how to install Fortnite on pc?

how to install Fortnite on pc?

Fortnite is two game modes. The first (Save the World) is a cooperative shoot and follow title. It can be played up to four players who must fight against many zombies and defend their property through fortifications. The second (Battle Royale), is a previously paid battle royale game, now free-to-play where up to a hundred players fight in increasingly small places in order to be the last to survive.

how to install Fortnite on pc?

However, do you know how to install Fortnite on a pc? For those who still don’t have Fortnite on their PCs, let’s find out how to easily install the game. And for those who want a config to play it at home, we also have a selection of the best pc gamers for Fortnite.

Installing Fortnite on your pc is easy. This is done in just three steps :

  1. Creating an Epic Games account.
  2. Installation of the Epic Games launcher.
  3. The installation of Fortnite.

Step one: design an Epic Games account

First, you will need to go to the Epic Games account creation page. It is possible to use a Facebook or Google+ account , or to set up an old-fashioned account by indicating an email . Do not forget to go to your emails to activate the confirmation message.

Step two: install the Epic Games launcher

To begin

Go to the Fortnite download page. Note that the launcher is the software offering the possibility of installing and enjoying titles designed by the Epic Games group. Normally, the download starts automatically once you are on the page. If this is not done, press “windows” or “mac” depending on the kind of PC you are using. The downloaded file is named “ EpicInstaller ”.

If you can not find EpicInstaller on your PC, you should know that with almost all web browsers, the list of downloads appears thanks to the combination of keys CTRL + J. You will only have to make a double -click on the file in order to launch the installation of the launcher. When the latter is installed, you will land on a page.

You will then have to log in using your account that you have just created, or via your Facebook or Google + social network account. When you are logged in, you will be able to enjoy all the titles of the Epic Games group. At the top of the launcher, there are different tabs to navigate between titles. Take Fortnite and install.


The launcher asks where you want to install the game on your PC. You can choose the location yourself, or let the launcher choose one.

  • “ Browse ” gives you the option to choose a location for the game.
  • “Option” allows you to choose from different languages. Make sure that ” French ” is checked.
  • Also make sure that the “ automatic update ” box is checked.
  • When all of these settings are correct, click “Install”.

Regarding the speed of the installation, allow between a few minutes and a few hours. It all depends on the quality of the connection. Once this is complete, the button named “install” will change to a “launch” button. Now you can enjoy a working version of Fortnite.

Problems encountered to install Fortnite on a pc

Does not work with a 32-bit operating system

The Fortnite title calls for a 64-bit operating system . If the latter is unfortunately lower (32 bits), the game will not be able to work. Thus, it will display the following error message: “OS not supported”.

Display of the message “an unreal process has crashed”

Check that the Fortnite game is playing on the PC with this link:

If this is the case, try the following manipulation (because the problem is undoubtedly due to virtual memory):

  1. Go to Windows settings;
  2. Then in “System”;
  3. In “System Information”;
  4. “General system information”;
  5. Go to “modification of parameters”;
  6. And “advanced system settings”;
  7. Click on “performance settings section”;
  8. Then on the tab named “Advanced”;
  9. Go to the virtual memory section;
  10. And finally, check “automatic management of the swap file for the drives”.

If this is a RAM issue, it should be fine. Otherwise, perform a new installation .

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