Best iPad for college in 2022

Best iPad for college in 2022

What iPad should you buy if you are a student?

If you’re a high school or college student, you may be sick of taking notes by hand in class. The solution is to get a light and powerful tablet like Apple iPads. But which iPad is the Best iPad for college?

Best iPad for college  in 2022

Student life is very hard: in addition to trying to maintain a social life with your friends from high school or university, you will have to find time to study. And what better than to have the help of technology.

One of the most practical devices for studying is a tablet. In this article, we will analyze why you need an iPad if you want to get the best grades, and we will also advise you which model is the best for you.

The iPad will allow you to attend online classes, take notes, review on public transport on an exam day, do group work in the library or simply take a break from studying at home by watching your favourite series on Netflix.

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The Best iPad for college in 2022

1. 2020 Apple iPad (10.2-inch, Wi-Fi, 32GB) – cheapest iPad in the Apple store

2020 Apple iPad (10.2-inch, Wi-Fi, 32GB) - Silver (8th Generation)

Chances are, if you’re a student, you’re looking for a bargain. And in this sense, we would recommend the 10.2 ”iPad, especially since it is included in the student discount offered by Apple.

It is the cheapest iPad in the Apple store and also the lowest quality, but that does not mean that its specifications are bad: they are simply somewhat out of date.

Thus, you will not get a screen with True Tone technology or a state-of-the-art Apple processor. The front camera also leaves something to be desired with just 1.2 MP.

But if all this does not matter to you, then you have a great opportunity to have an  Apple tablet at a good price. Otherwise, it’s worth spending a bit more to get a superior iPad.

2. 2019 Apple iPad Mini (Wi-Fi, 64GB) – Gold – best ipad for note taking

2019 Apple iPad Mini (Wi-Fi, 64GB) - Gold

Those who find the iPad Air too expensive can go for the iPad mini, a few dollars cheaper. In return, yes, you will get a smaller tablet too. In fact, perhaps that is an advantage for you, such as the fact that it weighs only 300.5 g.

The price difference may make you think that the iPad mini is not as powerful as the iPad Air. This is not like this. It has the exact same specs, including the A12 Bionic chip with 64-bit architecture.

The only difference is that the iPad mini is not compatible with Apple’s Smart Keyboard. This is not to say that you cannot use a keyboard to take notes with your iPad mini, as you can connect any Bluetooth keyboard to it.

3. 2020 Apple iPad Air (10.9-inch, Wi-Fi, 256GB) Best ipad for college students 2022

The iPad Air has a 10.9-inch screen, weighs just 458g and is affordable despite having excellent cameras and a very powerful processor. All of that makes it the ideal iPad for students.

It is true that Apple has updated the range and is somewhat more expensive than before (especially with respect to the new standard iPad). However, the iPad Air has some advantages, such as a screen with True Tone technology and anti-reflective film.

With the Air model, you have a large screen in a slim and light body. The rear camera (12 MP and f / 1.8 aperture) has been improved, and with the front one, you can take very high-quality selfies.

4. 2021 Apple 11-inch iPad Pro (Wi-Fi, 256GB) – Space Gray (Best iPad for college in 2022)

2021 Apple 11-inch iPad Pro (Wi-Fi, 256GB)

If you are not worried about money (or someone is going to borrow it), then we advise you to consider buying the most expensive, and most powerful model: the iPad Pro.

In this case, we suggest the 11 “model, but you should know that there is also a 12.9” model. The only difference is the size of the screen (and its dimensions and weight), so it’s up to you.

It is compatible with the second generation of Apple Pencil, which gives you a lot of freedom both when working and using this tablet for entertainment.

IPad buying guide for studying

Students are very clear about what they want from a device that helps them study: it has to have useful apps to take notes, record a class or review before an exam. It also has to be lightweight, inexpensive, and compatible with a keyboard.

What else should you consider before buying the Best iPad for college in 2022?

1. iPad or laptop?

Perhaps one of the first questions you ask yourself is whether you should go for a laptop or a tablet. Perhaps an iPad seems like a small thing, and more if you compare it with a MacBook, which offers many more features.

The truth is that this is not entirely true, or at least you should not worry if you are going to use the iPad to study. Some iPad models can be more powerful than many MacBooks thanks to their super-fast processors. 

You can also use the Apple tablet to use programs such as the Microsoft Office suite or equivalent, or simply download the digital version of the books you need on the tablet and carry it with you instead.

Certainly, this, in theory, you can also do on a MacBook, but the iPad will be much more like transporting from one place to another. The 10 hours of battery life of the iPad will be enough for a whole day of class.

If you’re worried about the hassle of typing on a touch screen, the easiest solution is to go for an iPad that’s compatible with a keyboard. Those who prefer to take notes by hand will need an iPad compatible with the Apple Pencil.

Another advantage of the iPad is that you can buy the version with mobile data and be connected to the Internet whenever you want (and as long as there is coverage). Thus, you can make a video call with your family whenever you miss them.

2. Is the iPad the best tablet to study?

If you have already decided to get a tablet to study, you may now wonder if the iPad is the best option. Certainly, there are other models from other brands much cheaper that may attract your attention.

Our opinion is that you will not regret if you bet on the iPad:

  • The App Store includes many apps specifically designed for the iPad.
  • Many of these apps are perfect for students: note-taking apps, apps to convert handwritten notes to text, apps to record audio, apps to manage your time, and so on.
  • The iPad has a long collection of accessories that will enrich the experience.
  • Apple operating systems are reliable and very practical if you have more than one apple brand product, such as an iPhone.
  • If you already have a Mac, the iPad can serve as a second monitor (option available only with macOS Catalina).

3. Are there discounts for students on iPad?

Perhaps what worries you the most about the iPad is its price. We are not going to judge you, and it is known to all that Apple products are expensive. However, it is possible to get them at a better price.

Students can take advantage of discounts offered by the Apple Store for Education. If the UNiDAYS campaign is over, you can always opt for the best deals on iPad from stores like Fnac or Amazon.

Lenovo media and gaming notebooks in the large model overview

Lenovo media and gaming notebooks in the large model overview

There are countless notebooks from Lenovo, various categories and brands, and many more abbreviations that describe certain extras. We’ll tell you what they mean. In this part of the Lenovo overview, we introduce you to the brands “IdeaPad“, “Yoga” and “Legion“.

A few days ago we introduced you to the two well-known brands “ThinkPad” and “ThinkBook” in the first part of the large overview. This time we show you the models that are more intended for the masses, media, and gaming.

In addition to the brand names, Lenovo also has certain abbreviations that each describe a feature or a construction. Over the years, more and more attachments have accumulated and the meaning is not always that clear. So these abbreviations are the confusing part of Lenovo notebooks. While I am going into the individual brands, I will also briefly describe the most important abbreviations and their meanings.

Lenovo IdeaPad

The IdeaPad series includes classic notebooks, convertibles, and gaming laptops for most users. IdeaPads are all-rounders on a budget.

Lenovo media and gaming notebooks in the large model overview

The IdeaPads are in the S series, which includes classic notebooks. The number after the name divides the devices into different performance classes. An “i” in the number indicates that this is a notebook with an Intel processor, If the “i” is missing, an AMD processor has been installed. An abbreviation like “Slim” describes extra slim devices.

Lenovo folding

IdeaPads with the name ” Flex ” are convertibles. The screen of these notebooks can be rotated a lot and offers a touch function. Here, too, the number shows the performance class of the device. The higher the number, the stronger, but also more expensive. An “i” reveals whether an Intel or AMD processor has been installed.

In the case of the S and Flex series, however, the performance class does not automatically mean that a corresponding processor has been installed. For example, an AMD Ryzen 3 or Intel Core 3 can be built into a Lenovo Flex 5.

Lenovo media and gaming notebooks in the large model overview

The 300 series (THIS IS LENOVO!) Are budget-friendly notebooks with enough performance for gaming. Some time ago we tested the Lenovo IdeaPad Gaming 3. Lenovo continues to use a number for the performance category and “i” to indicate the processor used.

Lenovo Yoga

The best-known Lenovo brand besides the ThinkPad is Yoga. According to Lenovo’s own statement, these are “ultra-premium 2-in-1 notebooks”. Unfortunately, this does not apply to every model, as not every Yoga can actually be used as a convertible.

With the Slim series, there are powerful notebooks in a slim case. The displays can only be rotated up to 180 degrees, i.e. flat on the table. A number after the brand name indicates the performance class, an “i” again reveals Intel processors and the S sub-series – like the Lenovo Yoga S940 – are upper-class ultrabooks.

lenovo yoga slim 7 tested with amd ryzen

If it only says ” Yoga ” and a number, it is a true yoga notebook. Their screens can be rotated 360 degrees. As usual, a number from 6 to 9 divides the performance class, an “i” shows Intel devices, and the C series – like the Lenovo Yoga C940 – comes with an Nvidia graphics card. Some models also have a very special look: there are notebooks with leather and fabric optics. The lifestyle reference is high at the yoga brand.

The Duet series comes as a small version: These are tablets with an attachable keyboard that runs either Windows 10 or Chrome OS.

Lenovo Legion

Lenovo’s Legion notebooks are pure gaming machines and are divided into three subtypes. They are significantly more powerful than the Lenovo IdeaPad 300 series.

Lenovo Legion Y740

The 7 series are the upper class of gaming. Although it’s a bit strange: There is also a Lenovo Legion Slim 7i and a Creator 7i. In the upper class of gaming, you don’t actually expect any particularly slim versions or even models designed for content creation. But with all the abbreviations it is the same as before.

The 5 series are more classic gaming notebooks: thick but powerful devices with lots of lighting. The abbreviations go from “pi” for performance and Intel, to “i” for only Intel and without the abbreviation for the AMD variant.

Finally, there is the Y-series. These were actually the wallet-friendly gaming notebooks from Legion. The models became more and more expensive and noble over time. The number after the name describes the performance class – the higher the faster – and abbreviations such as “s” stand for slim/compact and “i”, as always, for Intel.


There is also the “ Lenovo ” category on Lenovo’s website. There you can find all devices that had no more space with other brands or that didn’t quite fit. So there is the V series, which are slim business notebooks with a focus on security, and the Ideapad Duet Chromebook, a tablet with an attachable keyboard. The entire abbreviations remain the same here as well.

If you are looking for a cheap gaming notebook, the Ideapad 300 series is for you. For more budget friendly notebooks, it can also be a Legion notebook. If you want a chic and slim upper-class device, you have come to the right place with yoga devices. Otherwise, you should look around at the IdeaPads, as they include many good and inexpensive notebooks.

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Roccat Kone aimo gaming mouse review in 2021

Roccat Kone aimo gaming mouse review

In the world of PC gaming, hardware plays a major role in the results obtained: the machine, the graphics card. The screen, the keyboard, and the mouse. In the field, Roccat is a manufacturer recognized for its good quality mouse. One of its successful models, the Kone EMP, had a new revised and corrected version, called  Kone AIMO Remastered. Which allows its copy to be reviewed on many points. Let’s have the Roccat Kone aimo gaming mouse review in 2021.

Features of the Roccat Kone aimo gaming mouse

Roccat Kone aimo gaming mouse review
Technical characteristics
Dimensions: 125 x 85 x 40 mm
Weight: 132 grams
Sensor: Optical, 16,000 DPI
Polling rate: 1000Hz
Number of function keys: up to 23
RGB mood lighting
Connection: USB
Compatibility: PC and Mac

The design is evolving in-depth, and the characteristics are at the top on all levels. It has the house Owl-Eye sensor with a sensitivity of 16,000 DPI (against 12,000 DPI for the previous generation), a polling rate ( ‘interrogation) of 1 GHz, 5 fully configurable light sources, and 23 button functions. This mouse competes with the Logitech G502 Hero. But it could slow down players compared to its weight, where Logitech allows you to adjust this point.

  • Stylish and elegant gamer style design
  • Ergonomics & pleasant materials
  • Build quality
  • Precision
  • 23 function keys
  • Great customization possibilities
  • A dimension not suitable for all
  • Heavy weight

Our full review of the Roccat Kone AIMO Remastered

Design and ergonomics

Now let’s get into the details. First of all, it is necessary to specify that with 8.5 cm wide, 12.5 cm long, and 4 cm high, this mouse is relatively large while also being rather heavy since it displays 132 grams on the scale. This mouse, therefore, gives off a certain feeling of solidity that is rather appreciable and reassuring. Still, it will not be comfortable using smaller hands (some buttons may be difficult to access).

Roccat Kone AIMO

The Kone AIMO Remastered is a wired mouse (a guarantee of precision and speed in transferring information). Whose 1.8m cable is braided for more resistance. The mouse’s surface uses a soft-touch and non-slip mat plastic, very pleasant to the touch, which visually contrasts with all the function keys and the wheel, highlighted by a shiny plastic, which is also pleasant to the touch. To touch. By the way, the mouse has a perfect finish (Germanic design, that would tend to be reassuring).And Roccat provides a life cycle of 50 million clicks. A faultless to be confirmed over time.

Roccat Kone AIMO review

This model offers a 16,000 DPI sensor, which is positioned in the field of Logitech’s Hero technology. We agree that this race for the highest number no longer makes sense with such precision beyond our human faculties. On the other hand, where Logitech and its G502 offers you to install or remove weights to adjust your mouse’s lightness, Roccat offers no alternative on its side.

Still, from a design point of view, the overall shape of the mouse, similar to the brand’s previous Kone models, ensures excellent handling and flawless ergonomics, with function buttons that are easily accessible. Moreover, it is time to dwell on the function buttons: first of all, in addition to the central click, the wheel has side clicks when you tilt it to the right or the left, giving the feeling of having a joystick under the finger. 

Then there are two buttons, “+” and “-” located just below the dial. And finally, on the mouse’s left side, there are two function buttons located slightly in height. Another button says “ EasyShift” It Is located at the bottom of the thumb rest, a key specific to the Roccat mouse, allowing a second function to be assigned to all the other mouse buttons. In the end, this brings the number of different functions to 23! Ingenious and perfectly suited to all types of games, the Kone provides both FPS and MMORPGs.

Roccat Kone AIMO review 2021

The other big interesting point about this mouse is its mood lighting. In total, no less than five independent zones are backlit by RGB LEDs that you can configure as you wish! To be exact, these 5 zones are, first of all, the wheel, as well as the two “tiger teeth” (emblem of the mark) arranged on either side of the mouse, themselves divided into two zones of different lighting at the front and rear. Let’s be honest, this colorful lighting, combined with the neat design and the good artistry, catches the eye!

Configuration software

The last two points discussed (function keys and mood lighting) logically lead us to the software that accompanies the mouse, allowing everything to be configured: Swarm. Here too, from a software point of view, Roccat’s proposal is as high as for hardware. Swarm turns out to be a straightforward, ergonomic, and complete software. The operation of the “ EasyShift ” key is also very well explained when configuring the function keys.

Several exciting functions, such as a “ distance control unit ” setting, block the mouse’s movement on the screen when the mouse is lifted off the mat to recenter it. This without sacrificing the accuracy of the sensor. There is also the possibility of configuring several configuration profiles, up to a maximum of 5. Allowing them to adapt to different players and/or games in a few clicks. Advanced parameters such as adjustable polling rate from 125 to 1000 Hz or intelligent audio feedback are also part of the game.

As for LEDs, there, too, the customization options are pervasive. Of course, brightness and colors are adjustable, with by default a “harmonious lighting” mode in color gradation. Still, it is also possible to choose several animations such as “Wave,” “Snake,” or “Beat.”

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Our opinion on the Kone Aimo Remastered: a wired mouse that wants to challenge the leaders

In the end, this mouse comes close to absolute flawlessness. Everything from design to handling and configuration turns out to be a daily pleasure. It is even fairly obvious that the Roccat AIMO Remastered establishes itself as one of the benchmarks on the market. In all points. Also, its apparent strength reassures the potential life of the product. 

In other words, for its selling price currently displayed at 71$ on clearly get your money’s worth and come to compete with the G502 Hero. Despite our praise for the Kone, Logitech also has the ability to adjust the weight of its mouse. This can be a decisive detail, depending on your requirements. The two products are very similar in terms of price. It is then a question of taste and handling, which here remains unique to each!

Logitech Pro X Superlight Review 2021

Logitech Pro X Superlight Review 2021

The Logitech Pro X Superlight is trimmed for lightweight construction – at any price. The test shows what aspiring eSports athletes have to do without.

  • Weight
  • processing
  • expensive
  • Micro USB

The Logitech Pro X Superlight basis is the already outstanding G Pro Wireless (test). Alex had already convinced them in his review, and in combination with the Powerplay mouse pad (Review), it even became his dream duo. But Logitech wanted more and sent its engineers to work. The goal was to save as much weight as possible. The result is the Logitech Pro X Superlight with a weight of only 63g.

63g – I have to let this number sink in first. With only twelve cups of coffee a day, I would have consumed the Logitech Pro X Superlight weight in sugar. Another example: The remote control of the FireTV Stick with media buttons weighs 66g, but I wouldn’t dare to try it in eSports.

Logitech Pro X Superlight Review 2021

Technical details of Logitech Pro X Superlight Review 2021

Let’s take a look at the other specifications of the Logitech Pro X Superlight Review 2021:

Product features of the Logitech PRO X Superlight
KeysClick buttons with spring tension
connectionWireless LIGHTSPEED technology
resolution100-25,400 DPI
ScanningHERO-25K sensor
Number of keys5
particularitiesPOWERPLAY compatible
battery packLithium polymer (permanently installed)
Battery life70h with constant movement
Dimensions40 x 63.5 x 125 mm
Weight<63 g

Pure minimalism

To achieve the low weight of only 63g, the engineers at Logitech removed everything unnecessary. Side buttons, DPI button, RGB lighting – everything has been deleted without replacement. By eliminating the right side buttons and the associated magnets, just under 5g were saved.

Logitech Pro X Superlight

In the next step, Logitech made the case material a little thinner. Despite all the savings, the good news is that the quality is still typical Logitech – so excellent. Holding the Logitech Pro X Superlight feels good, even if the mouse is clearly aimed at small to medium-sized hands.

Logitech has not cut corners with the sensor either – the Pro X Superlight relies on the proven HERO sensor. Thanks to this, the mouse plays in the league of high-end gaming mice. The HERO sensor enables a maximum acceleration of 40G and a sampling rate of 1000Hz. In addition, there is a resolution of 25,600dpi. Logitech itself knows that hardly any player has exhausted that. Even eSport professionals use “only” 400-800dpi. But having is almost always better than needing.

Logitech Pro X Superlight Review 2021

Logitech has installed lush sliding surfaces around the sensor on the Pro X Superlight. These ensure that the mouse can be moved quickly but precisely over smooth surfaces. Due to the small sliding surfaces, the gliding ability was one of the few “weaknesses” of the G Pro Wireless, which is why Logitech listened to the community’s feedback and consequently worked on it. If the gliding ability is still not enough, the delivery scope also includes a round cover with gliding surfaces for the underside. Then you cannot charge wirelessly via the Powercore module or Powerplay. The 2.4 GHz USB receiver of the Logitech Pro X Superlight can be stowed under the cover.

Logitech Pro X Superlight Review

I have to criticize the micro-USB connection for wired charging. It is simply no longer up to date in 2021, especially with the Logitech Pro X Superlight price. An old connection can also hardly be justified with weight savings.

The sticky feet & the environment

There are plus points for the rubber stickers that are in the packaging. If these are attached to the Logitech Pro X Superlight, it is much more secure in the hand. The rubber is slightly roughened and is, therefore, non-slip. How long the stickers will look this goodwill only tell with time. Dust and other particles will sooner or later deteriorate the slip resistance, but even then, it is good to know that the stickers can be removed again.

Logitech Pro X Superlight

There are also plus points for the environmental awareness that Logitech shows in the production and packaging of the Pro X Superlight. Both the mouse and the packaging are made “CO 2 -neutral”. Transport from the production company to the seller’s warehouse is not included, but it is a good step in the right direction that more companies should dare to take.

Complex software: Logitech G Hub

If gamers want to configure the Logitech Pro X Superlight, they need the Logitech Gaming Software (download). All Logitech peripheral devices can be customized with this software. For example, you can choose different profiles for the Logitech Pro X Superlight or adjust the DPI’s sensitivity – there is no longer a dedicated button on the mouse.

Logitech Pro X

Also, individual buttons on the Logitech Pro X Superlight can be deactivated or activated – the same applies to macros or actions. Users can find other interesting information in the software, including power consumption and remaining battery life. Along with the elimination of RGB lighting, this has improved again. Logitech gaming software is complex but still well structured and easily accessible. Compared to most of its competitors, Logitech has not only done its homework on this point.

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Conclusion: Logitech Pro X Superlight Review 2021

The goal of the Logitech Pro X Superlight was to be extremely light. The engineers have also achieved this by removing all the predecessor features that were not essential for everyday gaming. A mouse that is as light as possible is particularly impressive in fast shooters.

What gamers have to give up with the Logitech Pro X Superlight are things like the right auxiliary buttons and the RGB lighting. Depending on your personal attitude, this is either a bitter loss or a focus on the essentials.

Logitech Pro X Superlight Review 2021

At currently $149, the Logitech Pro X Superlight is anything but cheap. The original – the G Pro Wireless – is currently available for almost $120 on the virtual counter and weighs only slightly more at 80g, but it also has somewhat poorer gliding properties. Overall, however, it should have a better price-performance ratio for many interested parties. The Pro X Superlight then remains the best choice for hardcore enthusiasts and esports enthusiasts.

Best Ergonomic Mouse 2021: Buying Guide

Best Ergonomic Mouse 2021

Compared to conventional mice, the ergonomic mouse comes with a great promise: to preserve the wrist, fingers, and joints of the hand and arms thanks to an innovative shape. Reproducing a much more natural position for the arm and wrist, such equipment is, therefore, a dream choice for those suffering from localized pain (tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, etc.) and/or spending much time on the computer.

For this reason, we invite you to discover our ranking of the best ergonomic mice 2021, with analysis of technical characteristics and consumer opinions. You can then find the Buyer’s Guide and the FAQ at the end of the article to make your choice.

Comparative List Of The Best Ergonomic Mouse 2021

These are the 8 Best Ergonomic Mouse 2021.

  1. Logitech MX Vertical
  2. ECHTPower
  3. Logitech MX Ergo Trackball Mouse
  4. GeekerChip
  5. Perixx PERIMICE-718
  6. Tecknet
  7. Kensington Orbit Mouse
  8. Evoluent VerticalMouse4

8 Best Ergonomic Mouse 2021

To establish our selection, the technical characteristics naturally play a key role. But we also focus on tests and consumer reviews to have a complete opinion. We finish by comparing prices to find the most attractive price-quality ratios.

1. Logitech MX Vertical

Best Ergonomic Mouse 2021

Features & Reviews

Let’s start with certainly one of the most popular models from the manufacturer. While expensive, it does all that is expected of it. This vertical mouse deploys an ergonomic body for a natural grip and without trauma, its 57 ° angulation being perfectly adapted. Note the high DPI rate – the highest in the comparison – which you can, of course, adjust. Gamers and graphic designers will find it of great interest! It also offers 4 customizable buttons- for the price, a surplus would not have been too much. Moreover, if the structure is robust and beautiful, the same cannot be said of the dial, which several consumers are accused of quickly making a little noise. Note, finally, the specificity of Logitech, namely the Logitech Flow software, which allows you to use the mouse on 3 devices by switching thanks easily to the Easy-Switch. A complete device, but which requires an investment.

  • Quality of construction and finishes
  • Effective action against MSD pain
  • Logitech Flow software
  • Customizable buttons
  • Price
  • Roulette a little cheap

2. ECHTPower| Best Ergonomic Mouse 2021

ECHTPower| Best Ergonomic Mouse 2021

Features & Reviews

With its attractive price, this vertical mouse clearly aims to position itself in the niche of the best value for money. Are the results there? An overwhelming majority of users recommend this model, effectively valuing its ergonomic design that allows for natural placement of the arm, wrist, and hand. Therefore, the use is enjoyable, even if we may regret the rather minimalist non-stick so that the mouse easily tends to slide. Finally, the choice of DPI and different ranges are interesting for many uses, but consumers notice that DPI is reset when the computer is turned off.

  • Ergonomic design, comfortable use
  • Choice of cursor speed
  • Excellent value
  • DPI reset
  • The mouse slides

3. Logitech MX Ergo Trackball Mouse

Logitech MX Ergo Trackball Mouse

Features & Reviews

Logitech hits a big blow with this model, both in terms of price and technical characteristics. Just visually, the device looks very solid and, it must be said, has a magnificent design. But it is once taken in hand that it reveals its full potential, this ergonomic mouse helping well against tendonitis and MSD-type pain. You can even adjust the angle to 20 ° to adapt the positioning to your morphology! Versatility aside, of course, the Logitech Flow software allows the use of the mouse on several devices, but we still regret the minimal options for customizing buttons. You will therefore have to go through another software.

  • Robustness and aesthetics of the design
  • Easy and pleasant to use
  • 20-degree angle adjustment
  • Logitech Flow technology
  • Price
  • Lack of programmable buttons

4. GeekerChip


Features & Reviews

Here is the cheapest ergonomic mouse in the comparison! However, it is important to put the price in perspective with performance. And we are amazed to see how the material achieves the essentials at this price. Many users thus indicate that they no longer complain of pain, such as TMS or tendonitis. Therefore, the user is comfortable and pleasant, even if it sometimes happens that we are confronted with rare bugs, such as a brief interruption. The construction is neat and seems good for the price, but it is not free from flaws: we think of the dial, quickly starting to squeak. It achieves the essentials at a low price, and that’s all we expect!

  • Reduction or even disappearance of pain
  • Price-performance ratio
  • Comfortable use
  • Important dimensions
  • Some rare small bugs
  • The roulette wheel quickly starts to squeak

5. Perixx PERIMICE-718

Perixx PERIMICE-718

Features & Reviews

There are not many left-handed mice, but there are still some excellent references, like this one. Wireless, it is very comfortable to use thanks to its design. However, some regret that the left and right clicks are quite “hard,” which is not necessarily the most suitable for those suffering from tendonitis. Its versatility is marked by the 5 customizable keys, even if it takes time to understand how the configuration works. A great left-handed choice at a very reasonable price.

  • For left-handed
  • Immediate Bluetooth connection
  • Perfect for large hands
  • 5 ExpressKeys
  • Ergonomic and comfortable design
  • Despite the firmness of the clicks
  • Some configuration difficulties

6. Tecknet


Features & Reviews

Faced with ergonomic mice pushing beyond 100 euros, TeckNet aims to make this design accessible to all, at an unbeatable price. For less than 20 euros, you have access to quality material, even if plastics are numerous. At the same time, logical for the price! This model’s main objective is well fulfilled: multiple users thus indicate a reduction and even total disappearance of their pain. If the touch is pleasant thanks to the softness of the surface, it, at the same time, is a little slippery. A quick word, finally, on the 6 configurable keys, convenient for gaming, for example.

  • Significant reduction in pain
  • 6 configurable ExpressKeys
  • Pleasant and comfortable to touch and use
  • Incorporates a wrist rest
  • Slightly slippery surface
  • Many plastic elements

7. Kensington Orbit Mouse

Kensington Orbit Mouse

Features & Reviews

This model is very popular with consumers. This is again a trackball, i.e., therefore, the dimensions are rather generous. So make sure you have enough space! Fortunately, the static position means that you never move the mouse. In addition to its ergonomic design for comfortable use, this model is acclaimed for its various features, such as the configuration of ExpressKeys. However, this requires a little time to get started. It is undoubtedly a device that is both efficient and perfect for the wrist and the joints. With its controlled price, it’s definitely a bargain!

  • Ambidextrous design
  • 4 customizable buttons
  • Includes a wrist rest
  • A bit complex configuration
  • Large dimensions

8. Evoluent VerticalMouse4

 Evoluent VerticalMouse4

Features & Reviews

Many consumers value this model’s strengths, especially reaping the praise for its super comfortable use. Thus, several users indicate that it is quite suitable for people with MSDs and suffering from carpal tunnel problems. We greatly appreciate the robustness, durability, and finishes at this price, even if they use wire can be criticized. However, the left-handed models are rather rare than the right-handed ones, so, given the competition, it seems to us that this device does very well.

  • Significant pain reduction
  • Comfortable use
  • Quality of construction and finishes
  • Requires mouse pad
  • High price for a wired model

Which is the Best Ergonomic Mouse 2021? Purchase guide

Now that the best models have no secrets for you, let’s find out how to choose the one that suits you the most.

 Best Ergonomic Mouse

What are the health benefits of an ergonomic mouse?

The carpal tunnel pain and tendinitis are legions among traditional mouse users – that’s when the vertical mouse and trackball address these issues. Thanks to their shape and constitution, these mice manage to place your wrist, arm, and fingers in a natural position. The wrist is indeed not broken, and your joints and limbs are therefore preserved. Note that no ergonomic gaming mouse model is currently available on the market.

The criteria for selecting an ergonomic mouse

There are several technical characteristics to consider when selecting. We detail below the criteria that we ourselves used for the comparison.

Design: dimensions and weight

Design is, of course, essential. Look at the dimensions and compare them to the space available on your desk. Also, bear in mind that depending on whether you are heading towards a vertical mouse or a trackball, the dimensions will not necessarily be the same.

The weight is important if you have to move the mouse often. The movement can then be more or less heavy. From this perspective, light mice will be preferred.

Adjustable angle for maximum comfort

Of course, the angle is an essential component of the ergonomic mouse because it places the wrist in a much more natural position. So take a look at the datasheet and check the angulation.

Some devices even offer you to adjust it! You can then block the mouse at an angle of 10 or 20 degrees, for example. Very practical to further adapt the placement of the mouse according to your morphology!


Generally, you won’t have to worry. With Plug’N’Play, all you have to do is connect the device to the computer, and you are ready to use it. For the configuration of customizable buttons (see below) and access to certain functions, it is sometimes necessary to download additional software. This is, for example, the case of Logitech.


Roughly speaking, DPI (or PPP in French) refers to the speed of the mouse cursor. Concretely, the higher the value, the faster the cursor. Obviously, when the mouse gives you the choice of DPI, several options are offered to you in the form of ranges.

Apart from standard use, DPIs above all reveal their full potential for playing video games. Nervous games like MOBA or FPS take full advantage of this since they require tremendous reflexes. No need to require too much DPI. However: above 10,000, it is especially professional gamers who will be affected.

Ergonomic wired or wireless mouse?

The wired mouse is the most classic, and it is a generally less expensive connection method than Wireless. In the past, wire dominated thanks to its instantaneous data transmission where wireless could suffer a few interruptions. But the situation has changed, namely that a majority of devices will carry 2.4 GHz Wireless technology.

The wireless then comes with several advantages. You are not bothered by the cable, sometimes too long. Conversely, the reach is greater, being able to push up to 10 m easily. You rarely find threads of this length! However, usefulness remains limited.

For wireless ergonomic mice, however, keep two points in mind. First, you’ll need to charge it – some equipment offers fast charging. Next, focus on how to connect. The majority will be via USB, but there are also Bluetooth connections.

Customizable buttons

These “shortcut” keys (or ExpressKeys ) allow you to associate certain specific functions or commands. This is interesting in the case of specific uses. For example, in animation, editing, and graphics, you can perfectly program this or that tool that you use regularly. In the context of gaming, too, the thing is attractive since you can combine this or that action, such as throwing a grenade or activating a special ability.

The lifespan of the buttons

This is not a given that many manufacturers communicate, so it is sometimes useful to turn to the consumer side. If, however, the data is indicated, it is then expressed in the number of clicks. Aim for at least a million clicks, especially with heavy and regular use.

Ergonomic mouse faq

Vertical mouse or trackball?

Trackball has many advantages when it comes to ergonomics. Despite the lack of extensive research, several ergonomists insist on such equipment’s benefits, such as Roberta Carson (for ErgoFit). It is of particular interest to people who have difficulty holding the mouse (trembling hand, for example) or who regularly suffer from ailments related to the wrist and joints (tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, etc.). It is also a practical device: since the trackball does not move with your movements, unlike the mouse, it is ideal for small spaces.

How to choose a good mouse pad?

Consider its constitution, such as the materials used, dimensions, fasteners, and thickness. Smooth mouse pads can be found, providing high movement speed, where rough pads are more precise.

Which mouse to avoid tendonitis?

The ergonomic mouse is, of course, essential, but which model is ideal? Among the most popular are the Evoluent Vertical 4 and the M570 Trackball from Logitech.