Is Samsung laptop good? Updated Rating 2022

In doubt if the Samsung notebook is good? We did a complete evaluation of the brand, with its main lines and models. Follow the review!

One of the best-known electronics brands in the world is, without a doubt, Samsung. The company is very popular in the segment of TVs, smartphones and tablets, but has also been standing out as one of the top notebook brands in the last years.

So much so that it is one of the most sought-after and considered manufacturers by anyone thinking of purchasing a new laptop. But of course, you can always doubt if all this fame really makes sense or if the Samsung notebook really has quality and is worth buying.

To answer exactly that, we at BH Tech Informatics have separated some of the main lines of Samsung notebooks sold in Brazil in 2022, with the main characteristics of each of them.

What you can say is that there is a great diversity in the models, which is great for consumers looking for something more specific in their future computers. You can check out this complete list below!


For starters, I couldn’t help but mention Samsung’s line of Chromebooks. They are very successful with people who do not need a very powerful computer or one that runs Windows, but who need a portable device that is easy to use on a daily basis.

The cool thing is that there are more traditional models that are very similar to the old netbooks, but there are also others aimed at those who would like something more complete or for creative work, as some have tablet mode and a stylus pen.

It is also worth mentioning that Chromebooks have an operating system based on Google’s Chrome. So you can access and use services like Gmail, Drive, Documents, and more to do your daily tasks.

You just can’t think that this is the perfect line for those looking for a way to save, as Chromebooks were not made to be cheap, but practical.

It’s up to you to know if the portability and lightness are worth it to stop enjoying the software that is only available on Windows computers. To help you, we have a guide that helps you decide if is it worth buying a Chromebook.


The Flash line is relatively new, but it has already conquered some fans here in Brazil. At the moment, only one notebook in this line is sold here, and it is also very small and light, but with the advantage of having Windows as its factory operating system.

Its settings are very modest, so you can’t expect it to run heavier games or software. It’s perfect for students who need a laptop to take to class, review content at home, or get work done quickly.

The price is not the friendliest, but a good part of this is due to the fact that all notebooks are very expensive in our country these days.

Compared to its competitors, it ends up standing out more for its appearance, as it has rounded keys and an interior that tries to imitate the texture and look of fabric.


It can be said that the Samsung Book line is the most popular line among the brand’s notebooks. After all, its models are more conventional and similar to what competitors usually offer for those looking for a computer with intermediate configurations.

The interesting thing is that this line has well-diversified models. There are, for example, specific models for those who want something cheaper and simpler or for those who don’t care that much about the fact that the notebook has a larger screen or is heavier than average.

For those who need better performance, there are also models with a dedicated graphics card.

What we can say is that, even for having devices with such different configurations, this line usually has prices that vary a lot. But still, it is possible to find a notebook with a good cost-benefit in the book line.

What can’t be said is that all models offer something better than notebooks from other brands, so it’s good to do good research before making your final decision.

Galaxy Book

The Galaxy Book is Samsung’s latest lineup and is already wowing consumers around the world. This notebook is simply one of the thinnest you can find today and it was made for those who really want a completely portable and lightweight computer, also called ultra-thin.

The most interesting thing about the model is that it was created to be used in a similar way to a smartphone, as it has Instant On technology, which makes the notebook ready for use when pressing the Power key, touching the touchpad or when using the fingerprint reader.

It also has other really cool perks, like support for mobile networks, a USB-C charger instead of those huge ones, a super bright screen, so you don’t have problems using it out and about, and a battery that can last all day.

The only downside is that you won’t have very good performance for demanding tasks and you won’t be able to run very heavy software.

Is Samsung laptop good?  Updated Rating 2022
Is the Samsung laptop good? Updated Rating 2022


Finally, we have the Odyssey line, which is totally aimed at gamers who want to enjoy their favorite games on a computer that can be taken wherever they need to go.

The models in this line from Samsung are very interesting and offer powerful configurations at a reasonable price compared to their competitors.

The good thing is that you have the option between something more intermediate and something much more powerful and that can run most current games without too many problems.

Perhaps one of the most interesting points is that the look of the Odyssey line notebooks can be considered very discreet compared to other gaming notebooks.

This is great for those who also want to use the device outside the home or simply to perform other tasks besides playing games and don’t want to draw too much attention, something that certainly can’t be said for models from other brands.

It is also worth mentioning that it has a great ventilation system and a slightly raised screen, which puts it in a more comfortable position than the standard one.

After all, is the Samsung notebook good? Is it worth it?

In our experience, the Samsung notebook is indeed very good. We consider it a great option to buy. No wonder it’s on the top shelf of our ranking of the best laptop brands.

The equipment has been gaining a lot of market share, and especially the book line, is worth special attention when researching. I try to have a very interesting cost-benefit ratio, with a finish that surpasses most competitors in the same price range.

We have reached the end. Were we able to clarify your doubt if the Samsung notebook is good? Would you like to add something or leave your own review? Use the comments at the bottom of the page.

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