UK forces convicted migrants to wear smartwatches at all times

Along the lines of electronic anklets, the UK will begin to adopt smartwatches to monitor migrants who have been convicted of crimes. According to The Guardianyou will have to scan your own face up to five times a day, as required by the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Justice.

In May, the British government signed a contract with the technology company Buddi Limited to acquire the devices at an initial cost of £6 million (R$37 million). The Home Office says the scheme will involve “daily monitoring of individuals subject to immigration control”. The photographs taken with the devices will be compared with the biometric facial images and, in case of failure, a verification must be carried out manually.

The measure is restricted to foreign criminals who have been convicted of a criminal offense and does not apply to other groups, such as asylum seekers. The smartwatch will monitor curfews and in-and-out zones for convicts.

For some experts, the measure can be imprecise and work as an instrument of discrimination, since some algorithms tend to be fed by patterns that persecute certain minorities to the detriment of other groups. Others point out that this type of monitoring is intrusive and can trigger crises of anxiety and depression in those being penalized.

“The public expects us to monitor convicted foreign criminals and to suggest that this contract applies to asylum seekers who arrived by illegal means is simply wrong. Since August 2021, the Home Office has successfully tagged over 2,500 foreign criminals, reassuring victims that their perpetrators cannot escape the law and will be removed from the UK at the earliest opportunity,” a Home Office spokesperson said. than 10,000 foreign criminals were deported with strict government monitoring, even without the use of smartwatches.

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