Steam now officially supports Nintendo Switch Joy-Con

Steam now officially supports Nintendo Switch Joy-Con, Steam continues to work behind the scenes to improve Steam, and the platform’s latest beta introduced official support for Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controllers.

As a result, Nintendo console owners can now also use the controllers in PC games via Steam with a variety of configurations, including support for individual Joy-Cons, which can be used as mini controllers, just like the controllers combined, with a more traditional configuration.

As much as many gamers prefer to play on a PC with a mouse and keyboard, there are those who prefer to play in the traditional way with a controller.

Steam now officially supports Nintendo Switch Joy-Con

Steam already has support for the main Xbox and PlayStation controllers, including even the PS5’s Dual Sense, but this week, the platform also added support for Joy-Con, the Nintendo Switch’s “detachable” controllers.

As with the Switch, the controls can be used together (right and left) or individually, allowing two people to play at the same time.

This new update also allows for the use of the Switch Pro Controller, the more robust version of the controller, which looks like a more traditional controller.

Despite still being in beta, the update increases the possibilities of playing on Steam.

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