How to update your graphics card?

You must update the drivers of your PC graphics card in order to get enjoyment from the full execution of your GPU. improving the drivers of a graphics card notably offers the possibility of correcting bugs, optimizing the quality of the visuals but also effectively combating possible security breaches. General on updating graphics card drivers … Read more

How to configure a wifi router?

Do you want to configure a wifi router? In this case, let’s find out together How to configure a wifi router. First step: wiring First of all, you will have to connect the new router to the existing infrastructure . Note that all classic models work the same way. We will all the same exempt you from the basic electrical connection . Compare … Read more

How to connect in Wi-Fi with a laptop PC under Windows?

Have you just bought a laptop or have you reset your Windows system? Are you having trouble connecting to your WiFi network? Don’t panic, we’ll explain How to connect in Wifi with a laptop PC under Windows? How to connect to a Wifi network in Windows 7 The first step is to click on the “ Start  ” button  (bottom left … Read more

How to connect an external graphics card to a laptop?

Your laptop PC no longer holds up in terms of graphics? Interested in playing the latest video games? Or maybe use video editing software, a little too greedy for your configuration in terms of graphics resources? Have you ever heard of external graphics cards? While it is tough to change the GPU of a laptop computer (unlike a fixed … Read more