on the high-end, NVIDIA dominates AMD for GPUs, it is questionable for CPUs (processors). As we have seen, the last manufacturer practices attractive prices, but this time for performance comparable to certain Intel processors, which are much more expensive. Sign of furious competition: the manufacturer has announced that it wants to greatly reduce its CPUs’ price, which testifies to the desire that Intel may have had to “binge” on the backs of consumers. However, the choice will depend above all on the desired power for the machine as well as on the other components. The most demanding games will therefore require a powerful Intel or AMD processor.

To learn more about what to choose between Intel and AMD , we refer you to the detailed video available at the end of the article.

Storage: hard drive or SSD?

If until recently, SSDs were quite expensive, they are now inexpensive. Above all, they have a strong argument against DD: their speed of calculation. Does the PC turn on and be operational in about ten / fifteen seconds? Note that the SSD is undeniably interested in resource-intensive games and/or whose loading times are extended. Also, games like Total War Warhammer 2 or XCOM 2 will benefit from such a calculation speed.

However, as a rule, the SSD has a lower storage capacity than the hard drive. Our solution: opt for a hybrid solution. You will then install the most demanding games on the SSD while the low power / lighter games will be intended for storage on the HDD.

Asus ROG hostesses

Asus ROG hostesses are ready to answer all your questions!

Sound and speaker quality

If you are not a fan of external solutions, such as headphones or a speaker, check the sound quality, focusing on distortions and reproduction of the sound spectrum and volume. This is especially useful if you also plan to watch streaming movies and series.

Cooling and fans

This is another criterion that you should not neglect because, in fact, a PC that overheats does not only impact its durability: it also greatly reduces in-game performance, like FPS (framerate per second/frame by second). Also, to maintain a reasonable temperature, make sure that the ventilation system is efficient enough. Focus on the number of fans and look at consumer reviews and tests to get feedback. Remember to find out about the cooling system’s noise level because some of them can quickly become unbearable without wearing a gaming headset.


Since it is portable, the PC should preferably come with good battery life. Of course, this won’t be comparable to office laptops, but it’s important to find the right balance, especially if you plan to use the equipment outdoors. With this in mind, take a look at autonomy from several angles: in a multiplayer game and with WIFI activated, for a movie stored on the computer, or in airplane mode for simple office automation.

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