MacBook air space grey vs silver

MacBook air space grey vs silver

What color MacBook Air should you get?

Today we will discuss the MacBook air space grey vs silver. well in 2016, I bought the most current MacBook Pro at that time, without the TouchBar, to replace my old MacBook Pro 2012.

At that time, I was confident in my choice: the new MacBook should only be in Space Gray, that is, grey.

There were several reasons for this, all aesthetic. Gray was as innovative as the laptop itself. We are accustomed to the silver palette of Apple technology, and if we are going to update to a new gadget, let it differ from the previous one in all.

Today I am not happy with the colour of my MacBook Pro.

MacBook air space grey vs silver : Color does not affect speed. But the perception is very even

MacBook air space grey vs silver

A beautiful and powerful 2016 MacBook Pro

I’ve loved the colour of my MacBook Pro for over a year. The joy was not particularly overshadowed even by the appearance of abrasions on the body in those places where the hands are most often found.

However, in recent months, I increasingly look at the editor-in-chief’s original silver MacBook and feel banal envy.

A real MacBook should be silver

This is not just a momentary whim: there are several reasons in favour of this particular colour.

  • silver is the most iconic color for Apple technology
  • it was the silver laptops that Steve Jobs showed
  • only silver MacBooks appear in movies and music videos
  • only the silver case cannot peel off

Now I hide the grey colour of my MacBook under a leather sticker on the lid. And I do not like it. I want to be proud of my gadget, and now I have neither a glowing apple nor the correct body colour.

What will happen next?(MacBook air space grey vs silver)

MacBook air space grey vs silver

Next year I will take a new MacBook. I do not yet know what will be innovative in it, what type of keyboard, how clear the screen will be, or how long it will be able to work away from the outlet.

But I know for sure that my next MacBook will be as user-friendly, productive and cool as possible. And also, it will certainly be silver .

“ Red means fast! “Believed the representatives of the orc race in the Warhammer 40,000 universe and painted their vehicles in this colour. I seem to have begun to understand this logic.

You may disagree with the above reasons. You might even think that the colour of MacBooks is completely irrelevant. But keep in mind that having bought a dark grey “proshka”, after a while you will be madly missing the correct silver colour.

MacBook air space grey vs silver

My MacBook now. The gray layer is peeling off.

And even if you don’t, then be prepared to face the problem of peeling off the grey layer. For example, my MacBook is slowly but surely turning silver. Over time, this becomes more and more noticeable, because I am still typing on the keyboard and my hands rub off the grey cover of the case.

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