Good and Cheap Smartwatch – Best Values ​​of 2022

Are you looking for a cost-effective smart watch? Check out our tips for choosing the best cheap smartwatch of 2022.

Having a smart watch, also known as a smartwatch, has some considerable advantages beyond just knowing the time. Being able to be equipped with apps, many of which are used to monitor health.

Some models can even play music and even allow you to receive calls through them. It’s just that some of these watches are so expensive that they’re not worth the investment. So what’s the best cheap smartwatch available in 2022?

What is the best, cheapest smartwatch of 2022? Check out

Good and cheap smartwatch: 5 best value for money of 2022
Good and cheap smartwatch: 5 best values for money in 2022

1. Xiaomi Amazfit Bip Lite

Famous in Brazil for its cheaper smartphones, the purpose of offering performance at a good price has been extended to smart watches. One of the best cheap smartwatches, Xiaomi’s Amazfit Bip Lite, has an Android system and a wireless connection to other devices via Bluetooth.

Its screen is 1.28” and the clock is made of polycarbonate. In addition, you can use it to monitor physical exercise, set alarms, access emails, answer calls, and read SMS, in addition to installing apps that include other features.

Best price in trusted store: $ 329,90

Xiaomi Amazfit Bip Lite
Xiaomi Amazfit Bip Lite

2. Iwo 12 Series 5

Competing with the Xiaomi model above, the Iwo 12 Series 5 is a firm contender among the best cheap smartwatches. In the same price range, this model has an Android system and can connect to smartphones, tablets, and computers via Bluetooth.

The applications already installed on it will allow you to follow your social networks, answer calls, and listen to music, in addition to heart monitoring and physical activity monitoring. Like the other models, the Android system gives you access to the Google Play Store, allowing you to download more apps for the Iwo smart watch.

Best price in trusted store: $470.90

Iwo 12 Series 5
Iwo 12 Series 5

3. Xiaomi Amazfit Verge

Another Xiaomi model, the Amazfit Verge, belongs to a price category above the Bip Lite, costing around R$700. In addition to the difference in price, this model that remains among the best cheap smartwatches has a 1.3-inch AMOLED screen, in addition to having fiberglass and polycarbonate in its construction.

In addition to allowing you to access emails, make calls, and read SMS, the Amazfit Verge also has an internal microphone, which you can use with a voice recording app to record ideas or reminders, for example.

Also with a specific Android system for smartwatches, the Amazfit Verge has a silicone bracelet and can last about 120 hours without needing to charge, according to the manufacturer. Remember that it also has access to the Play Store, allowing you to download apps to add features.

Best price in trusted store: $ 999,00

Xiaomi Amazfit Verge
Xiaomi Amazfit Verge

4.Samsung Galaxy Watch Active

Samsung’s smartwatch model is one of the most expensive among the best cheap smartwatches, ranging from R$700 to R$999, depending on where you want to buy it. Still, it wins in design and in the greater number of features.

It is also worth mentioning its connectivity with other branded devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and notebooks. Plus, you can buy new bands and change them, so you never get tired of wearing the Galaxy Watch Active on your wrist.

It is focused on monitoring physical exercise and has some interesting features in the area of ​​health and wellness.

In addition to the traditional step counter and heart monitor, the smartwatch can also measure your stress levels, indicating breathing techniques to help you calm down. The smart watch can also be used to track and measure sleep quality.

Best price in trusted store: $ 999,00

<a href=Samsung Galaxy Watch Active” class=”wp-image-1643″ width=”768″ height=”335″ srcset=”×447.jpg 1024w,×131.jpg 300w,×336.jpg 768w,×671.jpg 1536w, 1600w” sizes=”(max-width: 768px) 100vw, 768px”>
Samsung Galaxy Watch Active

5. Huawei Watch GT2

Closing our list and hitting our R$1,000 ceiling to enter the list of best cheap smartwatches, we have the Huawei Watch GT2. In addition to costing close to that, this model is sold in more vibrant colors, in addition to being more robust. It measures 46mm, just above the average of previous smart watches, which were in the 40-43mm range, for example. On the other hand, there is also the 42mm model for those who don’t want so much robustness.

One of its highlights is the battery life, which is long-lasting and takes about two weeks without having to charge for light activities, such as heart monitoring. Its 3D glass screen tries to unite the aesthetics of conventional wristwatches with the aesthetics of smart technology, and may be more accepted by those who do not seem so interested in purchasing a model of the type.

Among the features, we can highlight the GPS, which gives you directions and how much progress you have made on a run or walk, for example. It can also do cardiac monitoring in this activity and also in swimming, as it has protection against water. Use in swimming pools is contraindicated for anyone using the Huawei Watch GT2 with leather or metal straps.

Outside of physical exercise, the smartwatch can also make and receive calls, listen to music, monitor your sleep quality, and even detect your oxygen saturation.

Best price in trusted store: R$ 999,90 [Compra internacional com rápido envio]

Huawei Watch GT2
Huawei Watch GT2

What are the best cheap smart watches for you?

With models that range from $300 to smart watches close to $1,000, most of them will be enough to show you the time, access calls, emails, and messages, in addition to monitoring your health or progress in physical exercises.

Regardless of the reason you want to pick up a smart watch or give it to someone as a gift, the small device is very useful, especially in situations where you have to keep an eye out but can’t use your cell phone.

So, which of the best cheap smartwatches that we showed you throughout the article interests you the most? Comment with us and leave your opinion!


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