How to connect an external graphics card to a laptop?

How to connect an external graphics card to a laptop?

Your laptop PC no longer holds up in terms of graphics? Interested in playing the latest video games? Or maybe use video editing software, a little too greedy for your configuration in terms of graphics resources? Have you ever heard of external graphics cards? While it is tough to change the GPU of a laptop computer (unlike a fixed PC). This process, although still unknown in France, allows, as its name suggests, to connect a third-party graphics card. On one of the input ports of a laptop pc. In this article, we discuss a wide range of existing solutions to Connecting an external graphics card to a laptop?.

Connection of an external graphics card via a box

This is probably the easiest way to connect an external card to a laptop PC. Like the Razer Core. The solution comes in the form of a box configured to accommodate the latest graphics cards of the moment. Once the card is installed in this docking station. The connection to the PC is made via a Thunderbolt 3 (USB-c) port.

How to connect an external graphics card to a laptop?

The advantage of this method is that you will not have to take your computer apart. On the other hand, the price is higher than with a DIY method (Do It Yourself) … But you will not have to get your hands dirty!

Choose your external graphics card connection system

Just like the choice of any component of a computer. The choice of an eGPU (English abbreviation for an external graphics card) is the responsibility of taking your expectations into account. If you’re new (or not for that matter) to eGPUs, we recommend that you read our review of the best external graphics cards. This will allow you to approach the rest of this page with a higher understanding of the different products and components available to you.

DIY solution: connecting an eGPU

This is not the simplest solution, but it has the merit of being the least expensive to set up. We do not recommend it to everyone. Since you will have to disassemble the PC and remove the integrated WiFi card. Note that the PC cannot be closed as long as the graphics card is plugged in. And the internet connection will be via a USB dongle or Ethernet.

Hardware prerequisites for connecting an external graphics processor

In a DIY configuration, you will need to get some hardware components:

  1. A graphics card (which can be found in the department of graphics cards for desktop computers)
  2. A power supply for this card. (which can be a usual PC power supply such as a 5V power supply that can work on a battery)
  3. PCIe connector for the graphics card
  4. A connection interface making it possible to relay between the graphics card and the PC. An ExpressCard adapter if your PC has this port (the simplest method) or a PCIe card.
  5. A PCIe cable used to make the connection between the graphics card and the adapter plugged into your laptop PC
  6. Optional: a box acting as a support to accommodate the external graphics card
How to connect an eGPU to a laptop PC

How to connect an eGPU to a laptop PC

The first step in plugging in is to align and connect the pins of the PCIe interface of your external graphics card to the PCIe module—the second step: connecting the power supply. It is nothing very complicated to connect the power wires of the graphics card to the pins of our power module. We think of placing the power supply module in OFF thanks to the ON / OFF selector, to guarantee an assembly without pitfalls. Before starting to dismantle the computer cover, remove the battery from the computer, touch a nearby metal surface (a fork, a metal shelf, etc.) to discharge any excess static electricity.

Once the back cover of the computer has been removed, we look for the WiFi card. Indeed, we will replace the Wifi card with a PCIe card in the same format ( remember to check the format of your Wifi card before buying the PCIe card ). Do not forget to have an Ethernet cable and/or a WiFi USB dongle to download the card drivers after the assembly’s finalization. We then connect our PCIe card with the appropriate cable to the PCIe module previously connected to the graphics card.

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