This is how you keep your house cool: 5 tips

This is how you keep your house cool
This is how you keep your house cool

The warm days are on the rise again and with the heat wave of recent summers in mind, we are already making the necessary preparations. Wondering what you can do to keep your house cool? We give you some tips!

Tip 1: Windows open in the morning, closed in the afternoon

This might be an open window … ehh door. But we’re going to name it anyway, because every little bit helps. Because what do you do as soon as you wake up and the first rays of sunshine shine into the room? Maybe get dressed first, yes. We advise you to open the windows together afterwards. This way, everything can pass through before the hot midday sun does its work. At 11am, close the windows again, maybe close the curtains and voilĂ  – your house is and will stay (at least a bit) cool.

Tip 2: Avoid heat generating (kitchen) equipment

Well, hanging out Jamie Oliver in the kitchen at 28 degrees doesn’t make anyone happy. At least, we don’t. The heat from the stove in your face or the hot air from the oven… Often the temperature in your room rises by 1 to 2 degrees. That must be possible differently. Instead of using heat-generating kitchen appliances, you can easily whip up a summer salad. Or use an air fryer. Then you can make hot dishes, but you will not suffer from sweat on your forehead.

And oh yes, and let that vacuum cleaner stand for a while. That warm blow, you don’t feel like it now. Or you use a robot vacuum cleaner that gets the job done for you, of course.

Tip 3: Turn off electronics as much as possible

Do you know that feeling that you get a warm head if you spend too long behind your laptop? Secretly, all those electronic equipment in your house provides a lot of extra heat. Not surprising, because electricity or electricity generates heat. And with heat from the outside, this only gets worse. So tip: make sure devices are switched off as much as possible and remove plugs from the wall socket. You are doing yourself (and your energy bill) a favor!

Tip 4: Purchase an air conditioner

Buy air conditioning, yes or no? Maybe you have been secretly thinking about it for some time. Can we imagine, especially after the warm summers of recent years? If we believe climate scientists, these kinds of summers will become the rule rather than the exception. So in our opinion, an air conditioner is no longer a superfluous luxury. It will take you from the Sahara to the North Pole in no time. Delicious. You can program this air conditioner from Rowenta up to 24 hours in advance. 

Handy if you want to come home to an oasis of coolness after a long day. Do you think an air conditioner is too noisy? Then take a look at the Whirlpool air conditioner. This is up to 70% quieter than the average air conditioner. Great for the bedroom. By the way, don’t forget to close the windows and doors when you turn it on. This way, you prevent cold air from escaping and the heat from penetrating.

Tip 5: Put your fans to work

Do you not have air conditioning and do you find it too expensive to purchase? Or do you quickly catch a cold from the air conditioning? Then you can of course simply fill your house with fans on balmy summer days. One in the living room, in your bedroom, and maybe even in the bathroom. For example the wireless (!) Duux Whisper Flex fan. Tip: purchase a nebulizer that you can place on your fan. Cooling droplets all over the place. And that is so nice with that heat!

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