Lenovo yoga c740 i5 review 2022

Lenovo yoga c740 i5 review

The specs of the Lenovo Yoga C740 sound pretty good on paper: 14 “full HD display, 10th generation Intel Core i5, modern connections, good battery life, and a robust aluminium body. So I grabbed the convertible notebook and scrutinized it for a while in everyday life.

Back then, ™ the world was simple. For example, there was yoga on Lenovo notebooks for convertibles. This is no longer the case. Only a select few probably know why Lenovo separated itself from simple and easily distinguishable categories thanks to clear naming. Anyway. The Yoga C740 is a convertible that you can get in various versions.

Lenovo yoga c740 i5 review 2021

The Yoga C740 is available with both a Core i5 and a Core i7. There are two other differences in addition to the CPU: The i7 model has 16 GB of RAM and a glossy display. The i5 model has 8 GB of RAM and an anti-glare display – as far as touch displays can be anti-glare. As always, you can find the exact technical data of my test device in the table.

Specifications Lenovo yoga c740 i5 review

Display35 cm (14 “) anti-reflective IPS display with LED backlight in 16: 9 format
resolution1920x1080px (Full-HD)
300 nits maximum brightness
processorIntel® Core ™ i5-10210U 4 x 1.6 GHz
Turbo Boost up to 4.2 GHz
6 MB cache
graphicIntel UHD graphics
random access memory8 GB DDR4 2666 MHz
(not expandable)
hard disk512 GB NVMe SSD
networkBluetooth 5.0
WiFi 6
Wireless LAN 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac / ax
connections2x USB-C 3.2 Gen1
1x USB-A 3.2 Gen1
1x 3.5mm jack connector
battery pack51Wh, up to 13h runtime
65 watt USB-C power supply
Input devicesbacklit keyboard
SoundAudio system with two speakers,
Dolby Atmos far-field microphones
camera720p webcam with privacy shutter
securityTMP Security Chip
Fingerprint Reader
operating systemWindows 10 Home
Dimensions32.2 cm x 21.4 cm x 1.49 cm (WxDxH)
Weight1.4 kilos

Slim and robust aluminum body

Before I tell you about the great quality and the aluminum housing, a short word about the delivery scope, with this model, differs from most notebooks. In addition to the notebook, the 65-watt power supply, and some paperwork, you will also find a 3in1 USB-C hub in the packaging. It expands your connections with a USB-A, an HDMI, and a VGA port. There is also the Active Pen from Lenovo.

But now, as promised, to the really stylish aluminum housing. This is classic dark grey and gives the C740 an appealing and high-quality look that is largely insensitive to fingerprints. I find it good. The convertible is torsion-resistant and can only be depressed with considerable effort.

Lenovo yoga c740 i5 review

The keyboard sits in a small recess with the speakers on its sides. When it comes to the display, you immediately notice the narrow frames that make it appear a little larger than it actually is. The top of the display frame on the C740 houses a webcam that you can cover with a privacy shutter. It’s so small and discreet that you can hardly notice it.

Lenovo yoga c740 i5

You can find the power button on the right side at the top. If you like, you can use the fingerprint reader in front of the keyboard to unlock the C740. Face recognition is not supported.

Lenovo yoga c740 i5 speaker

Lenovo isn’t known for packing notebooks with trinkets. And they stay true to this tradition. There is a contrasting Lenovo lettering below the keyboard and a subtle Yoga lettering on the display lid. That’s it. And it doesn’t have to be more.

Lenovo yoga

In terms of quality, Lenovo delivers correctly with the Yoga C740. All edges and transitions are as they should be: smooth and clean. There are no annoying edges, and the display hinges keep the display exactly in the position you want it to be. This is particularly important when using a pen. You can use it on display without it shaking too much. However, the price for this is that you can’t open it with one finger. But I can live with that. The point belongs to the irrelevant category for me.

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Good keyboard and a precise touchpad

What use is a fancy notebook if the keyboard and touchpad are crap? Exactly, nothing. There is no reason to complain here.

The keys offer you a concise journey and a reasonable pressure point. However, for my personal taste, it looks a bit too spongy, and it should be a bit crisper. But after a short period of getting used to it, long texts were no problem with the Yoga C740. As with all 14 ″ notebooks, however, you have to do without a number pad. You can quickly regulate the keyboard lighting and easily use the simple key combination FN key + space bar.

Lenovo yoga c740 i5 keyboard

The touchpad is in the middle and has a good format for the device size. It responds precisely to all inputs, and all areas can be reached quickly without turning the hand too much.

Lenovo yoga c740 i5 mousepad

The Lenovo Active Pen does its job properly and without any abnormalities. It supports up to 4096 different pressure levels so that more complex drawings can be made with it. I prefer to spare you my “works of art” for aesthetic reasons. You can adjust the two pen buttons’ assignment to your preferences in the “Lenovo Pen Settings”. You can also specify whether the battery level of the pen should be displayed in the system tray. Since it is battery-operated, this is a handy feature.

Few connections, there is a dongle for diversity

At first glance, Lenovo saves on the ports of the Yoga C740. You will find two USB-C ports (3.2 Gen1) and the jack connector on the left side. And on the right side a USB-A port, also 3.2 Gen1. This allows you to transfer data at up to 5 Gbit / s.

The USB-C ports support DisplayPort, so you can also use them to operate an external display. They are also used to charge the convertible. I think it’s good that Lenovo is saying goodbye to proprietary solutions and relying on USB-C.

Lenovo yoga c740 i5 ports

If you need other connections, you have to use one of the USB-C connections with the supplied dongle. Then you get three more connections: one USB-A, one HDMI, and one VGA port. I don’t know what it is supposed to serve nowadays. Apart from cultivating sentimental feelings, I can think of no use.

Lenovo yoga c740 i5  2 in 1 with pen

When you are not using the pen, you can slide it into the USB-A port holder on the right-hand side. Since the Active Pen is not held magnetically, this is the only way to attach the pen to the notebook. Small drawback: If you do not push the pin completely through the holder, you cover the power button with it. 

Decent display with good colors

The 14 “touch display has a resolution of Full HD so that your content is displayed crisply. According to Lenovo, it is anti-reflective. However, that does not mean that there are no reflections here. It reflects a lot more than a matt display. But the reflections have been reduced to such an extent that it can also be used properly in a brighter environment. However, you should avoid direct light exposure if possible. The colors are rich and natural on this display.

According to Lenovo, the display has a maximum brightness of 300 cd / m². The information is correct. Our measurements with the Spyder 5 showed a maximum value of 307. Unfortunately, the illumination is not quite even. Like many displays, the Yoga C740 is darker at the bottom than at the top. The deviation is up to 15%. However, this difference in brightness is only slightly noticeable in everyday use with white backgrounds.

The Lenovo C740 does a good job of color coverage. 96% sRGB, 73% AdobeRGB, 73% DCI-P3, and 68% of the NTSC color space are good values ​​for this class’s devices. You can use it to edit your holiday pictures, and videos without any problems, and nothing stands in the way of occasional editing of color-critical tasks. For permanent work in this area, however, you should get a suitable monitor.

The color fidelity is also good. The average Delta-E value is 0.95. The targeted gamma 2.2 curve is not achieved, but it is only just missed with a gamma value of 2.4.

The display is all in all good for a multimedia device. The brightness is sufficient to be able to work properly even in bright surroundings. Colour fidelity and contrast are also convincing. Only the uneven illumination spoils the positive overall impression.

You can download the calibrated color profile here as a zip file and install it on your Yoga C740.

Windows 10 and little bloatware

Lenovo likes you guys. And that’s why they largely refrain from annoying you with pre-installed additional programs. Only our all-friend McAfee is at the start and tries to persuade you with the well-known large pop-ups to take out a paid subscription. A reinstallation eliminates the problem. Otherwise only Xing is preinstalled.

Lenovo yoga

In addition to Windows 10, there are also some Lenovo programs. The most relevant is the Lenovo Vantage. It has a tidy interface and offers you quick access to updates and, in the worst-case scenario, contact to Lenovo support.

In the delivery state, 438 GB is still free on the SSD.

Enough power for everyday life

The Yoga C740 doesn’t have to hide in any way in the area of ​​office performance. It has enough power for all common tasks. Apps start quickly, and multitasking is also no problem.

The SSD built into the test device is really fixed. 3.4 GB / s reading and almost 2.7 GB / s writing are excellent values. So it would help if you didn’t run into a bottleneck.

The display is basically suitable for image processing. And that also applies to the rest of the hardware. Photoshop, Lightroom or Resolve run smoothly in most cases. However, if you use a lot of filters and effects, you will reach the limits of the system. Then the 8 GB RAM and the lack of a graphics accelerator are the limiting factors.

Lenovo yoga c740 i5 logo

This can also be seen in our Lightroom benchmark. The Yoga C740 needed 1:23 minutes to export 20 RAW files, each 50 MB in size, treated with a preset. This is not a top rate and was not to be expected otherwise. So it would help if you allowed time when rendering photos and videos. But that’s okay too. After all, that is not the original area of ​​application for the Yoga C740.

As always, the exact values ​​and the comparison to similarly equipped notebooks can be found in the graphics.

The Yoga C740 can only be used to a limited extent for gaming. Fast shooters such as Fortnite are no fun on the convertible. At low details, you can reach 45-60 fps. In medium details, it is around 20 fps or less. And with great details, it comes pretty close to single-frame animation. Turn-based games, however, are not a problem.

Working day without a socket? Is doable

Lenovo writes of up to 13 hours of battery life. Such values ​​arise in laboratory scenarios that have nothing in common with reality. So, as in all tests, I set the convertible to 200 cd / m² brightness and used the “balanced” energy profile. The 200 cd / m² were achieved at 90% brightness. And the battery was already able to show in my everyday work whether it really lasted a long time.

I have many office tasks, surfing, Photoshop, Lightroom, Resolve and various calls about teams while I’m working. It’s a colourful and challenging mix.

If I omit power guzzlers such as photo and image processing, the battery loses 12-15% charge per hour. This means that it is empty after around 6.5 to 8.5 hours. With Photoshop and Co., of course, the battery drained faster. It was up to 25% per hour.

If you turn the display brightness down a bit, you will, of course, achieve even longer runtimes. And even if the brightness is turned down to 50%, you can still work properly in closed rooms.

Noiseless in most cases

The Yoga C740 is a quiet notebook. In most everyday cases, you will hear nothing or only hushed noises. That makes working very pleasant. However, it is clearly audible under load. The fans turn quite high, and in some cases, there is a high-frequency whistling.

Lenovo has the temperature well under control in the Yoga C740. In idle it moves at a maximum of 40 ° Celsius, the average value was 33 ° Celsius. You absolutely can’t complain about that.

Of course, we also put the convertible through our 30-minute stress test. All components are heavily used. In the beginning, the temperature of the CPU rose to 98 ° Celsius and throttling occurred. But that was probably more due to the suddenly requested performance than it represents a fundamental and serious problem. Because in the further course it was shown that the average temperature of the CPU was 65 ° Celsius. That is absolutely in the green area.

You can easily hold the C740 on your lap even under load. At the top, it gets maximally lukewarm. Temperatures are higher at the bottom, but they’ve never been in an uncomfortable range.

Easy to open, but unfortunately not all options

The Yoga C740 is relatively easy to open. Loosen nine Torx screws on the underside, and you can pry out the base plate. I always find it good when the manufacturers don’t make this more difficult than necessary.

Lenovo yoga c740 i5 ssd

A look inside the convertible reveals that you can replace the SSD, the WLAN module and the battery if necessary. However, the M.2 NVMe SSD is generously dimensioned with 512 GB, so there shouldn’t be any need for the foreseeable future. Unfortunately, there is no free slot. So it stays with an SSD in the notebook.

Unfortunately, you cannot replace the RAM. To get to the RAM, you have to unscrew the notebook completely, and you will then find that the 8 GB are firmly soldered.

Significantly better sound than expected

Notebooks and sound often do not go together. Small notebooks, in particular, have many problems here. The Yoga C740 is better than most comparable notebooks. But it also has weaknesses.

At half volume, the two speakers deliver a good and balanced sound with normal use. The highs do not dominate the sound, and the lows can be easily identified. They’re not very strong, but that’s no surprise. The C740 doesn’t offer any space for depths. Intent mode, the speakers, fire backwards. The sound is a bit more treble, but it is still good. However, it would help if you didn’t consume movies and music with the table’s keyboard. Then the speakers are aimed at the table, and the result is a dull and muddy sound.

Not many changes in the sound at full volume. Thankfully, the highs do not take control of the sound, so the sound remains balanced. The heights are emphasized a little more, but not excessively. This is probably because the volume doesn’t change much at full volume. The C740 isn’t the loudest convertible under the sun. The advantage is the good sound across all volume levels. The disadvantage: you cannot use the notebook to fill a medium-sized room with sound. You are then dependent on external speakers.

Conclusion on the Lenovo yoga c740 i5 review 2021: Robust and good

The Yoga C740 is a robust and flawlessly processed convertible for the vast majority of everyday use. The performance of the Core i5 is sufficient for all office tasks and also for occasional gaming. However, it would help if you kept in mind that it is not suitable for fast FPS titles.

Lenovo yoga c740 i5 review 2021

The display is bright enough for most environments and is also suitable for image editing. Calibration is not necessary because it is well set at the factory. The uneven illumination is only noticeable on closer inspection.

Many manufacturers like to save on connections. Lenovo offers you modern and versatile connections here. If you need more connections, you can easily expand the number and type with the supplied USB hub.

All in all, the Lenovo yoga c740 i5 review 2021 convinces in the test and does not have any real weaknesses. 

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