What is the Dell XPS 13 9380 worth?

What is the Dell XPS 13 9380 worth?

The Dell XPS 13 9380 has been touted as an ultra-nomadic yet powerful computer. The manufacturer touts its InfinityEdge technology, which provides a 13.3-inch screen in an 11-inch computer chassis. Curious, we tried to find out more about this computer. Is it really worth it? Do the advertised performances give the expected results? All our answers to your questions in this test!
As a preamble, before starting this test, we wanted to clarify something about this model. Available in two versions (i5 and i7),

we based all of our tests on the i7 version. That said, some passages could concern the i5 version. It is for this reason that these passages are explicitly indicated in order to maintain some clarity. Finally, do not be surprised, the XPS models are regularly found in our reviews of the best laptops, that’s why it was time that we made a more precise point on one of these representatives. Now let’s go to the Dell XPS 13 9380 test!

A quick tour of the computer

With this laptop, Dell unveils a machine adapted to mobility. With more than correct performance in its two variations, it will be perfect for everyday use. However, we must not hope to run video games that are too recent and especially too greedy in graphic resources. Indeed, the XPS 13 9380 only integrates an Intel Graphics chip and does not have a dedicated graphics card.

That said, it is hardly surprising that this PC does not include a dedicated NVIDIA card, given the small dimensions of the screen. It would therefore not be reasonable to select this computer for playing games. On the flip side, the chosen internal components are balanced and give the computer good stability in office or even professional use, provided that the software used is not too much in demand for GPUs.

What is the Dell XPS 13 9380 worth?

Lightness and mobility

With a weight of only 1.23kg, this pc ranks in the ultra-portable category. The 13.3-inch screen has been optimized to fit perfectly into a revised chassis in terms of size. This is how we find very thin edges, making it possible to reduce the overall size of the machine without encroaching on the dimensions of the display panel.

Computer thickness is displayed at 13mmand taking into account the improvements made to the screen edges, the result is a very compact and easy-to-carry laptop pc. For this reason, it will be perfectly suited to professionals on the move since it can easily be placed on the tablet of a seat on an airplane or be used on a train. In addition, the chassis design is properly finished and inspires solidity. This has the gift of reassuring, for a laptop dedicated to mobility.

XPS 13 is a lightweight laptop

Screen and size

As we touched on briefly in the paragraph above, the display has received its fair share of improvements from Dell. Thanks to the InfinityEdge format (the name coming from the manufacturer), the screen seems wide and endless. This is the big positive point of this computer: a large display in a very compact chassis.

For the display technology chosen by Dell, it is a brilliant IPS panel, and, therefore, provides a wide viewing angle. This screen has the particularity of being treated to counter reflections and to have a brightness of 400 nits. This allows it to be used outdoors without being bothered by the sun.

Keyboard and Touchpad

The keyboard and touchpad part has a sober design. Regarding the keyboard, we have little to say about it since this is a classic keyboard. No major innovation, this keyboard is functional. On the other hand, the touchpad is extremely responsive. So you may have to think about slowing down the cursor speed from Windows 10 settings if you are not using an external mouse. Indeed, the responsiveness of the touchpad can be unsettling for some people.

XPS 13 keyboard

Embedded connectivity
For connectivity, we can hear the preservatives of USB-A (“classic” USB ports) … since this model is simply not equipped. Indeed, we are here on full USB-C. In detail, there are 2 Thunderbolt 3 USB ports (one of the ports being blocked for connecting the computer power cable) as well as a USB-C 3.1 port.

There is also a 3.1mm jack input for headphones or headphones as well as a microSD card reader. However, this lack of USB-A input should be tempered since a USB-C to USB-A adapter is included in the packaging.

XPS 13 right connector

XPS 13 9380 connectors on the left

Internal components
As we talked about at the beginning of the article, this computer is available in two models. The differences are in the internal components. We will therefore list these for both configurations.

Dell XPS 13 i5 (B07NCRXNZX)

Intel Core i5 processor
8 GB RAM memory
256GB SSD storage
Intel UHD Graphics (integrated graphics chip)
Windows 10 Home edition
French Azerty keyboard
Dell XPS 13 i7 (B07N3DBNT9)

Intel Core i7 processor

8 GB RAM memory
256 GB SSD
Intel UHD Graphics
Windows 10 Home edition
French Azerty keyboard
For the first configuration, it will be perfect for versatile use such as office automation (Office Suite), surfing the web, watching YouTube videos, streaming movies (Netflix), etc. We can also use software for photo editing such as Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Lightroom.

The second configuration will be adapted to everything that has been said previously but will allow the use of software that is more resource-intensive with respect to the processor. The latter being an Intel Core i7, it will be able to deliver more computing power than its younger i5. We can therefore use, for example, software dedicated to computer-assisted music, which often requires processor power (CPU), such as Cubase or FL Studio.

Battery life and performance

In full use, this computer does not heat excessively but above all, it knows how to remain very quiet. For real autonomy, count about ten hours on a single charge, in normal use: wifi activated, surfing the internet with a few views on YouTube, and average brightness. By increasing the brightness and using software requiring significant hardware resources, this autonomy is likely to decrease.

Mention the charger supplied with the computer, it has the advantage of being very compact in comparison with other pc chargers. We highly appreciate this point: we are here on an ultra-portable pc and the fact that Dell is also thinking of transporting the charger is an excellent bonus point for this product.use XPS 13

Audio performance

For the simple reason of the thinness of the chassis, we did not have a very high expectation regarding the quality of the speakers integrated into the computer. So we weren’t surprised by the slightly distorted, high-pitched sound coming out of the little grilles on the sides of the computer.

In contrast, the factory-installed software, MaxxAudioPro from developer Waves (very popular in the world of computer-aided audio and music) seems to correct this distortion quite effectively to provide listenable sound. Fortunately, the headphone jack is much better made and delivers a much more powerful sound and above all: crisp and without distortion!

Our final opinion on the Dell XPS 13 9380

With its lightweight, finesse, and above all its good hardware performance, this PC is a good choice for a person needing a reliable, fast, and transportable machine. As indicated at the very beginning of the article, we do not recommend choosing this computer for gaming-oriented use since it does not have a dedicated graphics card.

However, its two versions allow you to choose between two more or less powerful machines. Note that these two models will be both stables. The XPS 13 with the i7 processor will simply be more suitable for tasks requiring high CPU resources. We recommend this computer for diversified and nomadic use.

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