Best In-Ear Headphones to Buy in 2022

Best In-Ear Headphones to Buy |  TudoCelular Guide

The highlight of each in-ear headphone

I have prepared several guides to help you choose your next cell phone, as well as other interesting electronics. And of course, we couldn’t forget about in-ear headphones, also known as in-ear headphones.

If you’re looking for a good alternative to the headphone jack that came with your smartphone, or if yours didn’t come with any headphones, you’ll find great options here.

Our list ranges from simpler models, for those who just want to listen to music, to more robust models with protection against water and sweat.

The models will be organized by price, but we will make clear the highlights of each one and the advantages of investing in a more expensive model. As prices change frequently, the listed products may not always be ordered by price perfectly.


Want a cheap phone to replace the one that came with your cell phone? Sony’s MDR-EX15AP can be found for less than Rs 50 and delivers great value for money. The sound quality is superior to any headset that comes with a smartphone. It has good comfort and the build quality does not disappoint.

As it is a simple phone, its acoustic isolation is not the best, which will force you to turn up the volume in places with a lot of noise. Audio leakage is less than in other cheap models.

Its 1.2-meter cable does not have a flat shape like other slightly more expensive ones, which can cause it to have constant tangles. Overall, it’s a good phone for the price you’ll pay for it.

JBL T110

We went with another great option for in-ear headphones for less than $50, the JBL T110. It delivers better build quality than others in the price range while being a lightweight and comfortable headset.

Its sound quality is good, as expected from a JBL headphone. It tends more towards the bass, which will please those who enjoy electronic music but also does not overlap the mids and treble.

What disappoints is the soundproofing. If you are in a noisy place, you will end up abusing the volume to drown out external noises. It also leaks a considerable amount of sound, which can annoy anyone around you. Its cable is 1.2 meters long and has a P2 connection.

JBL Endurance Run

The first options we have listed have good sound quality for the price that each brand charges for the product, but they are not indicated for the practice of physical activities as they do not provide any type of special protection.

The Endurance Run is sweat-reinforced to prevent the speaker from being damaged by moisture during intense activities. This protection ends up interfering a little with the audio reproduction, which leaves the bass a little more muffled than in cheaper JBL headphones.

Still, the sound quality is very good and it is suitable for listening to any musical genre while you practice your physical activities. The headset is comfortable, and its cable is 1.2 meters long. It can be found in several color options in the national market, with more flashy tones that are the face of sports products.

JBL T290

If you’re looking for a superior quality headset, we recommend the JBL T290, which is sold in several color options. Its main highlights are being light, compact, and comfortable.

It also has Pure Bass technology, which produces deeper bass, as well as a microphone and a built-in control button, which allows you to control music and calls directly from the headset.

The sound quality is superior to that of the entry-level T110 model, and even though it costs twice the price, it is worth the difference, especially in terms of sound insulation, which is better. Its cable is a little shorter than the most basic model (1.1 m), but it is also flat to reduce the risk of tangles.

JBL T205

Want a differentiated phone but paying little? The JBL T205 escapes the conventional design of these headphones that come with a cell phone and features a larger 12 mm driver for a more powerful sound with a full-bodied bass. It features Pure Bass technology with a frequency response from 20 Hz to 20 kHz.

The T205 headset is compatible with Android and iOS. It has controls on the cable that are used to control music and answer calls. It comes with a carrying bag to make it easy to take the phone with you without suffering from knots in the cable. In addition to helping to protect the product.

It can be found in two options: black with chrome details or white with gold. Its cable is of the flat type and is 1.1 m long.

Beats urBeats 3

Are you a Beats fan? The urBeats 3 is the brand’s most recent model that delivers good build quality and comfort. Unlike many Beats headphones, it doesn’t weigh as much in the bass and tends to deliver a more balanced sound.

It offers water and sweat resistance, which allows it to be used in the practice of physical activities, but it may not hold as well in the ear as others we have mentioned.

Its 1.2-meter cable is flattened to reduce the risk of tangles. The controls on the cable are responsive, making it easy to switch between calls and media playback. Along with the earpiece, there are four sizes of ear tips to fit well in any ear.

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