8 Best 27-Inch Gaming Monitors In 2022

Best 27-Inch Gaming Monitors

The importance of a gaming monitor for gaming cannot be underestimated. The modern market provides a wide range of different monitors, including gaming ones. Many factors are important for this device: response time, maximum frame rate, AMD FreeSync, and so on. The optimal diagonal for gaming tasks is 27 inches. This diagonal is also enough for everyday tasks … Read more

Best Wifi Routers for Home in 2022

Best Wifi Routers for Home 2022

A WiFi router is an integral part of modern life. This device allows you to provide wireless Internet access from your phone, laptop, and similar devices. The choice of a router must be approached wisely because routers with old wireless standards will not be able to provide high data transfer speeds. Initially, a WiFi router is connected … Read more

Best iPad for college in 2022

Best iPad for college in 2022

What iPad should you buy if you are a student? If you’re a high school or college student, you may be sick of taking notes by hand in class. The solution is to get a light and powerful tablet like Apple iPads. But which iPad is the Best iPad for college? Student life is very hard: in … Read more

Lenovo media and gaming notebooks in the large model overview

Lenovo media and gaming notebooks in the large model overview

There are countless notebooks from Lenovo, various categories and brands, and many more abbreviations that describe certain extras. We’ll tell you what they mean. In this part of the Lenovo overview, we introduce you to the brands “IdeaPad“, “Yoga” and “Legion“. A few days ago we introduced you to the two well-known brands “ThinkPad” and “ThinkBook” in the first part … Read more

Roccat Kone aimo gaming mouse review in 2022

Roccat Kone aimo gaming mouse review

In the world of PC gaming, hardware plays a major role in the results obtained: the machine and the graphics card. The screen, the keyboard, and the mouse. In the field, Roccat is a manufacturer recognized for its good quality mouse. One of its successful models, the Kone EMP, had a new revised, and corrected version, called  Kone AIMO … Read more