Ipad or graphics tablet? What is the difference?

Ipad or graphics tablet

When you decide to acquire equipment for digital drawing, you often find yourself face to face with two choices: should you go for a graphics tablet or should you buy an iPad  ? The purpose of this article is to provide the information necessary to understand the differences between these two tools.

Ipad or graphics tablet? What is the difference?

A question of use and autonomy

To work, a graphics tablet needs to be connected to a computer. We can see it differently by assuming that the tablet is only an external device, like a USB mouse. Conversely, an iPad has digital painting applications on its internal memory. It can therefore operate entirely autonomously.

The versatility of an iPad vs the specialization of a graphics tablet

Where the best graphics tablet will only be used for drawing and digital graphics software in general, the iPad will be versatile. With a battery, an HD screen and computer components, the latter can be used for surfing the web as well as for drawing on a dedicated application. For its part, the tablet will have only one possible use: graphics software.

The limits of the iPad in terms of compatibility

Being specially designed for use with a computer, the graphics tablet is compatible with all Windows and Mac digital drawing software. The user therefore has more choices in terms of functionality and specialization. For example, he can use Photoshop, Lightroom or even Blender. There is therefore no “risk” of being blocked by the software part.

An iPad is designed primarily for entertainment. This creates the fact that we may be limited by the applications available on the App Store. In addition, let us remember that the manufacturer, Apple, tends to “close” the ecosystem of its products a little more. Concretely, it will be difficult to export a drawing made under the Procreate application to a Windows PC to import it into Photoshop while keeping the parameters allowing it to be modified (the layers in this specific case).

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