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Best controller (joystick) to buy |  TudoCelular Guide

Highlights of each joystick

Best Laptop Reviews has been preparing several guides to help you choose your next cell phone, as well as other interesting electronics. We have already listed a guide with the best gaming mouse and keyboard options. We have gathered here the best joystick controls to be used both on your PC and on your cell phone.

Here we list products from famous brands such as the Microsoft controller (which can be used with Xbox, PC, or even a smartphone), as well as other joysticks that were designed with Android in mind.

The models will be organized by price, but we will make clear the highlights of each one and the advantages of investing in a more expensive model. As prices change frequently, the listed products may not always be ordered by price perfectly.


Looking for a cheap joystick to supercharge your Android gaming experience? The IPEGA PG-9025 is the most cost-effective option. Unlike the Xbox and PS4 controllers we’ve listed, this one comes with support on the controller itself for you to hold your phone. It works with both Android and the iPhone.

Even though it is a low-cost controller, it has an internal battery that delivers an average of 15 hours of gameplay, which is a very good value for the price. Its build quality is not equal to the Microsoft and Sony options, as expected from the difference in price, but it delivers good comfort while being quite light and compact.

OEX Origin GD100

Looking for an affordable gamepad to play with your Android phone but not a big fan of IPEGA products? An alternative would be OEX’s Origin. It has a very generic design of controls for PC and mobile devices. It comes with support to hold the smartphone and promises autonomy of 5 hours.

It doesn’t bring any extra functionality, being suitable for those looking for a more basic joystick just for casual games. It has indicator LEDs to track the battery charge. At the top, there are four buttons and two triggers, as is standard on controllers such as the Xbox or PlayStation.

Multilaser Warrior

If you are looking for a national product with a one-year warranty, there is the Warrior by Multilaser. It has better build quality than the two IPEGA models we’ve listed. Made especially for cell phones up to 6 inches, the Warrior controller can also be used with PCs and even with consoles, such as the PS3, as long as you use it with a USB cable.

Its design is inspired by the Xbox controller, as is quite common in the joystick market. It has few buttons compared to IPEGA’s rivals. We only have the essentials to play here. Overall, it’s a simple control for the price charged. It ends up being heavier than the two we mentioned, but there are those who prefer such control.


And here we have another gamepad model from IPEGA, in this case the PG-9057. What makes it different from the other joysticks of the brand that we have listed? Well, it starts with the fact that it has a pistol format, making it a great controller for those who are addicted to shooting games.

It comes equipped with four customizable triggers, which allows you to play FPS and shooters with maximum performance. In addition, this model still has two analog sticks, a D-pad directional control, ABXY customizable buttons, smartphone support, and a system selector, which makes it possible to switch the device easily.

Sony DualShock 4

The DualShock 4 is the controller that was released with the PS4 and can also be used to play games on PC and Android. The setup is very similar to the Xbox controller: you can hold the Share and PS buttons at the same time for a few seconds until the LED on top of the controller starts flashing white.

On the cell phone, just go to Bluetooth, activate the connection, and pair it with the Wireless Controller device that should appear in the list. Same for using DualShock 4 on Windows. One advantage over Microsoft’s control is that it doesn’t need batteries. Just plug it into the USB port to recharge the battery. The LED on the top of the controller notifies you when the battery has been recharged.


If you have a tablet and prefer to play games on it rather than on your cell phone, the PG-9023 model is the most suitable. Its shape is different from the PG-9025, which looks more like a traditional joystick. This model has a retractable mechanism to couple smartphones and tablets between the sets of buttons. More compact phones won’t hold this controller, but as most recent models come in at 6 inches or more, that won’t be a problem.

Just like the other IPEGA controllers we’ve listed, this one also has dedicated multimedia controls. They are for you to control a video or music player. The configuration with Android phones is quite simple; just press the Home button and start pairing via Bluetooth. If the connection is not made the first time, holding down the X and Home buttons at the same time should do the trick.


Sony has decided to drop the name of its controller that has been adopted since the first PlayStation launched. Instead of coming as a DualShock 5, the PS5 controller is called DualSense. Why was the name changed? The novel explores the sensation of feeling every detail in games, such as the texture of the ground or the vibration of a weapon.

The control is bigger than before to house the new engines and brings a more generous battery. Sony has also incorporated a microphone, which eliminates the need to have a headset to talk to your friends while gaming. The triggers change weight depending on the weapon or the game’s responsiveness, creating an experience never seen before. And just like the DualShock 4, the new one also works on the PC and with Android devices.

The Microsoft Xbox Series

Microsoft has also updated the Xbox controller, but unlike the DualSense, we haven’t had that many changes… and yes, the Xbox Series controller still uses batteries. There are positives and negatives to this, but what matters is that if you like the ergonomics of the Xbox One controller, you will like this one since little has changed.

The D-pad resembles that of the Elite controller, and there’s a new dedicated button for sharing. Microsoft hasn’t messed with its controller much because it knows that the current one appeals to most gamers. The problem is its price, which is as salty as the previous generation. It can be found in white or black.

Microsoft Xbox One

The Xbox One controller is a good choice for controlling games on almost any platform. In addition to being able to use it on Microsoft’s own console, it works perfectly with Windows PCs and even Android phones. To control games on your phone using the Xbox controller, you need to pair it via Bluetooth. To do this, tap the button with the Xbox logo. It will start to flash slowly. Then press the button on top of the controller to make the LED flash faster.

On mobile, with Bluetooth activated and searching for new devices, you will see that the Xbox Wireless Controller will appear in the list. Tap on it, and you’re done. Now it is possible to control both the cell phone and the games. Keep in mind that not all Android games have native controller support. Most were developed to be controlled by the cell phone screen. A disadvantage of this controller for Sony’s rival is that it still uses batteries.

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