The laptop that heats up? Main causes and reasons

The laptop that heats up

Laptops are extremely powerful these days. Indeed, transistor processors are much more dense and the famous graphics card can support very high screen resolutions. Thus, these various innovations can be the causes of a warming laptop PC. Let’s find out how to fix it.

Laptop that heats up: the different reasons

One of the major dangers faced by the PC is overheating. Indeed, it can cause a program crash , or even a sudden stop of the machine. Over the long term, this gradually decreases battery life until the battery is unusable. You should know that the causes of an overheating concern for a laptop PC change depending on the circumstances.

Inappropriate choice of location for use of equipment

The location of the PC is critical for cooling capacity . Thus, a PC should not be located near windows and other bright areas. It should be put in a place where the temperature is controlled . Items that are not properly ventilated or have minimal thermal control are IT-hostile areas, especially when the weather is hot. Take into account that a PC heats up considerably when it is used in direct sunlight.

Poor ventilation in the use area

The ambient air in a given location can be filled with dust and various dirt. The air vents, as much as other parts of a laptop PC, are extremely favorable to the accumulation of dust. Use your equipment in a properly ventilated environment so that the dirt can circulate and be perfectly expelled. Thus, it allows dirt not to accumulate.

Heat emitted by parts of the PC

Different parts of the PC can generate heat during normal use. These are mainly the processor as well as the power supply, which can emit heat. In many cases, this is lessened with the PC cooling system but also with good ventilation . If these are not effective, then you risk having a warm laptop.

Malfunction or insufficient cooling

All PCs are equipped with an internal cooling system. In many cases, the latter is made of a small fan increasing the air circulation throughout the casing. Note that this system may or may not be pointed directly at the elements generating heat. Thus, it lowers their temperature. Take into account that the cooling device must be replaced if it is not working well or is not as efficient as before.

How to solve a problem with a warming laptop?

Take the appropriate actions!

If the PC gets too hot, take a break. This type of machine naturally starts to heat up enormously after six hours of non-stop use. Be sure to keep the PC on a flat, hard surface . If you have it on your lap for a long time, then the ventilator may stall. Cooling the internal components will therefore be more complicated and the computer will heat up quickly.

Also be sure to change the battery if it cannot withstand long charge. It is also possible to put your machine in energy saving mode so that it does not use more power, and so that the battery area does not heat up. Also stop programs that use a lot of system resources. Essentially target those using a lot of RAM, CPU, or continuously writing to the hard drive.

Put thermal paste on the parts of the laptop PC that heats up

Note that thermal paste turns out to be a substance with a high heat conduction capacity. It is useful so that thermal conduction is optimal. It makes it possible to fill the weak points (trapping the air and causing a degradation of the performance of the radiator) of the elements which are the heat sink as well as the CPU / GPU of the motherboard.

You should know that the thermal interface elements can be a hundred times more heat conductive than air. Thermal paste can be designed with metal, ceramic, or silicon. The metal allows the best performance to be obtained.

Use a laptop cooler

The PC is composed in the principle of certain components, having more or less high temperatures. These must be cooled. This is where the laptop cooler works. It keeps the computer at normal temperature.

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