How Long Will A Gaming Laptop Last?| Guide 2022

How Long Will A Gaming Laptop Last


Gaming laptops are a tricky thing. They’re way more expensive than their PC counterparts. With the same hardware but if portability is what you need then they’re the only thing that’ll do. And if you already need a laptop for other purposes. Than investing a little extra to get a gaming laptop definitely seems like a worthwhile investment.

Now we’re not here to persuade you that laptops. Where they substitute for gaming PCs. nor do we want to dissuade you from this. They have their merits. These merits can be indispensable in certain shop according to your needs and let others do the same instead. What we want to talk about today is simply how long you can expect. How Long Will A Gaming Laptop Last?. To answer this question, we’ll have to focus on four things hardware maintenance cooling and software.

How Long Will A Gaming Laptop Last?

The Hardware

Hardware is the trickiest part. Unlike with console hardware games are optimized to work their best on any specific piece of PC hardware. Full-sized or not. This is simply because the console hardware is standardized and PC hardware is as varied. As they come the full breadth of customization and upgradability options are also one of the PC’s biggest strengths.

But unfortunately, laptops don’t get this treatment. So because you can’t very well swap in the stock laptop CPU or GPU. For a newer and more powerful one, it means that you have to be very careful. Which specs you op, for now, a properly maintained laptop can last you in upwards of 10 years. The hardware in it is bound to get outdated much sooner than that so let’s get a bit more specific.


The CPU is not an essential piece of hardware in a gaming laptop. Still, if you wanted to carry its weight you’d not want to skimp on it at the moment. You’ll need at least one of the newer I5 or i7 CPUs if you’re looking to play new triple-a titles. AMD has made some strides in the laptop market specifically with their ap use. That utilized the excellent Vega integrated graphics chips. But as good as these are. We’d still recommend getting a model with a dedicated graphics card for the optimal gaming experience.

Now when building a desktop PC, you have to worry about the motherboard compatibility and bottlenecking. Still, since you aren’t handpicking every component for a laptop this won’t ever be an issue. So just decide on which GPU you want, and that’s the most important thing. Still, you’ll often be faced with a selection of different laptops running on that GPU.So just remember that paying a bit extra for a better CPU is something you’ll certainly appreciate a couple of years down the line.

GPU (How Long Will A Gaming Laptop Last?)

Now, as for the GPU. The first thing you should do is see how the GPU performs in certain games. That is about as old as it is and how it performs relative to other models. The user benchmark is an excellent site for this it may not be the most accurate source. However, it will still give you an excellent overall impression of what the GPU pecking order is. It’s also a good idea to check out how well that GPU handles some specific games. But the ones you want to play and the ones that are known for being particularly demanding.

And the best way to do so is just to google it guru 3d Tom’s hardware. And tech spot is just a few of the many trustworthy sites you will find the displayed. This information regardless of which site you visit. It will need to provide you with all of the following the exact FPS measurements. Preferably with different maximum-minimum and average values the in-game quality preset. That the benchmark was run on and the exact configuration of the PC used for testing. For example, if we wanted to see how a laptop with the GTX 1050 would handle a Deus ex mankind divided we’d find that.

The benchmark test running on full HD with high quality. Preset would yield an average FPS of 30 both the game and the GPU was released in 2016. So how long can you expect the GPU to hold up this framerate at this preset. well, this isn’t an exact science since some games are more demanding than others. But a general rule of thumb is this you shouldn’t have to drop any settings in future games for the next two years.

To maintain this framerate but after that, you’ll have to keep slowly dropping the quality preset. All in all a laptop GPU would be suitable for about five years. Before it starts getting obsolete of course. Some of the more powerful GPUs like the 1070 or even the GTX 1060 Care more likely to die of old age. Than grow obsolete but even then you’ll still see the quality preset. Slowly dip over the years it can also find munch marks for certain laptops on YouTube.


Now the final performance relevant piece of hardware that you’ll need to keep an eye out on is the RAM. So give that a view if you want a more in-depth analysis. But the bottom line is eight gigabytes is still the sweet spot for cost-effective gaming. But sixteen gigabytes is by no means an unreasonably high amount. Anything fewer than eight gigabytes. However, is insufficient and will lead to some vexing bouts of stuttering still the situation is much more forgiving with regards to RAM since you can easily add more.


Now every computer requires regular maintenance in order to live long. And function properly and laptops are no exception granted you can very. well, open up your laptop like you would a desktop PC. And clean every component separately but that doesn’t mean you can’t get the dust out fairly easily. All you’ll need is a can of compressed air so the first thing you should do is turn the laptop off and give it time to cool.

Now let’s just hold the laptop on its side and bring the can close to the intake grilles. On the bottom and then blow away and watch the dust shoot out it’s preferable to tilt and angle the laptop a bit. As you’re doing this so that you can get rid of more dust. But it is imperative that the laptop is placed on its side while you do this if the laptop is placed horizontally. Then you’ll have to hold the can horizontally, and this is a huge red flag you must always hold a can upright. So that no liquid air can escape like this can damage the hardware now just repeat this process forever girl until you see no more dust coming out of the laptop and you’re done.

How Long Will A Gaming Laptop Last in 2020


As for the cooling, there aren’t many things you can do to improve the airflow inside a laptop. Nevertheless, this is precisely why you should make sure to do a few things. That you can, first of all, avoid placing the laptop on your lap or bed or any soft surface. Really as this will close off the intake grilles on the bottom and seriously hinder the airflow of course given. How gaming laptops are packed with powerful hardware crammed into a compact space.

You’re likely to want to take an added measure and use a cooling pad. A good cooling pad can work wonders. To improve the airflow inside laptops it’s definitely, something you should look to purchase. If you plan on pushing the hardware to its maximum. Now we’ve actually made a whole video about how to keep your laptop cool.


Laptops can run all the same operating systems. That desktop PCs can with all the same benefits and drawbacks this is something we’ve talked about extensively. On this channel, so we’ll just skip all the formalities. And say that if you want the smoothest possible gaming experience. You want to get Windows if nothing else it has the most games. Now it used to be a serious problem that people would buy a decent laptop.

Only to have a new version of Windows pop up out of nowhere. That said laptop can’t run but with Microsoft’s new approach through finding Windows 10 via online. Updates instead of releasing new versions every two or three years this is no longer an immediate issue. What this means is that it’s more appealing to get a gaming laptop. Now then it ever was before this isn’t to say that. We won’t get a new version of Windows ever again. We will although chances are it won’t be called Windows 11. Maybe they’ll just skip a few. Numbers and jump right up to Windows 12 or 13 who knows when this does end up happening. However, you can always make the switch to Linux. As it has identified to perform much better on dated hardware than Windows.


So in all said and done How Long Will A Gaming Laptop Last?. If you do proper and regular maintenance and you use a cooling pack to help it out a little. You can easily see a laptop grow up to be ten years old.

But for gaming, most laptops will become obsolete after five years from their GPUs release again. This is a general rule of thumb, but it’s been proven quite effective.

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