4 tips to extend the life of your laptop

4 tips to extend the life of your laptop
tips to extend the life of your laptop

Whoa, nothing is more annoying than a laptop that’s slower than your grandma walking backward. Unfortunately, in most cases, this is really inevitable in the end. To prevent possible anger attacks and unnecessary damage to your laptop, we would like to share 4 tips to extend the life of your laptop. Because if your laptop is happy, then so are you 😉

Tip 1: Everything for a quick start

You will probably recognize it: many programs, such as Spotify or Skype, start automatically when you turn on your laptop. And no matter how much fun you might like to Skype with your aunt from abroad, you probably don’t do this every day. You can also disable the automatic startup of programs, so you no longer have to wait so long until you can get started with your laptop. 

Advantage: your battery drains much less quickly and your laptop works a lot faster because you do not have many programs open. Nice! If you have a MacBook, you can adjust this under System Preferences – Users & Groups. On Windows, press the Windows key, type  Task Manager, and then click Startup.

Tip 2: Remove unnecessary programs

Chess, sticky notes, Xbox … Often, your laptop contains many standard programs of which you may not even know the function. And there is a good chance that you do not or hardly use these programs while it takes up a lot of memory. What can you do with it? Hoppatee put it in the trash! How do you check which programs are all on your laptop? With a MacBook, you can find it under Programs (yes, it is that easy). On Windows, you can find an overview of your programs under Apps and features and then search for Disk Cleanup. Tip in advance: if you really do not know what a program is for, check this before throwing it away.

Tip 3: Take good care of the battery

You may already know that a hot battery is not really good for your laptop. But did you know that this is also the case with a cold battery? Especially with the winter now it is useful to take this into account. For example, don’t just leave your laptop in the car. This drains the battery faster, and that would be a shame if you really need it for that important presentation or for your Netflix marathon afterward.

Another surprising tip: if you are not going to use your laptop for a long time, do not put it aside with a full battery. Rather, make sure the battery is about 40 percent charged. If you store it while the battery is full, it will lose capacity faster.

Tip 4: Make a backup

Your laptop is like a digital diary: vacation photos, school or work folders, personal documents, and an endless list of favorite websites. You shouldn’t think about losing all of this at once. Therefore, don’t forget to back up all these things regularly. When your laptop gets a year older, the memory’s capacity and the battery decreases, and the chance of crashing is greater. An external hard drive is, therefore, beneficial to make a copy of your laptop. This way, you can be sure that you will not lose anything if your laptop should let you down.

Is your laptop really due for replacement? Then let us help you choose a new one. There are so many points that you can pay attention to and that you yourself find important. We are available for you both online and in our 64 stores.

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