Lenovo media and gaming notebooks in the large model overview

There are countless notebooks from Lenovo, various categories and brands, and many more abbreviations that describe certain extras. We’ll tell you what they mean. In this part of the Lenovo overview, we introduce you to the brands “IdeaPad“, “Yoga” and “Legion“. A few days ago we introduced you to the two well-known brands “ThinkPad” and “ThinkBook” in the first part … Read more

Roccat Kone aimo gaming mouse review in 2021

In the world of PC gaming, hardware plays a major role in the results obtained: the machine, the graphics card. The screen, the keyboard, and the mouse. In the field, Roccat is a manufacturer recognized for its good quality mouse. One of its successful models, the Kone EMP, had a new revised and corrected version, called  Kone AIMO Remastered. Which … Read more

Logitech Pro X Superlight Review 2021

The Logitech Pro X Superlight is trimmed for lightweight construction – at any price. The test shows what aspiring eSports athletes have to do without. The Logitech Pro X Superlight basis is the already outstanding G Pro Wireless (test). Alex had already convinced them in his review, and in combination with the Powerplay mouse pad (Review), it even became his … Read more

Best Ergonomic Mouse 2021: Buying Guide

Compared to conventional mice, the ergonomic mouse comes with a great promise: to preserve the wrist, fingers, and joints of the hand and arms thanks to an innovative shape. Reproducing a much more natural position for the arm and wrist, such equipment is, therefore, a dream choice for those suffering from localized pain (tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, etc.) … Read more