The most common WiFi malfunctions with a solution

The most common WiFi malfunctions with a solution

Grr, nothing is more annoying than Wi-Fi not working. Especially when you’ve just planned a working day from home or have to hand in an important paper. But before you get completely stressed out, check our list with the most common WiFi failures and corresponding solutions!

Loss of signal

The most common WiFi malfunctions with a solution

If your WiFi fails several times a day, this is of course no longer workable. Something is wrong here. Did you never have this problem before and more and more recently? Then it could mean that your router is outdated. A router ensures that the WiFi connection is divided between devices in the house that receive WiFi, such as the TV, laptop and telephone. An old router therefore means less good and sometimes even a lost signal. 

The router has a lifespan of about five years, so check whether your router needs to be replaced by now. Have you been suffering from a dropped connection since the beginning of connecting the router? Then it may very well be that you need to update your laptop or telephone. Always update the Mac, Android, or Windows. An update of the driver once in a while doesn’t hurt either. The driver ensures that a wireless network receiver works properly. The loss of WiFi can also be very different from outdated devices or software: if you are too far from the router, the signal cannot reach your computer. Move the router to a different location and see if your connection now remains stable.

Weak signal

Moving the router brings us directly to the next problem. It is not yet a dropping signal, but it is very close to it: the WiFi is very weak. It constantly depends on 1 line of connection. This will naturally make your hair stand on end. Your Netflix or YouTube videos will always have to buffer and even opening a website takes a year. The problem is often that you are too far away from the WiFi or that the WiFi is blocked. Walls, windows, floors, and metal all block signals. Therefore, place the router in a tactical place. 

Put it in your office if you often work at home, or put it in the bedroom if you watch series in bed every night. Do you need WiFi in the attic and on the veranda? Then take a look at multi-room WiFiwhat is for you. With this system, you can create one WiFi network in your home that provides a strong signal across multiple rooms and floors. You connect your router to multiple transmitters that you place in ideal places in the house. Never sit in that one corner of the room with your laptop for 1 dash of WiFi!

No wifi

The fear of every wifi user: the wifi is completely gone! First check: is there a malfunction at the provider? If not, you can check whether the WiFi was accidentally switched off or whether the device has switched to airplane mode. You can also have your Windows or Mac computer run a test. Sometimes the (simple) solution comes out. Still not browsing? Reset your modem and router and see if your connection comes back. Another option is to completely disconnect from WiFi on your device and then reconnect to your network. Restarting your laptop can also help.

Hopefully, with these tips you will be the boss of WiFi problems at home!

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