This is how you choose the best storage media for you|Better safe than sorry

This is how you choose the best storage media for you
This is how you choose the best storage media for you

The biggest horror scenario ever : spending hours creating a document or content and then running out of storage space to store it. Do yourself a favor and purchase additional storage media. You can choose from various types of storage media. Which one suits you? We list the best options for you.

1. External hard drive

You may find it useful to always be able to take your files with you. Your text documents, your photos, but also your videos and games. Then an external hard drive is your best friend. You plug these discs into your computer and you can load them with everything on them. Then you have your entire computer with you and you can open it again at work, for example. External hard drives have a big advantage: the storage capacity is enormous. You can buy them with a capacity of up to 10 TB from us. It may be an investment, but how nice is it to be sure that you have enough space?

2. Memory card / SD card

An SD card is a small, flat memory card. It is very useful for transferring documents from one device to another. This is an ideal storage medium for photography, for example. Nothing is worse than having a perfect picture in front of you and not being able to shoot it due to lack of space. You can solve this by taking several SD cards with you. They are very affordable. Once at home, you can transfer the photos to your laptop within a few seconds. We have SD cards from 16 GB to 128 GB. You also have a smaller version of the SD card, the micro SD. You can use this to expand the memory of your Android phone or tablet. This way you can always download games without having to delete another one.

3. USB stick

Who does not know him, the USB stick? With a USB stick, you can easily store your documents and take them anywhere. Where a hard drive is still quite large, this is a neat little thing. A USB stick is especially suitable for transferring small amounts of data. Handy for documents and photos. If you have a lot of video content, an external drive might be a better idea. Nice about USB: it is a very cheap storage medium. You can have them for a few euros. We have them available in the same storage capacity as SD cards: 16 GB to 128 GB.

4. Internal hard drive

Don’t feel like lugging around with external storage media and never need files on the go? Then it is a good idea to upgrade the memory of your laptop yourself. You do this with an internal hard drive. This increases the storage capacity of your laptop, we offer it up to 2 TB. Then you have to do your very best to fill it up. Advantage of this type of storage medium: some can not only be used for PC and laptop, but also for game consoles such as this Toshiba internal drive.

5. Network hard disk (NAS)

A network hard drive works like a kind of cloud. You link the device to your WiFi router and can then upload all your files to this handy device. It immediately makes a copy of all your files, so you can be sure that you will never lose anything. The great thing is that you can save from your laptop, phone, tablet, and game console. This way all your devices are cleaned up. Great for families, because anyone connected to the WiFi can upload the files to the NAS.

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