How to connect in Wi-Fi with a laptop PC under Windows?

How to connect in Wifi with a laptop PC under Windows?

Have you just bought a laptop or have you reset your Windows system? Are you having trouble connecting to your WiFi network? Don’t panic, we’ll explain How to connect in Wifi with a laptop PC under Windows?

How to connect to a Wifi network in Windows 7

The first step is to click on the “ Start  ” button  (bottom left of the screen) and then select from the “ Control Panel ” menu   . In the window that opened, click on ”  Connect to the Internet  “, located in the ”  Network and Internet  ” category. A new window will open, asking you how you want to connect. Obviously, we choose the ” Wireless  ” mode  . A small window at the bottom right of the screen will appear. On the latter, a list of all the Wifi networks available within your reach . Select your network, check or uncheck the “automatic connection” box (at your convenience) and click on the ” Connect  ”. If the network is not protected (like public hotspots), there is nothing more to do, you are connected automatically. On the other hand, for a private network, you will have to enter your password in the small window prompting you to do so.

How to connect to a Wifi network in Windows 8

For Windows 8, the procedure is very similar to Windows 7. To search for available wireless networks, you can select the Wifi icon at the bottom right of the screen . Then, we follow the same procedure as that described above for Windows 7.

How to connect to a Wifi network with Windows 10

To connect to the wireless internet via Windows 10, we will use a keyboard shortcut that allows us to open the settings center more quickly. To do this, press the “  Windows  ” key on the keyboard and the “  i  ” key simultaneously. We click on “  Network and Internet  ” then “  Wifi  ” in the box on the left. Finally, select the desired WiFi network and click on ”  Connect  “. If necessary, enter the internet password in order to establish the connection.

How to connect in Wifi with a laptop PC under Windows?

I can’t connect to Wifi: troubleshooting

If you have a problem connecting to WiFi , the first instinct to have is to note the error code displayed by Windows . Then do a Google search based on this error code.

If you do not see your Wifi network in the list of connection points, we invite you to move closer to your transmitter box (your internet box) or to buy a wifi router. You can also try to restart it. Do not forget to activate Wifi, some internet boxes do not have Wifi activated at the factory. You just have to refer to the instructions provided, often it’s just a simple button on the box.

If your Wifi still does not work and you want to use the internet, connect an Ethernet cable between your computer and your box. Small precision, some recent computers do not have an Ethernet port (RJ45 port), due to the size of the latter. There are USB to Ethernet adapters that can solve this problem.

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