Unity and Microsoft Announce Partnership for Cloud Game Development

Unity, a platform widely used by many game developers to create new projects, announced a partnership with Microsoft Azure to bring Create Solutions to the cloud.

The partnership allows for the development of a cloud infrastructure to meet the needs of developers and improve games and other experiences. Microsoft and Unity will also work together to make it easier to build and distribute games on Windows and Xbox.

Cloud gaming platforms, such as Xbox Cloud Gaming, are gaining more and more traction and allow gamers to access great titles even without a high-end console or PC.

Unity and Microsoft Announce Partnership for Cloud Game Development

Based on this, Microsoft is increasing its efforts in creating cloud-focused games through a partnership with Unity, the developer of one of the most popular graphics engines today.

We see many areas where we can partner with Microsoft Azure to build more cloud capabilities for you in our ecosystem of tools and services. We will use these features to improve workflows, provide new functionality, provide additional reliability and more global access options, and much more.

We believe this cloud enablement will make it easier for creators around the world to collaborate. It will also enable experiences that would not be possible if limited only to the local resources of a creator’s machine or a user’s platform. There are already many cloud-based tools and services here at Unity. From Unity Game Services, Parsec, DevOps, Wētā Digital, Digital Twins and more. Many of our tools are already heavily used in cloud workflows too – from PIXYZ to Unity Headless Rendering. With this partnership, even more of our tools will be moved to the cloud, empowering teams around the world of all scales.

This certainly opens up a huge range of possibilities for both companies, not only in game development but also in TV, film, and other uses of 3D tools.

For now, we can only wait for the results of this partnership.

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