How to update your graphics card?

How to update your graphics card?

You must update the drivers of your PC graphics card in order to get enjoyment from the full execution of your GPU. improving the drivers of a graphics card notably offers the possibility of correcting bugs, optimizing the quality of the visuals but also effectively combating possible security breaches.

How to update your graphics card?

General on updating graphics card drivers

A graphics card has drivers that need to be updated often. For example, for gaming, a card must have its driver updated in order to play a recent title. Of course, in addition to that, you will need equipment that holds up. We have selected the best graphics cards of the moment if yours starts to stick out a bit.

The three main manufacturers of GPUs are the following brands: Nvidia, AMD as well as Intel. Each of these groups has its own graphics card management platform . Thus, we have respectively Nvidia GeForce Experience, AMD Radeon Software but also the Intel Driver and Support Assistant. Depending on the designer of your card, you will need to go to one of these software.

These different software offer the possibility of updating the drivers and benefiting from flawless optimization so that there are no bad surprises. In addition, take into account that the platforms of the brands Nvidia and AMD also offer functions such as, for example, changing the graphics options in games automatically or manually.

If you do not wish to install additional software, be aware that it is possible to download the driver separately. The latter will then be installed as an .exe file . Thus, you will not have to do any manipulation thanks to the device manager since the program will take care of it by itself.

Update your graphics card by downloading the drivers

For an NVIDIA card

Go to the group’s platform and to “pilots”. Fill in the card model and perform a driver download. Then install!

For an AMD card

To update your graphics card, go to the group’s platform and to “drivers and support”. Specify the card model and download the drivers.

Update on Windows 10 and 8

Windows 10: device manager

Go to Start, Device Manager, and select the correct device.
Find the name of the card. Then, right-click. Update the driver.

Windows 8

In order to update your graphics card automatically, go to the Control Panel, System and Security, and Device Manager. Right-click on the map you want to edit. Update the driver.

What about laptops?

Nvidia and AMD are the two major designers of graphics circuits. If they establish precise specifications (which are intended for assemblers) in order to integrate their products on daughter boards and ensure the development of drivers, it is not the same for graphics circuits in laptops.

Indeed, the two manufacturers only give laptop PC manufacturers the circuit as well as a generic driver on which the integrator is based in order to design the final driver sold with the PC. Thus, it is on the web platform of the manufacturer of the laptop computer (Acer, Samsung, Asus, HP etc.) that you will find the right driver .


In order for Windows to exchange with your card and fully utilize its functions, the system uses drivers. Designed by the designers of your equipment, video drivers are often updated in order to:

To host the most recent card models;
To offer optimizations and improve the performance of games;
Integrate new functions (color management, video output, etc.);
And finally, to fix bugs in some games.
So, remember to check regularly if the card drivers are perfectly up to date, and if necessary, update!

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