The top 7 best Christmas movies for the whole family

The top 7 best Christmas movies for the whole family
The top 7 best Christmas movies for the whole family

It’s the time! The most wonderful time of the year is coming again. And you know what that means: Christmas movies! To get in the mood, we share the top 7 best Christmas movies for the whole family to watch with the whole family.

1. The Polar Express (2004)

Everyone on board, or with the whole family on the couch! The Polar Express is an animated film and a true classic. A boy is taken out of bed to join the train to the North Pole. Together with other children and the conductor, he experiences exciting adventures along the way. At the North Pole they hope to meet Santa Claus, but that is only possible if they really believe in him. Besides the fun story, the music of the film is beautiful, partly because of this the film has been nominated for three Oscars.

2. How The Grinch Stole Christmas (2000)

In the magical land of the Who’s, they love Christmas just like you. But if you think everyone loves Christmas, you are wrong. The Grinch hates Christmas. He used to be bullied and that’s why he wants to ruin the holidays for everyone. The green monster, dressed as Santa Claus, steals all the presents and decorations and hopes that Christmas will be canceled. However, a movie wouldn’t be a movie if he regrets it. A real family movie, with a beautiful Christmas message at the end.

3. Home Alone (1990)

Ehm well, do we need to say anything about this? Home Alone should certainly not be missed during the Christmas season! Because let’s be honest? Secretly you are never tired of little Kevin’s adventures and you are always on the edge of the couch when he takes on the burglars. You can learn something from those brilliant tricks. A real classic, which we will certainly watch.

4. Frozen (2013)

Let it goooo, let it goooo. Everyone can probably sing along to the popular song from Frozen. Winter is forever in the kingdom of Arendelle. Only Snow Queen Elsa can stop this. She is hidden high in the mountains and with her magical powers she conjures up ice and snow. Her sister Anna and mountaineer Kristoff go in search of Elsa so she can save the kingdom. Certainly not a film for children only, but a fun film for the whole family. So don’t be ashamed if you are secretly singing along on the couch. 😉

The top 7 best Christmas movies for the whole family

5. Male Hearts (2013)

Dutch rom-coms have become a household name in the meantime. And let’s be honest; they look nice and easy, and are therefore perfect for the holidays. Male hearts should certainly not be missed in this list of Christmas films. Man’s Heart is set during the holidays and is about six men who are looking for purpose in their life. A real feel-good movie to unwind after Christmas dinner.

Ice Age: A Mammoth Christmas (2011)

Do you want snow and ice? Then you should go for the Ice Age films. If you want snow, ice, and Christmas, you will be very happy with the Ice Age Christmas special. It’s a fairly short film in which we see the well-known clumsy sloth Sid, who accidentally breaks a Christmas tradition of mammoth Manny. They travel to the North Pole to save tradition so that they are not passed over by Santa Claus. Of course, that doesn’t go without a struggle and they have to do their very best.

7. The Christmas Chronicles (2018)

Have you ever seen Santa Claus in person? Brother and sister Teddy and Kate Pierce also not yet. But that changes by waiting for Santa on Christmas Eve and capturing him on screen. This results in an unexpected journey in Santa’s sleigh, where they accidentally crash the sleigh. Fun fact is that this film was made by the makers of Home Alone, do we need to say more ?

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