Best Smart LCD TV to Buy

If you’re looking for a good OLED or QLED TV, you can check out our specific guides below. In this one we will only list models with an LCD screen, either the IPS or VA type used by Samsung and Sony.

Our guide only gathers models that can be officially found on national soil, since importing a large TV is quite complicated. And as we do in all guides, we always look for the most cost-effective products. It’s no use listing a TV over 80 inches that costs more than a zero car.

Models are listed in order of price and this may change with the constant variation of offers.

Still don’t see the need to enter the 4K world? TCL recently renewed its entry-level TV line in Brazil, bringing the S6500 model that can be found in HD (32″) and Full HD (40″) resolution options.

Even though they are cheap TVs, they stand out for bringing Android TV with Chromecast and Google Assistant integrated. You can use voice command to control the TV, as well as play your mobile content to the bigger screen.

The S6500 supports HDR 10, but as the brightness is not very high, the performance is not the best. For a TV in this price range, it’s within the acceptable range.

Overall, you get a TV with a good picture and lots of features. If size isn’t an issue for you, it’s worth paying a little extra and going for the Full HD screen model.

Good quality TVs usually hit the market with large dimensions. If you want a first-class picture, you’ll have to have good space in the room, as TVs under 50 inches at this level are very rare.

This is precisely the differential of the TU7000, which can be found in several sizes, starting from 43 inches up to 70″.

Smaller TVs often lack image quality and features. The TU7000 escapes the rule. It has a great level of contrast, being on the same level as some QLED models from Samsung.

Brightness is decent in SDR content, but could be better with HDR. Color uniformity is excellent, as well as low input lag, making this the best Samsung TV for hardcore gamers. The sound is good for the price and the Tizen system is more limited than the more expensive models, but it has many apps available.

Samsung is not adept at Dolby Vision or Dolby Atmos on its smart TVs, while LG only supports such technologies on more expensive models.

If you’re looking for a more affordable TV to explore the potential with HDR content without paying too much for it, then the Philips PUB6654 model might be what you’re looking for.

Its operating system is Saphi which comes with a more generous library than My Home based on the FireFox OS of Panasonic TVs, which includes popular apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime and many others.

This Philips TV has its limitations and one of them is the lack of support for the 5 GHz Wi-Fi network, which can compromise some streaming services.

Looking for a more current model? How about the TU8000 that is from the 2020 line, being the most advanced LCD from Samsung to arrive in Brazil.

If you’re the type who likes to watch TV in the dark, this one will be much more suitable. Image quality overall is very good, but don’t expect too much from HDR.

The panel is 60 Hz, like LG’s, but it delivers lower response time, as well as lower input lag, which makes the TU8000 better for gaming.

The sound power is a little higher, but in exchange you will lose fluidity with the operating system. Tizen is a little slower than WebOS or Android TV. At least the variety of apps is very good.

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