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Best smartband and smart bracelet to buy |  TudoCelular Guide

Highlights of each model

Stuck at home, unable to go out to work out? Best smartband and smart bracelet to buy can help at these times to monitor your activities and escape a sedentary lifestyle. Smart bracelets allow you to get a number of features directly on the wrist, such as heart monitoring, sleep tracking, step counting, and, in some cases, notifications and the ability to respond to phone calls.

But what is the best smartband model to buy among all these? What is the best value for money, more functions, or better battery life? If you are not sure which smart bracelet to buy, this TudoCelular guide can help you. We’ve put together some of the best options available to answer which of these smartbands will best suit you.

In this guide, we will only list models sold in the national market since making international purchases at the moment is a little complicated, even more so with the high dollar. Some models listed are from the marketplace.

Remember that the models are organized in order of price. At the beginning of the article there is a list that orders the bracelets in order from best to worst. So it’s up to you to decide what matters most: features or price.

Best smartband and smart bracelet to buy: Easy Mobile Smart Fit 2 HRBest smartband and smart bracelet to buy

Another inexpensive option on our list is the Smart Fir 2 HR by Easy Mobile. This model allows you to monitor your heartbeat, show exercise time, and even configure according to the user’s profile. It’s all recorded on your smartphone during runs, bike rides, and other physical activities.

This smart bracelet is compatible with the Android and iOS systems, which allows you to track your sleep, in addition to taking care of your health and well-being. Its monochrome OLED screen consumes little power, which allows the battery to last for 5 to 7 days. You can also track missed calls and messages.

The Best smartband and smart bracelet to buy: Xiaomi Mi Band 4.Best smartband and smart bracelet to buy:

Is the Mi Band 6 too expensive for you? The Mi Band 4 is still a great option in the domestic market. It has a design similar to the model of the most current generation, but has a slightly smaller screen. However, this does not interfere with usability or even visibility during physical activity.

All data synchronisation done by the bracelet is done by the Mi Fit app, available for Android and iOS. In theory, Xiaomi promises an average autonomy of 20 days of operation, but, in practice, it yields less than that. You can also track incoming calls, messages, app notifications, and play music on the bracelet screen. In addition to monitoring various types of activities, it also tracks the quality of your sleep.

Best smartband and smart bracelet to buy: Samsung Galaxy Fit E

An alternative to the Mi Band 4, which has a monochrome screen, is Samsung’s Galaxy Fit E. The good thing about having a simpler screen is that the battery lasts longer. It is good to remember that this is the simplest bracelet from Samsung and does not have many features, but it serves well for monitoring physical exercise and also displays notifications received on your cell phone.

In moderate use, it is possible to have an average of one week of autonomy, which will be enough for most people. It is also water resistant, which will allow you to do activities in the rain without worrying. And for those who shy away from bracelets with more basic colors, the Fit E can be found in the yellow option.

Best smartband and smart bracelet to buy: Samsung Galaxy Fit 2.

Samsung is another one that has recently renewed its basic smartband. The second generation of Fit arrives with a 1.1-inch 3D screen and a battery that promises to last up to 21 days. Even with the screen increase, the new smart bracelet is smaller and now supports more than 70 faces.

The sensors are the same as before, being able to monitor up to 90 different physical activities as well as heart rate. This Samsung model is a little more limited than the cheaper ones we mentioned, but if we consider that it arrived in the Brazilian market at half the price of the Galaxy Fit, then it will be a good deal.

Best smartband and smart bracelet to buy: Honor Band

Huawei also recently updated its inexpensive smartband, the Honor Band 5. The design remains the same as before and brings minor improvements to features and a new sensor to measure blood oxygenation (SPO2). The point that the Band 4 owners were waiting for was support for customisable faces, which is finally available in the new version.

As with Xiaomi’s smartband, the Honor Band also lost autonomy in the new version. Still, it delivers an average of 5 days of use with all active features. If you don’t care so much about the oximeter, then maybe it’s better to save money and invest in the old model—if you find it cheaper on the national market.

Best smartband and smart bracelet to buy: The Xiaomi Mi Band 6

Introduced in March 2021 as the 6th generation of a line that is successful among users, the Mi Band 6 has brought some interesting evolutions when compared to the previous generation, which included the increase in its screen, the welcome reading ability of oxygenation (SpO2) and more.

In practical terms, we have the delivery of the best Xiaomi smartband to date, which can be considered an excellent acquisition, especially for those who want to start their health monitoring or update the setup if you have one of the previous generations.

Best smartband and smart bracelet to buy: Huawei Band 4

In addition to the Honor Band 4, Huawei also has another smart bracelet in the domestic market, which is called the Huawei Band 4. Confused? Well, they are similar products from the same company, but with different proposals. Huawei claims that its bracelet has a younger design with more modern skins.

From the Huawei Watch Face Store, you can download different types of watch faces for the Band 4, including sports themes, cartoons, and more. This bracelet also promises smarter fitness tracking with Huawei TruSeen 3.5 and healthier sleep with Huawei TruSleep 2.0. For physical activities, you will have detailed results of data such as heart rate, heart rate zone, steps, distance, speed, calories, and much more.

Best smartband and smart bracelet to buy: Amazfit Band 5

Want an even more complete alternative to the Xiaomi Mi Band 5? Amazfit has a smartband with the same name and brings the look and several features of the Xiaomi model to Amazfit. It has a battery that lasts an average of 15 days with the use of various features to monitor physical activities, stress levels, heart rate and sleep quality.

Its differentials are for the oximeter, absent in the global version of the Mi Band 5. What this sensor does is measure the oxygen saturation of your blood. In addition, there is support for Alexa so you can give commands to the virtual assistant or ask questions without having to have your cell phone nearby.

Best smartband and smart bracelet to buy: Huawei Band 7.

Another interesting alternative for those who want an updated smartband is the Huawei Band 7, which was officially presented by the brand in Brazil in July 2022 with good differentials, such as the battery that promises a duration of 14 days, 96 training modes, and monitoring of both oxygenation (SpO2) and heart rate.

The models officially offered by the company in Brazil are Nebula Pink (Pink) and Graphite Black (Black).

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