Most pirated movies of the week 08 Aug 2022

To start the second week of August, Most pirated movies of the week 08 Aug 2022, it’s time for us to check which were the most pirated films of the last seven days and the highest grossing movies.

Among the ten most downloaded feature films by Torrent, six were already included in the list from the previous week – as is the case with Jurassic World: Dominion. Among the four novelties is Minions 2: A Origem de Gru.

In the top 10 of the titles that have been raised the most on the big screen, there are only two debuts in the ranking. One of them consists of the new DC League of Two Super Pets, Warner‘s creation of pets with special powers.

Most pirated movies and box office of the week [08/08/2022]

Without further ado, check out the list of the most pirated and highest grossing movies of the week below. Also, take the opportunity to leave your comments about what you think of the relationships.

10 Elvis

9 Thor: Love and Thunder

8 The Black Telephone

7 Kind

6 Lightyear

5 Hidden Agent

4 Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

3 The Predator: The Hunt

2 Jurassic World: Domnio

1 Minions 2: A Origem de Gru

10 Vengeance

9 Jurassic World: Domnio

8 The Black Telephone

7 Elvis

6 A Place Far Away From Here

5 Top Gun: Maverick

4 Minions 2: A Origem de Gru

3 Thor: Love and Thunder

2 No! Don’t Look!

1 DC League Two Super Pets

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