Best note-taking app on iPad in 2022

Best note-taking app on iPad in 2022

The iPad Pro represents Apple’s first launch in the “professional” segment tablet, the niche previously dominated by Microsoft’s Surface Pro. The device, Which recently won the 9.7 “version, Has Been gaining a lot of attention in the market since its launch, even though it hasn’t been very pleased when it comes to “repairability “. After years of paddling “against the tide”, Apple has finally recognized that tablets they can indeed be great tools for productivity, and it was based on this concept that the company started to offer, in addition to its professional tablets, accessories such as the Apple Pencil.

Many people may think that the Apple Pencil is just an overrated stylus, but besides that, it can be a great tool for those who need to write a lot; Thinking about this type of user, in particular, the staff of the site has separated a list of interesting applications for the Best note-taking app on iPad in 2022 to further increase your productivity using Apple’s pencil:

Best note-taking app on iPad in 2022
Best note-taking app on iPad in 2022

GoodNotes 4 – $7.99 (Best note-taking app on iPad)

This is one of, if not, the most complete app for those who need to take a lot of notes. Functions such as the creation of several virtual notebooks — perfect for those who need to separate notes by subject or subject — put it ahead of many other alternatives, in addition to the possibility of customizing the page style, inserting tables, images and many others. The notes stored in the app are indexed, which in other words, allows searches to be carried out within the app itself (even for those whose writing is not so easy to understand). The app also supports pressure levels.

Notability – $3.99 (30% off)

Very similar to GoodNotes, however, with a little more friendly price tag, it offers several standard features in note-taking applications, such as sensitivity to writing pressure, palm rejection, possibility to insert images, tables and even complete web pages (one of its differentials) in annotations, among many others. One of its negative points is the lack of a search system for annotations, although it makes it possible to search for text in PDF files.

Notes Plus – US$6.99 (30% discount) (best note taking app for ipad with apple pencil)

Notes Plus is another very good note-taking application, optimized for using Apple Pencil. In addition to supporting PDF files, organizing folders, detecting shapes, it brings interesting features like, for example, the built-in browser, something that can help a lot when doing a quick web search. It is also capable of converting handwritten notes to text, which means that in this one we also have a note search system. Other features worth mentioning are audio recording support (super useful for recording classes or lectures).

Noteshelf – US$7.99

Noteshelf offers one of the best user experiences, firstly because it integrates with the iOS search engine (Spotlight), which allows you to find documents a little faster, the bad part is that there is no way to search the notes in itself, something GoodNotes and Notes Plus, for example, do. Something worth mentioning here is the possibility of your protecting notes with passwords.

Noteshelf   – Free (best note taking app for ipad free)

Evernote is the best note-taking app for iPad free. you’ve probably already heard about this app, but you might not have known yet that it’s now optimized for use with Apple Pencil. One of the highlights of Evernote is the ability to synchronize notes between different devices, which creates a solid ecosystem, especially for those who don’t always use the same device. Annotation support here is pretty basic, as a matter of fact, it makes more sense to type your notes and use Apple Pencil just to draw a diagram or something. Best of all, it’s available for multiple platforms.

Penultimate – Free

Created by Evernote, this app is the firm’s proposal for those users who really want to take notes. Right away, it already presents itself with a clean look, away from distractions, which allows even more concentration, avoiding accidental pressing buttons, settings, or something like that. As it is optimized for iPad Pro, it also supports pressure levels, as well as recognizing written text, making it possible to search through annotations. Despite being free, it has several in-app purchase options to further improve the user experience.

Apple Notes – Free (best note taking app for ipad pro)

The best thing about this app is that it comes pre-installed on every iPad Pro, so you don’t need to download it. Before iOS 9, the Notes app on the iPad was a no-no, but now it’s basically essential. Despite all the integration with the platform, it doesn’t offer a search system for notes, or different styles for the pages, but nothing prevents this from reaching a future update. At least here we can customize fonts, create checklists, add image thumbnails and more.

It’s hard to say which of these apps is the best, as each has its strengths, and not all users need all the functionality it offers. At least we know what options we already have plenty of.

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