is 5g actually dangerous| 5G conspiracy theories explained in 2022

is 5g actually dangerous

is 5g actually dangerous

So like many others, are you looking for is 5g actually dangerous? 5G you hear about it in practically every cellphone commercial and how it’s going to change the world. But as with many other significant technological innovations, it also has a buzz of conspiracy theories around it, everything ranging from 5g enabled tiny robots. That can control your brain to the claim that it caused the coronavirus. Well, are any of these theories true who even started them we did some research to see how much correct there is in all of these 5g conspiracy theories.

is 5g actually dangerous

What is the truth behind the 5G coronavirus conspiracy theory?

If you’ve been listening to Woody Harrelson or singer m.i.a, you might think that 5g caused the coronavirus pandemic. These celebrity posts have blamed for actual attacks on 5g towers in the united kingdom. These attacks drew a lot of blowbacks, and Woody Harrelson later took down his post. However, mi ace tweets still stand this conspiracy theory. Claims that both the rollout of 5g and the first coronavirus cases supposedly happened at the same time late in 2019.

This is where our well actually guy kicks in. Because there are specific ways in which this conspiracy theory is just flat-out for all the timing is off. Because 5g started rolling out in 2018. So strike one you could say the theory seems plausible since the virus was first discovered in Wuhan China. After all, China had recently deployed one of the world’s largest 5g networks. But 5g first came online in both South Korea and parts of the US that’s strike two.

So if 5g caused coronavirus, it would have been discovered earlier. And not in China and we haven’t even gotten to strike three yet. So the fact that radio waves haven’t a reaction to a virus’s development. Research has proved that the coronaviruses spread through droplets from sneezes and coughs. Radio waves are a form of electromagnetic waves that come on people.

These are two different things. It seems like everything supposedly causes cancer nowadays. But theories about 5g causing cancer have been around since before 5g even launched. It all decreases to the fear of radiation. All radio waves radiate, but that does not mean they harm human health. X-rays and gamma radiation are ionizing, which means they break apart molecular bonds. And DNA this is famous, but not a many peoples know that there are non-ionizing electromagnetic waves. These have wavelengths that are too long to be able actually to destroy the cells in your body. Even the most energetic 5g waves are far below the ionizing threshold. There’s real-world data to back this up.

Although 5g is pretty new, we’ve had waves in similar frequency ranges for decades. And studies have concluded that these waves don’t cause cancer. Do you remember the post that went around on social media saying that hundreds of birds died because of 5g. Yes, there was a series of mysterious bird deaths in The Hague. But no 5g tests were being conducted nearby at the time. You can chalk up this conspiracy theory to social disinformation. Which social media companies like Facebook Twitter and YouTube have been working. To crackdown on, especially when it comes to 5G, do you control the weather? Yeah, I wish it could my vote would be for 75 and sunny every day.

So the root of this theory comes from the idea. That the government is using the high frequency active auroral research program to control the weather they’re using what park.

is 5g actually dangerous in 2020

HAARP (is 5g actually dangerous)

HAARP is a facility in Alaska. That,s built to study the atmosphere. Soon after the facility has established. The government shut down the program and transferred its ownership to the University of Alaska. So how does 5g fit into this? According to the tinfoil hats who believed in this theory. The atmosphere is where the so-called 5g satellites are the only problem. Is that 5g is a ground-based system satellite that could eventually use for 5g connectivity. Still, at this point, satellites don’t offer low latency and are not being used for 5g. Well, This is by far my favourite 5g conspiracy theory. It’s not enough to think that 5g can control the weather.

5G effect on Mind

Some people think it can be used for mind control. like we mentioned earlier 5g waves do not affect human health ultimately. So a 5g wave by itself can’t be used to control people’s minds. But wait, there are more some people claim to believe that 5g is used to control tiny robots. That have injected into your body through vaccines. Now this theory takes anti-vaccine to the next level. I feel like I have to reiterate this conspiracy theory is valid.

Because science, we had to set the record straight on the 5g conspiracy theories out there. One because they’re just straight-up wrong. Because we don’t want people to be scared of a technology that has so much positive potential. Hopefully, you got the answer of is 5g dangerous. The next time you hear about 5g. And it’s about how it is improving the world. As we know it, are there any other 5g conspiracy theories that need debunking.

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