Laptop versus tablet: these are the main differences

Laptop versus tablet
Laptop versus tablet

Are you unsure between a laptop and a tablet? We can well imagine that. On the one hand, they are very similar, but on the other, they also have their unique properties. We explain the main differences to you so that you can make the best choice laptop versus tablet.

A tablet is your friend if you go for:

Ease of use

The big advantage of a tablet is the ease with which you operate it. The touchscreen works intuitively, allowing you to look up information at lightning speed. Moreover, a tablet is started in no time. This makes it perfect if you want to quickly find that tasty recipe or look back on your holiday photos. Nice and fast and nice and easy without any hassle around it. You may be less likely to grab a laptop for these kinds of in-between tasks.

Simple tasks

A tablet is perfect if you want to perform simple tasks such as surfing the internet, watching movies, sending short emails, and playing simple games. You often cannot do much more than this because of the relatively weak processor and low storage capacity. Do you often work with heavy programs or are you a fanatic gamer, then it is really better to look for a laptop.

A device for on the go

Tablets are ideal for on the go because of their weight and size. Very small and handy, so it can always be carried in your bag. In addition, tablets generally have a longer battery life than laptops. Charge your tablet in the evening and it will last all day. With a laptop you will often still have to look for power outlets on the road.

A laptop is your friend if you go for:


A laptop clearly has better performance than a tablet: more power and more storage space. A laptop is great if you work with editing software such as Adobe or playing heavy games. Tablets cannot handle this at all. Even if you have to store many photos, videos, and files, it is better to go for a laptop because of the larger storage space. Tablets often have up to 256GB of storage, while laptops go up to 1 terabyte (1000GB). With a laptop, you have less chance of getting that annoying message that your memory is full.

Word processing & photo or video editing

A big advantage of a laptop is the keyboard. Typing an endless email or writing a paper on your tablet is still difficult. A keyboard is then superior to a touchscreen. So if you can often be found in Word or Excel, a laptop is a lot more convenient. Also, laptops have a larger screen than tablets and are therefore much better suited for photo and video editing. A wonderfully large screen so that you can see every detail in your creations.

Intermediate solution: 2-in-1

Still not very attracted to one or the other? Then a 2-in-1 device might be made for you. Connect a keyboard to your tablet or go for a laptop with a touchscreen and folding keyboard. So you have a bit of both!

Take your pick!

To summarize it all again briefly. A tablet is made for light, fast work such as looking at photos or looking up something on the Internet, while a laptop is suitable for heavy software. A tablet is easier to take with you on the road, but a laptop is better for word processing. So what suits you completely depends on what you should be able to do with your device. Good luck with choosing!

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