How to configure a wifi router?

How to configure a wifi router?

Do you want to configure a wifi router? In this case, let’s find out together How to configure a wifi router.

First step: wiring

First of all, you will have to connect the new router to the existing infrastructure . Note that all classic models work the same way. We will all the same exempt you from the basic electrical connection .

Compare the router to a tap. So your tap-router, for it to work, must obviously be supplied with water. Regarding the “network power” of the router, it must be connected to the modem. The latter can be the modem of the Internet access provider, generally called a box, or a modem purchased separately. On the power side, it will be done using an Ethernet cable, which is also called RJ45, and will connect one of the ports called LAN of the box to the WAN port of the router. When this is done, your faucet will be supplied with water.
Then the water will go to a container. So that the various devices are filled with this water reaching the router, they must also be connected to the router via an RJ45 cable or connect them to a switch, itself connected to the router (the concept of a multi-socket ). It is also possible to connect them via WiFi if the router is a model incorporating WiFi. And that’s good, that’s what interests us in this article! Moreover, if you have not yet had the opportunity to acquire one, we also offer a buying guide for the best wifi routers of the moment.

Second step: configuration

What we named modem in the first paragraph is ultimately the modem/router. You can use cascaded routers: this means different routers connected one after the other. However, this is a specific use here, which is probably not intended for you.

If you want to configure a wifi router, and you do not want to reconfigure some of your equipment since they will no longer be able to connect to the Internet, you will have to stop the router mode of the box in many cases. Be sure to consult the equipment documentation.

Once the router mode is switched off (if necessary) and the new wifi router installed, what should we do? You will need to configure the router in software, in order to give it the basic information. Don’t worry: a lot of brands have now automated the process with a smartphone app .

Now you will have to configure the wifi. Go to the dedicated menu, wifi, wireless, and wireless. Take into account that the name is not the same depending on the brand. Then, go to SSID or name, enter the name you want to give to the wifi. Choose a simple password to remember it.

Third step: opening ports

Port forwarding, or NAT, is an essential step. Port forwarding is now well known with file downloads. Indeed, a lot of P2P downloading software must be opened from one or different ports.

The concern is that there is a box upstream of the router. Thus, only opening the ports in the router is not sufficient. This is why it is necessary to connect to the online interface of your box. You will have two choices at your disposal: open the ports one by one and redirect them towards the router, or open all the ports of the box, and redirect them towards the router. The latter will then take care of everything.

If you take the second technique, open all the ports. In the administration interface of the box, you will only have to start the demilitarized zone (DMZ) and inform that the requests must be directed to the address of the router.


We have seen together a very simple version of what you can do in relation to setting up a wifi router. Effectively, you can configure all of the following: DNS zones, parental controls, QoS or VPN server. Note that the different configuration solutions are more and more complete. However, it must be taken into account that each model is specific.

The online interface is often replaced by a smartphone app. The latter takes care of most of the configuration. Thus, the application will ask you for example “Do you have an internet box? “. In any case, she will find her address on her own. When the router is set up, you will be able to adjust various aspects using this App. Now, the router is perfectly configured and you will be able to enjoy a secure, stable, and fast connection. If not, replace your wifi router!

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