Warner Bros. was inspired by Marvel and created a 10-year plan for the DC movies

this week, to Warner Bros. took everyone by surprise by announcing the cancellation of the Batgirl solo moviewhich according to reports from those involved in the production, cost about US$ 90 million and was almost ready.

A few days later, David Zaslav, the new president of Warner Bros. Discovery spoke a little about this decision and how the company plans to change the direction of the DC Universe in theaters and follow a plan similar to that of Marvel Studios.

Ever since Marvel Studios established its cinematic universe, which culminated in the first Avengers movie, followed by a string of astronomical hits, Warner Bros. has been trying to “catch up on the damage” and establish a DC universe.

With many ups and downs, the company seemed to have found its way in recent years by releasing a sequel to acclaimed productions such as Batman, Joker, Aquaman, Shazam!, The Suicide Squad, Birds of Prey: Harley Quinn and her Fantabulous Emancipation and many others.

Sadly, it looks like fans will once again have to deal with a restructuring of DC movies, as Discovery, the company that bought Warner Bros. recently decided that they needed to rethink the future of these productions.

That’s precisely why we’re going to restart. We structure the business. There will be a team with a 10-year plan focused solely on DC. It is very similar to the structure put together very effectively by Alan Horn and Bob Iger with Kevin Feige at Disney.

We believe we can build much more sustainable growth in the long term for the DC business and part of that is that we will focus on quality. We’re not going to release a movie before it’s ready, the focus will be on how we can make these movies the best they can be.

DC is something we can do better and we’re focused on that. We have good DC movies on the way. Black Adam, Shazam! and Flash. We’re working on these. We’ve seen them and we believe they are very good and that we can make them better. That’s what Mike De Luca and Pam Abdy are doing.

As we can see, Zaslav makes it clear that they intend to restart the DC Universe in theaters, even moving forward with the release of previously planned movies, including the Flash solo movie, who is surrounded in controversy because of the controversies involving Ezra Miller.

In any case, we can only wait to find out what will happen in the future of DC and if the new administration will be able to execute its plan to follow a plan similar to that of Marvel. It is worth remembering that films like Blue Beetle, Super Shock, Batman 2 and joker 2 are already confirmed, but we still don’t know if they will be able to “see the light of day”.

Do you think DC will be able to match Marvel in theaters?

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