Difference between MacBook pro and air| Macbook pro vs air 2022

Difference between MacBook pro and air

What are the main differences between MacBook Air and Pro?

If you are looking for a Difference between MacBook pro and air. Now is a great time to be picking up a new MacBook. Because both the MacBook Air and the MacBook Pro have been updated this spring. So you’re safe you don’t have to worry about a new version of it coming anytime soon. The problem is picking between the MacBook Air and the MacBook Pro isn’t all that simple. It’s not as easy as just saying this one better than this one.

Difference between MacBook pro and air

So here’s everything you need to know about how these two laptops differ and which one is right for you. Now one of the reasons that picking between these two laptops is so difficult is. Because, on the surface, they look really similar they’re a similar size. And if you configured a certain way they’re even in a similar price range which can be really confusing. The thing to parse out so let’s go through all the stuff. That’s the same first of all and gets that out of the way.

Macbook pro vs air 2020


To start off the build quality is the same on both these laptops they’re both really really well made. They use that aluminum unibody style. You’re not gonna see any difference in terms of build quality between these two laptops.

keyboards (Difference between MacBook pro and air)

Also uses a similar trackpad and keyboard. The keyboard here is the magic keyboard that came to the MacBook Air first. But now it came to the 13-inch MacBook Pro. It’s an excellent addition to these laptops it replaces the old butterfly-style.

Keyboards really reliable really satisfying typing experience. There is one difference between these two keyboards. Though the MacBook Pro comes with the touch bar whereas the MacBook Air has a standard row of function keys. Now, this isn’t a huge deal. I actually prefer just the standard. function keys they’re a little more reliable you always know where they are. And I find that the tough part isn’t super useful in actual day-to-day use.

so I don’t consider it a huge buying. decision type of feature. I realized some people are gonna like the cool factor of the touch bar. Which you can use for shortcuts or controls and certain apps. But I really don’t think that there’s enough there to be using it on a day-to-day basis. Other things that are the same they both have the same size bezels. Around that 13.3-inch screen with the 720p webcam on top.

And, of course, the touch ID fingerprint reader on the top right of the keyboard layout. So that’s all the same. And the thing to note about that is the MacBook Air is the cheaper option. So if any of those things are really important to you you are technically getting a better value. If you purchase the MacBook Air while still keeping all those same features that are really high quality.


There are however a few differences that are worth noting that kind of look similar. But are slightly different so the shape of both of these devices is slightly different. The MacBook Air comes in the wedge shape whereas the MacBook Pro is just a completely flat design. I actually prefer the flat design of the MacBook Pro. It makes it seem a little thinner than it actually is. But the MacBook Air technically is a little bit lighter so if that portability factor is really important to you. You know it’s good to know that the MacBook Air is a little more light. When you throw it into your backpack. And then this is purely just a service level thing but the MacBook Air does come with that gold color.

I really like this option and it works well for the MacBook Air. I actually wish that they brought in that with pro 2. But as for now, it’s an exclusive option for the MacBook Air one more thing that’s similar.

port selection

But there is a slight difference is port selection both of these have very minimal ports. They use only USB CD Thunderbolt 3.But the difference is that the MacBook Air only comes with two Thunderbolt 3 ports. No matter what configuration you get no matter how much money you spend on it whereas the MacBook Pro has two different options. So the $1299 version comes with just two similar to the MacBook Air. But if you opt up for the 17 $99 version you get four thunderbolts through ports two on each side. So if you know you need more ports for those extra accessories should know that the 17 $99 version of the MacBook Pro is really your only option with 4 Thunderbolt 3 ports.


Even the speaker’s here though they look pretty much identical are a little different than MacBook Pro has slightly better speakers in the MacBook Air. A little more bass a little more volume and it just feels like a more full-bodied audio profile than what you get on the MacBook Air. And then there’s the most discreet difference between these two laptops. When you just look at the specs or sip the laptop side by side and that’s the display.


They’re both using Retina displays. As Apple calls and which means they are 2560 by 1600 resolution, these are both great displays. But the MacBook Pro does have a more colorful and brighter panel that it uses compared to the MacBook Air.

And that’s really important in terms of color precision if you’re someone who’s like a professional photographer or video editor. Who really relies on those really precise colors and that’s an important distinction to make that really starts to show you the different demographics. For who these two laptops are for and obviously that plays out the most in terms of performance. But again Apple isn’t making this easy for you because when you run down the spec sheets these actually look really similar in terms of performance.

For example when you configure both of them at $12.99 you’re getting a quad-core Core i5 processor. In both cases so should expect similar performance right, of course, that’s not true and the main difference is pretty technical. It’s that the MacBook Air uses just a nine-watt processor whereas the 13-inch MacBook Pro uses a 25-watt processor.

And the difference there really is noticeable. And I’m not only talking about when you are running a really heavy application, for example, let’s say you want to pull up a zoom meeting which is a pretty typical thing these days.

You’ll notice that the MacBook Air gets really hot and bothered when you do this the fans spin up really loudly. And I even had one case where my laptop just shut off completely after a long video conference. That’s not ideal and you’re not gonna run into those same performance limitations with a 25-watt processor in the MacBook Pro.

Now I haven’t tested every configuration of the MacBook Air but I really don’t think maxing it out is going to fix that problem. And, of course, the pro does handle things like video editing photo editing and music production. A whole lot better than the MacBook Air this is the most powerful 13-inch laptop I’ve ever tested. It even slightly surpasses the new XPS 13 which is also a really powerful 13-inch laptop.

Now what you shouldn’t do is go into the MacBook Pro assuming that. Because it’s labeled a pro it’s a professional-grade machine with super powerful components that’s just not entirely true this is really more for the hobbyist or the freelancer or the aspiring professional creative who’s doing this stuff on the side.

Not necessarily sitting down with this all day running you know 4k video renders in the premiere. If that’s you really should be stepping up to that 16 inch MacBook Pro that the device that Apple has made for actual creative professionals. Who need that kind of power now.

Pro vs. Pro

When you go to buy a 13-inch MacBook Pro you are quickly going to see that there’s a lot of different options. Basically Apple has split it into a base-model $1299 version and a more advanced model the $1799 version and they’re identical outside of the processor choices I won’t go too far into it because it’s kind of an entirely different discussion.

Still, the $1299 version comes with a gen Intel processors, whereas the higher-end version comes with 10th gen Intel processors. Hence, it isn’t easy to parse out which of these you should get and what the performance differences are. But it’s worth noting because buying a MacBook Pro, especially these 13-inch ones is just not that simple.

battery life(battery life macbook pro vs air)

The last thing to mention here is the battery life MacBook Pro vs air. The MacBook Air is the clear winner in this case in terms of how long it’ll last on a single charge they’ll give you around 2 hours of more battery life or 20% that’s especially true in lighter usage which the MacBook Air is made for neither of these are battery life champions.

Still, the MacBook Air does last significantly longer, and that is going to matter. If you’re somebody who’s out with their laptop all day so hopefully, that gives you some ideas about how these two laptops differ and which one is right for you.

When it comes down to it in terms of pricing the MacBook Air does come in a little bit cheaper, and that is an essential point to me. Because it starts at $1,000 that’s a really attractive price for something like a student or a professional who doesn’t really need to run a lot of heavy applications. And this is the point where you do need to be kind of honest with yourself.

Because if you’re going to be using this laptop for daily Lite computing tasks like web browsing and Netflix and Spotify. You’re not going to need the extra performance that you get with the MacBook Pro. And, in general, I Wouldn’t recommend configuring up the MacBook Air too far because if you get into the price territory of the $1299 MacBook Pro, you’re starting to lose out.

Which Is Right For You?

So finally in the Difference between MacBook pro and air. On the value, in terms of performance, as much as I don’t like recommending old components in a new laptop like this $1299 MacBook Pro is the better choice here. In terms of not only performance but also, display compared to the MacBook Air now if you are somebody who needs that extra power. And you can afford it jumping up to the $1799 MacBook Pro is a good option. That’s the one I tested here, and it does handle itself quite well with the 16 gigabytes of RAM in the 10th gen Core i7 processor.

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