Lenovo media and gaming notebooks in the large model overview

Lenovo media and gaming notebooks in the large model overview

There are countless notebooks from Lenovo, various categories and brands, and many more abbreviations that describe certain extras. We’ll tell you what they mean. In this part of the Lenovo overview, we introduce you to the brands “IdeaPad“, “Yoga” and “Legion“.

A few days ago we introduced you to the two well-known brands “ThinkPad” and “ThinkBook” in the first part of the large overview. This time we show you the models that are more intended for the masses, media, and gaming.

In addition to the brand names, Lenovo also has certain abbreviations that each describe a feature or a construction. Over the years, more and more attachments have accumulated and the meaning is not always that clear. So these abbreviations are the confusing part of Lenovo notebooks. While I am going into the individual brands, I will also briefly describe the most important abbreviations and their meanings.

Lenovo IdeaPad

The IdeaPad series includes classic notebooks, convertibles, and gaming laptops for most users. IdeaPads are all-rounders on a budget.

Lenovo media and gaming notebooks in the large model overview

The IdeaPads are in the S series, which includes classic notebooks. The number after the name divides the devices into different performance classes. An “i” in the number indicates that this is a notebook with an Intel processor, If the “i” is missing, an AMD processor has been installed. An abbreviation like “Slim” describes extra slim devices.

Lenovo folding

IdeaPads with the name ” Flex ” are convertibles. The screen of these notebooks can be rotated a lot and offers a touch function. Here, too, the number shows the performance class of the device. The higher the number, the stronger, but also more expensive. An “i” reveals whether an Intel or AMD processor has been installed.

In the case of the S and Flex series, however, the performance class does not automatically mean that a corresponding processor has been installed. For example, an AMD Ryzen 3 or Intel Core 3 can be built into a Lenovo Flex 5.

Lenovo media and gaming notebooks in the large model overview

The 300 series (THIS IS LENOVO!) Are budget-friendly notebooks with enough performance for gaming. Some time ago we tested the Lenovo IdeaPad Gaming 3. Lenovo continues to use a number for the performance category and “i” to indicate the processor used.

Lenovo Yoga

The best-known Lenovo brand besides the ThinkPad is Yoga. According to Lenovo’s own statement, these are “ultra-premium 2-in-1 notebooks”. Unfortunately, this does not apply to every model, as not every Yoga can actually be used as a convertible.

With the Slim series, there are powerful notebooks in a slim case. The displays can only be rotated up to 180 degrees, i.e. flat on the table. A number after the brand name indicates the performance class, an “i” again reveals Intel processors and the S sub-series – like the Lenovo Yoga S940 – are upper-class ultrabooks.

lenovo yoga slim 7 tested with amd ryzen

If it only says ” Yoga ” and a number, it is a true yoga notebook. Their screens can be rotated 360 degrees. As usual, a number from 6 to 9 divides the performance class, an “i” shows Intel devices, and the C series – like the Lenovo Yoga C940 – comes with an Nvidia graphics card. Some models also have a very special look: there are notebooks with leather and fabric optics. The lifestyle reference is high at the yoga brand.

The Duet series comes as a small version: These are tablets with an attachable keyboard that runs either Windows 10 or Chrome OS.

Lenovo Legion

Lenovo’s Legion notebooks are pure gaming machines and are divided into three subtypes. They are significantly more powerful than the Lenovo IdeaPad 300 series.

Lenovo Legion Y740

The 7 series are the upper class of gaming. Although it’s a bit strange: There is also a Lenovo Legion Slim 7i and a Creator 7i. In the upper class of gaming, you don’t actually expect any particularly slim versions or even models designed for content creation. But with all the abbreviations it is the same as before.

The 5 series are more classic gaming notebooks: thick but powerful devices with lots of lighting. The abbreviations go from “pi” for performance and Intel, to “i” for only Intel and without the abbreviation for the AMD variant.

Finally, there is the Y-series. These were actually the wallet-friendly gaming notebooks from Legion. The models became more and more expensive and noble over time. The number after the name describes the performance class – the higher the faster – and abbreviations such as “s” stand for slim/compact and “i”, as always, for Intel.


There is also the “ Lenovo ” category on Lenovo’s website. There you can find all devices that had no more space with other brands or that didn’t quite fit. So there is the V series, which are slim business notebooks with a focus on security, and the Ideapad Duet Chromebook, a tablet with an attachable keyboard. The entire abbreviations remain the same here as well.

If you are looking for a cheap gaming notebook, the Ideapad 300 series is for you. For more budget friendly notebooks, it can also be a Legion notebook. If you want a chic and slim upper-class device, you have come to the right place with yoga devices. Otherwise, you should look around at the IdeaPads, as they include many good and inexpensive notebooks.

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