Get even more out of your e-reader with these handy tips

Get even more out of your e-reader with these handy tips
Get even more out of your e-reader with these handy tips

You probably already knew that you can read books with an e-reader. But did you know that an e-reader has many more fun and useful functions? We list them for you Get even more out of your e-reader with these handy tips.

Your e-reader can be adapted to your own wishes

A book is a book. Nothing can be changed about that. It has a standard font and size, and books are usually portraited. If you don’t like that, you’re out of luck. An e-reader, on the other hand, can be set up according to your own wishes. Do you find a font difficult to read, or do you not like it? Then you choose another one! The same goes for the size of the letters. Make them bigger or smaller as desired. So you don’t always need your reading glasses anymore. Moreover, you can read your e-book in both portrait and landscape mode. 1-0 for the e-reader!

You always have good reading light

You may be concerned that your eyes are getting tired from reading on an e-reader, just like reading from your phone or computer. An e-reader is aimed at reading. A tablet or telephone is not. The screen of an e-reader, therefore, reads like real paper. It’s quiet before your eyes. Thanks to ComfortLight Pro in the Kobo e-reader Clara you can read in any light. Outside in the garden with bright sunlight, the screen adjusts not to look for a place in the shade. You won’t be bothered by the glare of sun rays on the water either. When you lie in bed at night, the screen light becomes so soft that you can continue reading and then fall asleep without difficulty.

It is waterproof!

Do you like reading in the bath? Then we will make you happy with this position. Some e-readers are waterproof. The Kobo e-reader Libra H2O, for example, can be submerged up to a depth of 2 meters for a maximum of 60 minutes without being killed. That means that it is not bad at all if you drop him in the bath once. Or leave it in the garden during a heavy rain shower. That is carefree reading.

You have all kinds of fun interactive functions

E-readers have a number of useful interactive functions. You can turn the pages with a button, you can look up unknown words directly with the built-in dictionary and you can search back with the search function. Also nice for people who often read with a notepad at hand: you can make notes and mark pages or quotes. Everything has been thought of.

With internet access

Not all e-readers have WiFi, but if you opt for an e-reader with a WiFi connection, such as the Kobo e-reader Forma, you will enjoy even more functions. You also have access to the e-book store in restaurants or public transport. This way, you can quickly download a new book—ideal for travelers. Moreover, you can not only read books but also download your favorite newspapers and magazines.

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