How do I know if my MacBook battery is dead?

How do I know if my MacBook battery is dead

Despite the reliability of a MacBook It is, unfortunately, always possible to end up overnight with failures, including a dead battery. Although Apple does its best to offer models with longer battery life and faster charging, the brand has not always been known for the longevity of its batteries over time. Today, the Macbook is the best laptop in terms of autonomy for its battery, but there comes a time when it is no longer possible to charge the latter. If you can only use your MacBook on AC power, the battery might just die. Here are some tips for monitoring your battery status.

you think about doing concrete tests to find out if your battery is dead or not, there may be some more or less easily distinguishable signs.

The most easily spotted malfunction is if your MacBook can no longer start up or run without a constant power supply. But there are other phenomena close to this one, such as a maximum load blocked at a certain percentage or an autonomy that melts at sight.

macbook swollen batteryThere may also be noticeable physical changes to your MacBook. The most glaring example is if the chassis is domed. If so, that means your battery is swollen and that it can be dangerous to continue using your computer as it is, whether for him or for you. Also, it is possible that the location of the battery in your machine abnormally overheats.

Apple offers directly on macOS a way to know the state of your battery. Here are the different methods to get there :

The quick and easy method

  • Hold down the Option button, then click your battery icon at the top right of your screen.
  • A list will appear whose first line gives the state of your battery.

The most complete and detailed method

  • Click on the apple menu at the top left of your screen (the apple icon on your menu bar).
about this mac
  • Go to ” About This Mac“, then in the window that opens, click on ” System report…”.
  • Once the new window opens, in the drop-down menu on the left, click on ” Feed“.
macbook battery cycle count
  • You can thus consult the state of your battery but also its number of cycles and other information.

MacBook battery status

Now that you know the state of your battery, you need to know what it means according to Apple. Here are the different possible states:

  • Normal: no worries, your battery is still working fine.
  • To be replaced soon: the performance of your battery is reduced compared to the initial ones. It is advisable to consider changing the battery as soon as possible.
  • Replace it now: battery performance is very noticeably diminished, although your MacBook can still work with it. In this case, replacing the battery as soon as possible is highly recommended.
  • Check the battery: the battery of your MacBook indicates a serious problem, which can be related to strong wear or to malfunction. Even if you do not spot any problems at first sight, in this state, you must seek professional help in order to identify and repair the problem, at the risk of damaging your battery or even your laptop.

What if my battery is dead?

The battery of a MacBook can go up to 1000 cycles. The screenshots above show 889 cycles already in use. This is a replacement battery bought on Amazon for which we paid less than 50 euros. Its autonomy is reduced quickly, and after less than a year and a half, the MacBook Air only holds a charge for 3 minutes. It must now be on the mains constantly.

Battery for MacBook Air 13

Check your warranty

If you bought your MacBook relatively recently, chances are it’s still under warranty, with battery malfunctions being taken care of. If you reside in the European Union, by default, the manufacturer’s warranty is 2 years. Contact Apple Customer Service to claim it.

Replace the battery yourself.

Depending on your MacBook model, it is possible to change the battery yourself, and this is quite easy. This option is mostly available on machines from the early 2010s and more recent models. You only need to purchase a replacement battery for your reference and apply one of the many tutorials available online.

Repair by Apple or a professional

In the event that you are no longer under warranty and it is too complex to repair your computer, the simplest solution, but also the most expensive, is to have your MacBook repaired by a third party.

The ideal, and what will be strongly recommended to you, is to prioritize a repair in a boutique Apple store. Although this is often the most expensive option, you are sure to have an official battery without potential problems, unlike the models that can be found on Amazon, for example, and which will hardly last more than a year or two.

Depending on your Air or Pro model, the cost of repairing (changing) the battery at Apple ranges from $149 to $229.

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