OLED for gamers: LG to announce new 20″ curved monitors in late 2022

OLED for gamers: LG to announce new 20" curved monitors in late 2022

The intention to invest in smaller screens was announced by Kang Won-seok, vice president of LG Display, at a meeting hosted by the Korea Display Industry Association. In it, Won-seok said that LG will invest in devices with smaller screens that will be launched in late 2022, more precisely 20-inch OLED screens for personal use.

Thus, the expectation is that these OLED panels will equip small monitors and TVs. The vice president also justified the initiative by saying that the demand for screens of this size increased a lot during the pandemic with the adoption of the home office by several companies and that many of them intend to continue with this model from now on.

In addition, the executive said that LG can launch monitors with dynamic curvature that adjusts according to the game being played, with a curvature ranging between 800R and 1000R, which is the most desired by the gaming public, according to a survey carried out by the company itself. LG.

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