Best gaming monitor to buy in 2022

Best gaming monitor to buy

The highlight of every gaming monitor

I have prepared several guides to help you choose your next cell phone, as well as other interesting electronics. Whether you’re building a new PC or looking to upgrade your old monitor, in this guide we’ll list the best options to buy.

We’ve also made a guide with other peripherals, including the best keyboards and mice for gamers, as you can see in the links below. And if you don’t have a PC but a notebook, this guide is also useful for you. Having a bigger screen to work or play on is always welcome, don’t you think?

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This guide here focuses on the best monitors for gaming. If you are looking for a good monitor for work or study, we have another guide for you.

And as always, it’s good to remember that the monitors are organized by price, but at the beginning there is a list sorted from best to worst. This makes it easy to make the choice.

LG 24ML600M

A good entry-level gaming monitor with a rate of 75 Hz and support for AMD’s FreeSync technology is the 24ML600M from LG. This one is slightly larger and offers a nearly 24-inch screen.

If you have a graphics card from AMD or a console from Microsoft, you can take advantage of this. The monitor will synchronize the graphics card with the refresh rate to deliver better fluidity.

Its panel has good color reproduction and low input lag. It may not be as fast as others on our list that deliver an insane 1ms response, but with this one’s 5ms you’ll be able to play with no problem.

LG 29UM69G

Tired of 16:9 monitors? Then you will like the 29UM69G from LG for having an ultrawide screen in the 21:9 standard, which allows you to have a greater field of view.

This type of monitor is very good for racing games and MOBAs like League of Legends and Dota 2, where the extra field of vision gives you a competitive edge.

It has a Full HD+ screen with a 75 Hz refresh rate, just like the cheapest on our list. Its response time is also 1 ms. Here you have 29 inches to feel more of the action in your games.

Dell S2421HGF

Dell has its Alienware lineup aimed at gamers—we’ve even included a model in our guide with a 240 Hz display. If you want something more basic and affordable from the brand, there’s the S2421HGF with a 144 Hz Full HD display.

It supports FreeSync Premium to eliminate screen flickering and eliminate gaming distractions. There’s a native FPS meter and a dark tone stabilizer to bring out hidden details in the shadows.

Dell makes a point of highlighting the updated design of its monitor, with air intakes optimized to reduce the heating of the equipment even with several hours of use.

AOC Hero 27G2

Monitors with G-Sync are typically more expensive compared to rivals with AMD FreeSync. If you are looking for a more affordable one that has a high Hz rate screen, the AOC 27G2 may be the best option.

It is the NVIDIA card-oriented version of the Hero 24G2 we listed above that supports FreeSync. Here you also get a 144 Hz panel, but with three inches more.

AOC promises input lag of only 1 ms, which is very good for gaming. It also has Aim Mode, which improves the accuracy and speed of movements due to a red crosshair that is positioned in the center of the screen.

AOC Hero 24G2

Is 144 Hz essential for you? Monitors with this refresh rate are usually quite expensive, but this is what makes this model from AOC stand out. It is the most affordable with a 144 Hz display.

Just like the one from LG that we’ve listed, this one from AOC also supports FreeSync, only in this one we have the Premium version. This makes the monitor capable of varying the frequency between 35 and 144 Hz. Its brightness level is higher than the cheapest on the list, and it has better build quality.

AOC promises input lag of only 1 ms, which is very good for gaming. It also has an aim mode that improves accuracy and speed of movement due to a red crosshair that is positioned in the center of the screen.


Don’t like the affordable model we’ve listed from AOC with G-Sync support? We have here an alternative from Asus that also has a nice price.

It features a 24-inch screen with Full HD resolution and a refresh rate of between 40 and 165 Hz. Asus promises a minimum response time of 0.5 s, but on average we can expect 3 ms.

Its weak points lie with the TN panel, which has a more limited viewing angle than IPS and also has below-average contrast. Its brightness level is lower than rivals with FreeSync, but if you have an NVIDIA card and don’t want to spend a lot on a monitor with G-Sync, this model from Asus is worth keeping an eye on.

Acer Predator XB253Q

If 144 or even 165 Hz is still not enough for you, Acer bets on a gamer monitor with 240 Hz in the national market, the Predator XB2530Q model. It brings Full HD resolution with a 24.5-inch IPS LCD panel. NVIDIA’s G-Sync technology is supported to take better advantage of the high refresh rate.

The GameView feature allows you to fine-tune the colors, configure advanced levels of contrast for darker scenes, or even clock the monitor’s refresh rate. You can save up to three different configuration profiles.

With EyeProtect, you have anti-flicker, blue light filter, and anti-glare features, which minimize eye strain so you can play longer. It’s a cheaper alternative to the Dell 240 Hz listed below.

Dell Alienware AW2521HF

Don’t like Acer’s 240 Hz display? Then the Alienware AW2521HF monitor is what you’re after. It has the same screen size, resolution, and screen technology as the above monitor, but here we have a better picture.

It has the most exquisite and exotic design in Dell’s gaming line. The build quality is superior to the others we mentioned, and the image quality of its Full HD panel is also impressive.

With 1 ms of response, you will have incredible performance in any type of game, being indicated for more intense online disputes such as e-sports. It also has FreeSync and even a tool to measure frames per second at 1 ms on the monitor itself.

Acer Predator XB241YU

Our guide focuses on monitors that are great for gaming, but many have just that to offer. This is not the case with Acer’s XB241YU. He’s the roundest because he’s great for playing and working.

It has a gamer-friendly design and a 144 Hz display with G-Sync support. Its screen has high brightness, a good contrast level, and an excellent viewing angle. The color reproduction is excellent, and it is also suitable for working with photo and video editing.

And if you think the native 144 Hz isn’t enough, it’s possible to overclock it to a maximum of 165 Hz. The response time is in the range of 1 ms, which is very good for any type of game. Of course, to have this complete package, you will have to pay more for it.

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