Good WiFi everywhere in the house with a multi-room WiFi system

Good WiFi everywhere in the house with a multi-room WiFi system

Grr, nothing is more annoying than Wi-Fi not working all over the house. The solution to this problem? A multi-room WiFi system! What exactly is this and what can you do with it? We are happy to explain it to you.

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Good WiFi everywhere in the house with a multi-room WiFi system

To understand what multi-room WiFi is and why it is so great, we will first give you a mini lesson on WiFi. Currently, you may only have a router that provides the WiFi. This is the cupboard that you probably have somewhere in the meter cupboard or in the study. The router provides the link between your internet provider and your home. This way you can enjoy WiFi at home. Pretty nice such a router! But you will notice that if you only have a router, the connection in the attic or in the garden, or even in the bedroom, is very poor. This is because the range of the router is not infinite. Walls, doors and ceilings work against the connection!

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If the WiFi signal is mediocre, you have several options to help the WiFi a little bit. You can try to strengthen the WiFi with a WiFi amplifier or connect an access point to the router with which you have multiple WiFi signals in different rooms. An amplifier actually does half the work because you extend the range, but the WiFi often becomes slow. An access point is already better, but the problem with this is that you have to log in to a different WiFi every time. You probably already feel it coming: so choose a multi-room WiFi system! Internet everywhere on the same WiFi network and very fast.

How does multi-room WiFi work?

With multi-room WiFi, you can create a seamless WiFi connection in every room of your house. You connect special channels to your router. Choose from 2, 3, 4, or more channels, and you have a perfect connection in every corner of your house. Also in the toilet and the back of the garden. The number of WiFi channels you need depends on the size of your house. But whether you live in a tiny house or a villa, multi-room WiFi will never let you struggle with just one dash of WiFi! The TP-Link Multiroom WiFi, for example, covers up to 600 square meters of WiFi connection. If that is not enough, the system can be expanded with an extra transmitter. Then if you ever have wifi problems, it’s just pretty!


You can conveniently operate the multi-room WiFi via an app. You can easily perform the installation and further settings in this way. Would you rather outsource the installation? No problem, we provide installation service at an additional cost. This way, you can be sure that your system is working 100% properly. Do you have children who are quite addicted to Instagramming, watching videos, or Whatsapp? With the Google Multiroom WiFido, you have control over this. 

You can set fixed WiFi interruptions via the app, for example, during dinner or after bedtime. The WiFi connection is then temporarily disconnected on the connected devices. That’s nice food, without screens! You can also check in the app how fast the connection is, which devices are connected to the WiFi, and you can set up a guest network. Never before have you had so much control over your super fast WiFi!

With a multi-room WiFi system, you can now stream videos, play games, and work online anytime and anywhere without irritation about a lost signal! A real must-have!.

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