Is Lenovo laptop good? Updated Rating 2022

Lenovo is one of the biggest manufacturers in the market. Check out the main models and find out if the Lenovo notebook is good for you to buy.

With so many options available in the notebook market, it can be quite difficult to find the perfect model for what you need on a daily basis.

An interesting start in this search is to filter models and lines by specific brands, since each company usually offers a different range of devices for different needs.

One of the brands that stands out in this field currently is Lenovo. But a lot of people still have doubts about whether the Lenovo notebook is good or if it’s worth buying.

Although the brand has become well known for its notebooks aimed at the business world, there are excellent lines for more casual users or those who need something focused on productivity.

So that you are no longer in doubt about Lenovo notebooks, BH Tech Informatics will introduce you to the main current notebook lines of the Lenovo brand and explain who they are ideal for. Follow up!

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Lenovo notebook lines


Lenovo realized the great potential of consumers who wanted a notebook brand but not necessarily models with higher cost and advanced business features, such as the traditional ThinkPad line that we will talk about next.

That’s when the IdeaPad line emerged as an alternative for more casual consumers who were looking for computers for general use, whether for leisure, study, or work, and also created models called IdeaPad Gaming for those looking to play on their notebooks at a lower cost.

The interesting thing about this line is that its models can be very different, which is great for consumers looking for more variety. Among the current options, you will find larger, thinner models, more focused on simple tasks or more focused on the use of heavy software.

If you arelooking for something between the intermediate and the premium, this line might be the most interesting to start your search. Just keep in mind that the models are many, so it can take a while to find the exact notebook that meets everything you need. Prices also vary within the model you choose, as you can imagine.

It is suitable for people who need a reliable notebook for the most varied daily tasks, whether for something serious, for a hobby or for leisure time.

Anyone who needs to use heavy engineering software, image editing, videos, and other applications can consider choosing gaming models, even if they don’t like to play.

Gaming notebooks have strong configurations, which include great graphics cards, and are good value for money.

Is Lenovo laptop good


To continue, there is no way to talk about anything other than the best-known line of Lenovo notebooks. The ThinkPad is the classic model of the brand and continues to be very successful and widely used by professionals around the world. It has a more robust look, with its main focus being the business world, as we mentioned before.

The price here in Brazil is usually quite high because this is not the type of notebook that a regular consumer would buy for everyday tasks. Still, you can say that the price matches the configurations offered, because you can find simpler and cheaper ThinkPad models.

This can be an interesting advantage for those who really want the ThinkPad to work but can’t afford to pay that much for the more expensive version of this line. You will certainly find models with different screen sizes, processors, amounts of RAM memory, etc.

An advantage worth mentioning is that the models in this line tend to have good durability, impeccable construction, several peripheral inputs, a great keyboard, and high performance.

It’s suitable for people who need a reliable and durable notebook to work with, making it a great buy for long-term use.

Is Lenovo laptop good
Notebook Lenovo ThinkPad


Still under the IdeaPad line, we have two interesting variations for those looking for hybrid notebooks. The first of these is the Yoga line, which combines powerful settings and the ability to use your notebook in different ways. After all, your screen can rotate up to 360° and get a use very similar to that of a tablet.

The advantage here is for those who really want something more from their computers, especially in the way they use them in their daily lives. Some of them can even be used for digital art if you have a compatible pen and the appropriate software for it. The good thing is that, since your settings can be higher, you also don’t have to worry about sub-par performance.

It is suitable for people looking for a versatile notebook that can be used both as a tablet and a high-performance computer.

Notebook Lenovo Yoga


The second variation in the IdeaPad line is the Flex, which is very similar to the Yoga we presented above. The biggest difference is that Flex notebook configurations are simpler, and the price is usually lower to reflect this.

So you can use it for lighter tasks and software, but you can also turn it into a tablet whenever you need. This can be very useful for those looking for a model with a lower cost but still offering good versatility.

It also ends up being a great alternative for those who are in doubt between buying a notebook or a tablet with a keyboard, for example. It is worth mentioning that it is possible to find the Flex in some different configurations, but overall, it ends up being smaller and lighter than the Yoga line.

It is suitable for people looking for a notebook capable of offering a good experience of a computer and a tablet without requiring a large investment from the consumer.

Notebook Lenovo Flex


Finally, I couldn’t leave Lenovo’s great lineup of gaming notebooks out. This is a newer lineup than a few others mentioned on our list, having only officially launched in 2017.

Even for that reason, the legion line is still in a growth phase and in the process of winning over its users. But even though it’s so young compared to other major brands of gaming notebooks on the market, the models of the Legion line already offer excellent options for those who want to play PC games in a more portable way.

It is possible to find intermediate models and very powerful options, some of which are even better than some normal gaming PCs. Even those who want something with video cards capable of everything will have no difficulty finding a perfect model among Legion’s alternatives.

It’s just worth mentioning that the prices aren’t cheap at all, as is already the case with most gaming notebooks. Of course, the portability and performance of such a machine are what make it worthwhile.

It is suitable for people who want to enjoy the latest PC games without being tethered to a desktop and without having to settle for average performance.

Notebook Lenovo Legion

After all, the Lenovo notebook is good. Final considerations

Lenovo offers, among its different notebook lines, options with excellent value for money. The Lenovo notebook is good and can be excellent depending on the model chosen.

In our professional opinion, Lenovo notebooks offer good build quality and very interesting features for their users. Alongside the notebooks from Dell, Lenovo is one of the brands that we recommend most to our customers.

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