Monoblock – what is it and what is it for?

Monoblock - what is it and what is it for?
  1. How the candy bar differs from a regular computer
  2. How to choose the right candy bar

Modern computer systems are becoming more compact, and their power is growing every day. Some people like laptops for their versatility and portability, while others prefer to use ordinary home computers with a monitor and a system unit. There is another type of computers used as stationary, more like a monitor of an ordinary home computer, but without the use of a bulky system unit – they are called monoblocks. What is a candy bar – the pros and cons of this device will be discussed in this article.

How the candy bar differs from a regular computer

How the candy bar differs from a regular computer

Monoblock – what is it, and what is it for? Such a device is a full-fledged personal computer integrated into an LCD monitor case. Recently, monoblocks are becoming more widespread, thanks to the ease of use and the absence of unnecessary wires. 

In monoblocks production, laptop production technologies are widely used, but they are not as mobile as laptops and even inferior to stationary computers in terms of functionality. Also, as in a laptop, the monoblock hardware is tightly integrated into the motherboard, so in the event of a breakdown of individual modules, you cannot replace them yourself.

Often home monoblocks are equipped with touch screens, but such a unit’s cost will be disproportionately higher than the cost of a conventional computer with similar characteristics. If you are not ready to spend large sums on a touchscreen candy bar, you can buy a regular one without a touchscreen. 

The big advantage of the candy bar is the absence of unnecessary wires and compactness, it is much more convenient to carry it with you than bulky stationery, but you cannot use it as a laptop – any candy bar, like a regular computer, requires an AC connection.


If your candy bar does not have a touch screen, you can connect a keyboard and a mouse to it, as well as other peripheral devices. Like a stationary PC system unit, the number of connected devices is limited only by the number of interface connectors. Because hardware components are packed in a candy bar, an LCD monitor will be thicker than a computer or laptop monitor. Still, there are also types of candy bars with a thin case, such as the well-known ultra-thin desktop Apple iMac Pro

Most all-in-one PCs look like a cross between a computer monitor and a TV. The monoblock has a wide variety of applications – it can be used as a home computer that does not take up much space and a working panel in an office. The differences between the candy bar and the laptop are, perhaps, just as significant,


The monoblock screen is larger in size than that of a laptop, so both in size and resolution, the monoblock is more similar to a desktop computer monitor. Oddly enough, the candy bar takes up even less space on the table than a regular laptop, so for home use, the advantages of a candy bar over a laptop are obvious. In some monoblocks models, the hardware component is placed directly in the stand, and therefore, a smaller screen thickness is achieved. 

Choose an all-in-one computer-based on financial capabilities and purposes of use. A monoblock is ideal for a small apartment because, as mentioned earlier, it eliminates confusion in a heap of wires and does not require space for a system unit. Monoblocks are distinguished by a modern, pleasant design, which is achieved by the absence of unnecessary components.

The design drawback of monoblocs is a weak cooling system. There is simply not enough space in the case for large coolers, and it is often impossible to install additional cooling, but for the same reason, monoblocks do not create much noise during operation. The candy bar is ideal as a media center – you can connect several external monitors to it, but in this case, you will have to spend money – a good candy bar will cost more than a laptop, and even more so a stationary PC with identical characteristics. 

The image quality in modern monoblocks often reaches 4K, and performance and reliability are rarely satisfactory. Still, you can only replace the hard disk and RAM on your own in the event of a breakdown. In other critical situations, it is best to contact a specialized service with a breakdown. Read on the website What is better to choose a candy bar or laptop

How to choose the right candy bar

If you choose by manufacturer, monoblocks of different brands have their pros and cons, which you should pay attention to when buying, because no one wants to be mistaken when choosing such an expensive device. Weighing all the advantages and disadvantages of monoblocks, it is worth starting with your tasks and needs first when choosing.

All-in-one PCs occupy a rather specific niche on the market, and at the moment, it accounts for only a small percentage of total PC sales. So, the candy bar is not suitable for gamers – due to a weak cooling system, the performance in games will suffer. If extra free space is critical for you, and a laptop does not seem to be an acceptable option, the all-in-one is perfect for watching movies or working at home and in the office, but for tasks requiring high performance, it is still better to purchase a traditional PC.

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