Dell Vostro 5370 review

Dell Vostro 5370 review

Most users are accustomed to paying for the quality and high power of a laptop. DELL has been destroying this stereotype for a long time. And a prime example of this is the Vostro 5370 laptop, which costs quite reasonable but boasts excellent performance. So great that it will suit almost any user, even the most demanding.

Information about DELL Vostro 5370

Performance8.3Screen7.7Autonomy7.5The costeightPortability7.7The overall score is calculated as the average of the sum of the main parameters.7.8Assessment

Specifications of Dell Vostro 5370 review

Dimensions (L × W × T)323.9 x 219.9 x 17.55 mm
Weight1.41 kg
Body colorsSilver, Gray, Black, Blue
Modifications5370-7284, 5370-7291, 5370-7314, 5370-4570, 5370-4587, 5370-4594, 5370-4600
Body materialAluminum
Battery38 Wh Li-Ion, removable

Lightweight but durable parts

Like most laptops, the hero of the review has a very modest package bundle: only a charging cable and documents. All other accessories, including a carry bag, headset, or microphone, must be purchased separately.

Dell Vostro 5370 review
Modest complete set of DELL Vostro 5370 laptop

But after the first glance at the design, I want to forgive some stinginess of DELL. the appearance of the device is so stylish and presentable that it seems as if a laptop costs not 50 thousand, but at least 100 thousand rubles.

The body is made of durable aluminum alloy. The engineers managed to combine the inherent strength of this material with ease – the device weighs only 1.4 kg. Two shades were used: the combination of black and pearl gray looks strict, but not beaten. There are no extra details on the case, except that the company logo adorns the top cover. It is matte, which means that the user can not be afraid to leave fingerprints or accidentally scratch the surface.

An interesting engineering solution is to replace two hinges with one that would securely hold the lid. The display can be tilted up to 180 ° and the loop will still perfectly fix the details to each other.

Dell Vostro 5370
DELL Vostro 5370 design

All these design ideas are focused, first of all, on the ability to work with a laptop not only at home. And for the same, the device was equipped with the necessary connectors. You can connect third-party monitors to your laptop via HDMI, connect headphones or a microphone to it using the audio jack. Of course, the user can synchronize the gadget with other devices – there are two USB 3.0 with PowerShare support and one USB Type-C. In addition, the device allows you to connect a memory card: there is a slot supporting SD, SDHC or SDXC.

The screen is good both indoors and outdoors

The compact device is equipped with a small but convenient screen, whose diagonal is 13 inches. Despite its small size, the display has a high resolution FullHD. And the brightness margin is high – 300 cd / m3 is enough not only for work under artificial lighting. If desired, the user can even work in the park or on the summer veranda – the sunlight hitting directly into the monitor will not become a hindrance.True, the matrix here is not OLED, but TN, so you have to put up with small viewing angles and color inversion when changing the position of the lid.

Two speakers are located on the sides of the cabinet. The power of each is 2 W. That’s not a lot, but expecting more from a laptop in this class is pointless. However, the sound is excellent. Perhaps the matter is in the volume reserve, perhaps the Waves MaxxAudio Pro technology plays a role, which balances different frequencies. Needless to say, high-quality headphones improve sound even more?

Dell Vostro 5370
An example of screen operation in a well-lit room

With a good screen and great speakers, you want to see an equally powerful camera. But no – the sensor has a resolution of only 0.9 megapixels and shoots with an abundance of noise. Moreover, this deformation is observed both during photography and during a video call. There will be enough opportunities for working communication, but you should definitely not count on a selfie for an avatar on a social network.

Keyboard adapted for work

No 13-inch laptop can fit a full-size numpad keyboard. And DELL Vostro 5370 was no exception: the manufacturers decidedly refused from the digital block. However, the keyboard turned out to be comfortable even without it. The buttons are located on the island principle, there is a sufficient distance between them. The substrate pleases – even with intensive use it does not bend or deform. Except for the lack of a numeric block, the keyboard is completely familiar.

dell keyboard

The manufacturer has provided smooth key travel and backlighting so that you can use the input system all day long and even continue to work at night if necessary.

A rather large touchpad is located just below. The touch panel does not have separate physical keys, they are hidden under the panel and are simply separated by a symbolic line. Both the buttons and the surface itself work flawlessly: no need for a computer mouse.

Performance: what you need for every day

Although this model has several configurations, they all have the same processor and video card.At the heart of the device is a quad-core Intel Core i5-8250U, which is designed according to the Kaby Lake-R architecture. This means that the user has access to both core acceleration technology and optimized energy consumption.

It only reaches 15 watts, which is an excellent figure considering the small size of the laptop. While the device is used for simple tasks like working with documents, surfing the web, or playing solitaire, all four cores operating at 1.6 GHz. But as soon as the user launches more resource-intensive software or a game, Turbo Boost technology overclocks the cores to 3.1 GHz.

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