Learn how to save battery


Is your cell phone discharging fast? Learn how to save battery life! Understand what makes the battery drain quickly and check out tips for more autonomy.

A big issue when we talk about the use, advantages, and disadvantages of using a smartphone is the battery life. While there are disputes between the major manufacturers about battery life and battery life in their devices, almost all of them face the same problem.

It is possible to look for ways to optimize cell phone battery life so as not to become a hostage to outlets or portable chargers.

Certain applications or settings on your device may be contributing to its fast downloading and may leave you at home when you need it most.

So if your cell phone is draining fast with low battery life, this guide from the experts at BH Tech Informatics is for you.

We’ve put together some tips on how to optimize battery life, some information on what’s causing this problem, and some tips on how to conserve your battery life. Follow up!

Learn how to save the battery.

Before starting with the tips on how to optimize battery life, it is important to understand what may be causing its rapid discharge and leaving the user in the lurch.

So we’ve separated some of the main villains of your battery life; check them out below!

Cell phones infected with viruses Learn how to save the battery.

A big villain in the fast consumption of battery life can be the virus infection in the device. Since fake apps can perform unwanted tasks in the background, as well as inappropriate behavior with mobile slowness and excessive display of advertisements,

You can use our guide to mobile virus removal to do a thorough check, and in the worst case, you can format the device to get back to the original settings.


Before putting the blame on technology, we should point out that one of the main reasons your battery runs out fast is you, with your usage habits.

Although it is difficult to accept, we know that with each passing year, the devices have more and more functions, such as banks, communication applications, and social networks, which end up being used all the time.

The average presented by the British agency Tecmark is that we check the cell phone up to 2 thousand times a week, giving an average of 300 times a day.

Another important factor is that technological advancements have not been accompanied by a battery that supports their demand, as they need to have a compact and light size that does not make the device heavy and large, which ends up making it impossible to last longer.

Screen light is too strong.

Another important drain on your battery is the screen. Every time your screen is activated, whether by a notification or even to check the time, it generates considerable energy consumption.

So, the bigger it is and the higher the brightness it uses, the greater the expense.

Background connections and apps

In addition to the screen and the user, being connected to the 3G or 4G internet also consumes the cell phone battery. And the arrival of 5G promises to use even more energy.

There are some applications, such as WhatsApp and Facebook, that keep your activity in the background; that is, they continue to work even if the cell phone is stopped, allowing, for example, you to receive notifications.

This activity, however, requires the battery to continue working and causes considerable expenditure.

Another point regarding connections is that your carrier’s signal oscillations lead your device to a constant search for communication channels, which requires a lot of battery life. That way, the lower the signal, the more the battery will be spent.

Cell phones discharge fast. Learn how to save battery life.

Faced with so many factors that affect the duration of your battery and leave your cell phone discharging fast, there are some possible ways to optimize this time and improve the performance of your device. Check out some useful tips below:

  1. Adjust screen brightness: Faced with the expenses caused by the screen, try to reduce the brightness and keep it as low as possible, seeking to respect the limits of your vision. You can even use darker themes and disable notifications for some not-so-important apps.
  1. Activate screen lock: Another good tip is to reduce your screen’s lock time, because the shorter the time it takes to go dark, the more battery it will save.
  1. Close background apps: As we pointed out earlier, background apps consume a lot of your device’s battery. Disable notifications of applications that you use very little and get into the habit of closing the tabs of applications that are not being used.
  1. Turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections: If you are not using any of these services, try to disable them. All device models that have these functions allow the user to activate and deactivate them whenever they want.
  1. Turn off the GPS function: Your device’s GPS function also consumes a lot of battery life. However, it is possible to turn it off or restrict its use, which will increase the usage time of the device.
  1. Use Economy mode: Power saving mode can be found on almost all mobile devices, with Android and iOS systems. It’s a great feature to save your cell phone power. It can be easily activated in your device’s settings whenever you want.

5 tips to conserve battery life. Learn how to save battery life.

The important thing to know about your cell phone battery is that, like any other technology or electronics, it has a useful life or period of use.

This means that, after being manufactured, it has a normal operating period of 2 to 4 years, and as the years go by, it or the device will need to be replaced.

However, there are certain ways or habits of use that can help to increase or decrease this period. So, to avoid the problem of wearing out ahead of time, we’ve separated some important usage tips for your battery’s useful life. Check it out:

  1. If possible, avoid completely discharging your device’s battery until it turns off, and remove it from the charger after reaching 100%. So, don’t leave your cell phone plugged in all night, as this habit can damage the battery material.
  1. Only use the original chargers. If your charger breaks or disappears, avoid replacing it with a generic one. Your device’s original cables have specific technical settings for your device and your battery needs. That way, the low cost of a generic charger can be expensive by damaging your device’s battery.
  1. Do not charge your cell phone on the computer, as the energy currents that pass through your USB ports tend to fluctuate a lot, causing the device’s temperature to rise, which harms the health of the battery. Then try to use the charger in the socket.
  1. Turn off your phone’s automatic brightness, as the technology to adapt the brightness to the brightness of the environment consumes a lot of battery life. Also, reduce the backlight time to less than 30 seconds, as the light that stays on until the phone turns itself off also consumes energy.
  2. Finally, we emphasize again that you pay attention to background applications, location services, the presence of malware, and the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth settings. Keep them activated only when needed, and then your battery will last longer.

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