Best Smart Full HD TVs to Buy | TudoCelular Guide

Best Smart Full HD TVs to Buy | TudoCelular Guide

Best Smart Full HD TVs to Buy | TudoCelular Guide, Some time ago we published a complete Shopping Guide focused on those who want a new TV to play games or enjoy movies in high definition, being separate 4K smart TVs in the most varied price ranges and styles.

Now, the time has come to help those who don’t want or can spend so much on an Ultra HD model, which makes sense given that we still have a much larger collection of Full HD content than 4K, especially on television channels, which directly affects those who want to marathon a series or have more quality in the game without spending a lot.

As we did in our previous guide, we filter the televisions according to their respective brands, so that you can go straight to the manufacturer that most identifies you, whether by operating system, design, or screen and audio quality.

To start our selection of TVs, we have the Multilaser TL28 quote, the cheapest option in the national market and which has the main advantages of supporting streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Globoplay and YouTube, as well as a 39″ screen. “.

A point worth noting when we talk about this model is that, at least apparently, it has simpler hardware and possibly a proprietary operating system, which means, therefore, that it will possibly be limited to the apps mentioned above.

Another option available in the Brazilian market is the AOC S5195, a TV that was introduced in January of last year in versions with a 32″ screen and HD resolution or 43″ and Full HD resolution, charging a little more to deliver a larger screen with more resolution.

Like Android TV, Roku’s system supports streaming apps well, including services like Netflix, RedBull TV, TuneIn Radio, and more.

Another noteworthy option here is the TCL S6500, the brand’s entry device whose main differential is the possibility of controlling the TV by voice through the remote control and the promise of better images thanks to the offer of HDR, micro dimming, and sport mode.

Best Smart Full HD TVs to Buy | TudoCelular Guide

In terms of operating system, the TCL S6500 is one of those offered on the market with Android TV and that means we have the usual support for traditional apps. Not least, it already has Netflix and Globoplay installed, including exclusive buttons for these services on the controller.

Another option when it comes to Full HD panels is the LG TL520S, a TV that has webOS (the brand’s official operating system) and a more traditional look, with slightly wider symmetrical edges and a gray finish.

Not least, the LG TL520S is the one that offers the smallest size among those mentioned in this selection, making it, therefore, a more interesting option for those who have a smaller room or little space to put in the rack.

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